5 places to go to in Hong Kong during Christmas

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1.Harbour city- 

Probably the one of the most talked about places in Hong Kong for it’s amazing christmas display.  This is definitely one of the places that is top on my list and will be visiting this weekend (stay tuned for a full post on what I get up to). Not only does the mall boast an amazing christmas display it also special Roadshows throughout the month. This month: the Diptyque roadshow.

All I need to say 450 stores? *wallet trembles

Harbour city Facebook page

Harbour city webpage 

2.Pacific Place Santa’s grotto

The Grotto definitely holds a special place in my heart, having spend numerous weekends lining up to visit Santa claus, explaining to him that I haven’t been too bad in the year…and of course picking up the polaroid picture and little gift afterwards is a plus. I think that this is great for both family and friends. Take a bunch of your friends to take a cheesy photo with santa?

Plus they have a bunch of fun workshops available to try e.g make your own hot chocolate tube using candy canes, salted caramel etc (sign me up!)

More information here

Picture this: Iceskating with friends and family, with christmas music playing in the background and beautiful christmassy decor everywhere. Yes, please!

Entrance fees: $55

Times: 9:30am-10pm

4. Timesquare’s White Christmas & Christmas Fair in Lane Crawford

One of my favourite places to shop and visit is Causeway bay shops are walking distance (1min) from each other. I’ve done most of my christmas shopping here. If you have kids their “White winter Snow chamber” is a great idea to experience “snow” in 20 degree weather. Bear in mind that you might have to wait in line…

Yearly, Lane Crawford hosts a variety of small fairs, but during December they host a small christmas fair with a variety of ornaments, snow globes, christmas gift sets and endless chocolate choices. Finally, with city super and logon within opposite each other you can buy groceries for your christmas dinner and buy skincare/stationary. There is everything you could need in one place.

More information here 


5. Finally… you probably wouldn’t have guessed this one but, home

At these times, I think that many people think that going out and seeing all the christmas lights is the way to go, but personally, some of my best memories have been at home: decorating the christmas tree, christmas-ifying everything in your house/room, making christmas dinner  or simply watching festive movies at home. Spending time with friends and family (as cheesy as this sounds, and I promise you this is not from a greeting card) is definitely the most warming and merry feeling you can have.

Bonus #6: Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo (工展會) 

Ok so this might not be christmassy however it only comes around once a year from the 10th of December to the 2nd of January, the most spendy time of the year. I have always love looking up and down the rows upon rows of shops viewing the deals whilst supporting HK brands. If you don’t like crowded places then I wouldn’t recommend going here because, crowds and trolleys are involved. If you need to shop for last minute christmas dinner shopping and gifts you might want to check this out !

More Information here

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Skincare and Haircare: Travel Essentials

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One of my favourite parts of traveling is trying out new travel size products. I think they are so cute and small, and it lets you test out products you haven’t tried before, without spending a large sum on the full size product. Plus, travel size products are so small and light, that it is easy to just slip into your carry on bag or luggage, without taking up too much room! So here are my beauty product checklist and essentials to bring on any vacation.


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  1. Shampoo – Yves Rocher’s Nutri-Repair Treatment  Shampoo
  2. Conditioner – Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner
  3. Hair Mask – Swell’s Ultimate Volume Masque
  4. Hair oil- Percy & Reed’s Smooth Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil


Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 13.31.19.png

  1. Face Wash – bliss’s fabulous foaming face wash
  2. Exfoliater- St Ives’ Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
  3. Face Mask- Origins’ Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask To Rescue Problem Skin or Origins Clear Improvement™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores
  4. Toner – The Face Shops’ Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Toner
  5. Moisturiser- Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
  6. Night Cream- My little beauty’s crème de nuit

Body Care

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  1. Shower cream -Beauticology cranberry body wash (unavailable for purchase)
  2. Hand cream –Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Hand & Nail Balm
  3. Body butter- Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

I hope this list helped you pick your beauty travel essentials for your next trip! What are your essential products for any trip?

x. hipster



How to stay organised in 2016

So, it is officially 2016!!! I know I have made my resolutions for the new year, with one of them being to stay organised this year, especially because this year will definitely lead to me new adventures and possibilities,  which will force me to organise my lifestyle and my time.

After extensive research, here are my tips that I have compiled to stay organised

  1. Tidy and organise your space

I think everyone should start here, a tidy space, will keep your mind organised and your lifestyle organise. So, throw out all that rubbish lying in your room, buy some organising baskets or draws to keep everything clean and tidy.

2. Keep a diary or a calendar, to organise your day or month.

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These are some incredible calendars and planners, that you can pick this year, it really gives me inspiration to stay organise this year.

3. Make To-Do Lists.

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To-do list are really good, for planning out your day and listing out things that need to be done that day. I find writing down what I need to do is really helpful. These are some great apps and products that will help you to do so, I personally use both apps, because they are both great for staying organised, but if I had to choose one, I would pick Todoist over wunderlist, because the app lets you set your activities per day and it sends you an email of the things that you need to complete that day and ones that are overdue, which definitely reminds me to check off everything on the list.


4. Catergorise your work and miscellaneous sheets.

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This is definitely my biggest problem, I have way too many miscellaneous sheets, post-its, notes and documents, that lay on my table ( which kinda drives me crazy), I found catergorising my sheets, has really helped me to organise things a bit, it stops me from rummaging through stacks of paper to find one piece of paper.

So, I hope you enjoyed my tips and thought they were useful.

So, how do you stay organised?




Follow me Around: New Years Eve

Happy New Year

I’m not one to go out during New Years Eve, the crazy amount of people going too and from Central to watch the annual New Years Eve fireworks, doesn’t really appeal to me. However, I do watch the fireworks from home while popping our last Christmas/New Years Crackers.

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This year was a little different, my friends and I decided to go to the AIA Carnival in Central Harbour. We went expecting it to be packed, but it was quite the opposite. Entrance fees were  $125 (per adult) and $90 (per child). With the adult ticket you were given 10 tokens in which you could use to “pay” for the rides. The rides we wanted to go on were all under construction which made the fair seem a little dodgey, but it is a temporary carnival. Funny enough the rides and set up was almost exactly the same (minus the little shops and a few rides) the same as Winter Wonderland in the UK, so if you have never been to Winter Wonderland this could give you a little snippet at how the fair is.

With the 10 tokens we rode: 

A rocking ship (like the crazy galleon in Ocean Park)- Sways back and forth going almost 90 degrees. (6 Tokens).

Oblivion which spun 360 while swinging back and forth up to 100 degrees. The seats faced each other with four people on each side (4 Tokens). It was scary, but in a enjoyable way.

Not sure what the last one was called but it was intense! It was almost like we were being juggled by a machine, you would  go upside down, forward and then pulled back like a yoyo so quickly… I think I lost a little bit of my soul while on the ride. I felt like I was slipping off! Highly recommend to bring a hair tie because they went around saying to take off you glasses and tie up your hair which didn’t help my nerves. I didn’t bring one so the entire ride I was scared at why they might have said that…

After all the crazy rides we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Crystal Jade for Shanghainese food, xiao long bao (小笼包) and Noodles.

x Foodie.