Foodie & The Hipster Turns 1!

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Can’t believe it has been 1 year already! I still remember the first day we decided to start blogging, I remember sitting on the floor contemplating my decision to start a blog. I’m so thankful that we did go through with the idea and that now that the blog is 1 years old! We really hope you have been enjoying our content and we expect to continue writing and updating the blog! Thank you for all the sweet comments and for liking our blogposts! Thank you so much!

Foodie & The Hipster 🙂

Follow me around Greece: The Hotel, the meal and museum

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Sorry it has been a while since my last Greece blog post… but I’m going to be the last few posts about my trip to Greece with all the details and photos that I took while I was there.

I believe I left my last post with us getting of the flight in Santorini. Because this was a budget/student friendly trip our means of transportation was the public bus. We arrived at about 5am in the morning, now it was April at the time and although Santorini is know for being very sunny and warm, it was very chilly. My friend and I waited about an hour and a half at the airport for the first public bus. OK I must admit at the time I was a little eager to leave the airport because of how cold it was and how exhausted I was from traveling.

The arrivals section of the airport is very small with one luggage conveyor belt, about six car rental stalls and a pay phone, definitely not as modern as Heathrow. There were random plugs on the walls where you could charge your phone, but bear in mind these plugs were about an inch from the floor… but if you were as desperate as I was you can definitely charge them there (however, remember to bring your euro plug adapter!)


The bus finally came at about 6.30am and it wasn’t what I expected, you don’t pay whilst boarding the bus, you pay once they start moving… yes… I’m serious a man comes down the isle, you pay and then he gives you a ticket as a receipt for your payment. The trip to the city centre in Thira/Fira. Did I mention that we were staying in Thira/Fira?

When we arrived at the bus station at the city centre it took us a while to find the hotel “Santorini Reflexions Volcano” but because Santorini is a touristy location, it is quite easy to find someone who can speak english and point you in the right direction.

The view as breathtaking. Almost all of the hotels are located on the cliffs of the island the views are spectacular and this was when the sun was was starting to just peak out from between the clouds.

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The one thing we weren’t prepared for was the stairs, they might look innocent going down but the wide steps will leave you out of breath! The hotel was just what it looked like on the site and with all the large signs it is easy to differentiate them from each other.

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Once at the hotel, the receptionist was super welcoming she offered us cakes, cookies and orange juice and was more than helpful when giving us advice on places we should go. The hotel had such a homey feeling because it only had 6 rooms, as did most of the hotels in Fira/Thira.


When we finished munching on the cookies and cakes the clouds had disappeared and all you could see was the contrasting blue skies and white hotels that dotted the cliffside… truly beautiful.

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Surrounding the hotel there were various other churches, hotels and unique succulent/cacti to look at.

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We had a few hours to kill before we could check in to our rooms so we decided to visit a museum just a few minutes away from the hotel. This was truly a budget find as it was absolutely free to EU students, all you need to get in is your student card. The museum had all sorts of artefacts found in Santorini with descriptions of the past. If you want to find out about the history of the island I would recommend visiting the prehistoric museum.

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After visiting the museum we decided to go to a popular crepe and waffle place called Corner, which was highly rated on trip advisor. It was really easy to find but a word of caution would be that there wasn’t a clear pavement to walk on so you definitely have to keep an eye out for bike and cars.


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We were definitely not disappointed with the selection of crepes and waffles available. The Cinnamon apple and caramel biscuit waffle was the highlight for me, the apples were lightly baked, dusted with cinnamon and drizzled with honey and the waffle was super fluffy.  The staff were also super friendly and offered us a map of the island as well which came to be super helpful.


While heading back to check into our room the view was even better compared to the view in the morning. Blue water, blue skies, blue pools and white hotels it was like a screensaver!

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When we checked into our room I was super surprised by the sheer size of the room, this room could easily house 5 people! We got our own balcony and sitting area outside which was super relaxing. Another bonus was that our room was right next to the indoor pool! Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.41.31 pm

We were given a tour of our room by the receptionist who was there to answer any questions we had. The only downside I would say that the shower was heated by a boiler next to the shower, it was a little complicated to use but if we ever had issues we were able to ask, plus if you got as sunburnt as I did… cold water is rather soothing on the skin 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 3 which will be out on Friday (15th)!

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To those exam results…

To: Whoever needs it

Exams, something we are all too familiar with. At times like this it is easy to get caught up in the numbers and letters printed in black and white paper or projected on your screen. Your palms sweat, sweat trickling down your back as you casually stroll to your room to silently lock your door, hoping that no one notices how nervous you are. The house almost goes quiet, quite literally and figuratively. This is what all your hard work leads to. Your mind exaggerates the importance of the numbers and letters, favouring the consequences of failure. Your parents. Your life. Feeling useless and stupid.

It all seems to come down to this moment.
You position your finger right above the track pad.
You click.

And time stops, your heart inaudible, the sound of he click echoing again and again. You fail to get into he website because of the masses of students trying to get on the site.Relief. Then fear. And you repeat every step again, fearing that somehow a change in procedure will jinx the mark. At least you would have something to blame right?. “If only I clicked refresh instead of retyping the site” or “What if this is a sign?”

The website flickers and everything you have worked for is right in front of you clear in Times New Roman. You inhale. And tremble. It’s not what you wanted. Negative thoughts fill your mind and they become the truth for a little while.

But the grade is just a grade, not you. Your are not a number. Your grade didn’t include the hardships you have gone through to get them and doesn’t reflect your ability to stand up to those hardships. It isn’t the way you comfort your mum and purposely not tell her the bad to make her happy. Sometimes it doesn’t reflect how hard you studied as controversial as the statement is. It doesn’t mean a dead end is your future.

I think that sometimes society emphasises the importance on grades so much that that it is all that you know. To those who didn’t get the grades they wanted… it will all work out, as annoying as that saying is, it is kinda true. If you spend too much time worrying and thinking of the consequences its harder to move forward.

“So to exams, I say screw you you were necessary but, unnecessary to my future”

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Searching for Perfection

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This post is going to be a little bit of a different blog post. I have done a few of these before on the blog, sharing my perspectives and thoughts about events or feelings currently happening in my life. This one, I really wanted to write not only for whoever needs it but, to myself.

You probably have noticed that I haven’t been posting as regularly on this blog as I used to. I’ve been struggling these past few months with accepting the future and struggling to accept that I am not perfect. It sounds silly to use the ‘word’ perfect to describe someone especially myself, but to me it wasn’t, I liked to excel at everything and if I didn’t, I would work on it and if I couldn’t, I would be left disappointed in myself.

The word perfect, to me, isn’t something simple, but a source of anxiety for me. Personality wise, I like to be in control, I like to excel in everything that I do. Logical? Not really, pulling all-nighters didn’t work for me, my mind wouldn’t absorb anything and I was left exhausted, disappointed and upset.  It was a vicious cycle.

I realised these past few days, especially after my exams that sometimes although you can try, you can’t override physical and mental exhaustion. Instead of living in the moment I am constantly try to predict and prepare for the ‘future’, a future that is unpredictable and comparing myself to others.

So, to me in the past and probably the future “live in the moment and stop trying to reach ‘perfect’, you’ll exhaust yourself”.

Ok…. now that I have ranted a little bit. A heads up, there will be some new posts coming up on the blog that I am excited about so keep your eyes peeled!

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The most significant 86 days of my life…

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Definitely haven’t written one of these posts in a while, but the number 86 is now probably the most significant number so far in my life. It feels as if I am running out of time, many roll their eyes at me or lean in and question why I would think that at the age of 20. To me, I never have enough time and feel that I am chasing after the hands of the clock. Now that this is my final year of uni, to me, the results will determine my future.

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88… 87… 86. 88  was the day I wrote the title of this blog post. 87 was the day I was deliberating on writing it. 86 was the day I scraped the title and started writing.

So,  have yet to get to point and say why these 86 days are so significant… it seems as if I am trying to avoid the subject all in itself but, those 86 days will pass whether I like it or not so I might as well look at it straight in the face.

I have 86 days. Not to live but, to me it seems that at the end of these 86 days I will be mourning my student days. The one thing  fear the most is growing up, having lived the student life almost all my life the idea of not being told where I need to be when, and knowing that I have a 6 or 7 years in school/university scares me. The fear of not knowing what might happen scares me and before I get too deep and emotional about all of reasons why I don’t want to leave university, there is some good to growing up.

Firstly, having the ability to make my own decisions, to be able to make my own money and not have to feel the guilt of depending on my family but to give back to them excites me. I want to start something, I want to make my promises a reality. I want to own 6 dogs and go on new adventures, but I will miss being a student. Being given time to learn, to be taught by professors/teachers, to go through pointless and humorous drama about wether someone fancies them or you.

So I have made a promise to myself, to make these last 86 days of being a student memorable and significant. I want to push myself to study as hard as I can and know I did my best. I want to actually finish 86 days of “working out” just so I can say that I didn’t spend the whole year moaning about my uni student pudge.

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86 days starts today…

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Dessert Pizza | Valentines day & A Challenge


The Challenge & Valentines day is challenging me to come up with a pizza inspired by one of their Las Vegas Hotels or casinos! This was an exciting opportunity for us to get our hands dirty and come up with a pizza recipe.

What hotel did we choose? we chose the Flamingo
 in Las vegas, the  bright pink logo and design was perfect not only as a challenge to us to come up with an idea but went really well with Valentines day! Ok we are not ones to celebrate Valentines day but its hard to ignore the bright pink balloons, cardboard heart cutouts and awkward tension in the air.

For this pizza we wanted it to be fun and whimsical like the hotel and sweet like Valentines day so…. TADA we came up with a dessert pizza!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 5.10.47 am



Step 1 : Use half of the pizza dough recipe. Follow the steps on box and allow your dough to rise for 30 mins.


Step 2 ❤❤: After rising, oil a plate or baking tray and roll your dough until it forms a circle (or a heart if you are feeling super cheesy ;)). Place the dough onto the baking tray or plate, poke a few holes using a fork onto the base and bake for until golden brown, around 15-18 minutes.

Step 3 ❤❤Allow the pizza base to cool down. When the dough is cool, if you haven’t already finished eating all the marshmallows, lay them out onto the base and microwave for 20 seconds at a time until they are a little puffed. Keep an eye on them as you don’t want to completely lose their form.

2016-02-10 21.24.05.jpg

Step 4 ❤❤While the marshmallows cool a bit cut your strawberries into hearts and peaches into cubes… this is a labour of love, seriously. Place the strawberry hearts where ever you please as well as little cubes of peach.

20160207_122224 (1).jpg

Step 5 ❤❤Sprinkle some pistachios onto the pizza for that pop of green, but this is totally optional, chocolate chips could work too 🙂

Step 6 ❤❤❤: Because there are a few gaps between the marshmallows and the corners of the dough, fill them up with strawberry jam acting as the the “sauce”. Serve and eat 🙂


You can leave the pizza just like that but I wanted to see if I could really incorporate the hotel’s iconic lotus entrance onto the pizza, so with a stencil made out of paper I decided to place this on top the pizza and sprinkle chocolate powder on top and outline the logo of the hotel onto it. What do you think? You can obvious cater the stencil to different images such as your “lovers” face? or another heart? Oh yeah get all sorts of cheesy up in there 🙂

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Hope you liked this easy dessert recipe!

x. Foodie