Autumn Inspiration


Autumn inspiration, or autumn feels as I used to call it. With Autumn well under way, the here in Hong Kong the nights have finally gotten longer, although I still get a minor heart attack every time I look out a shop window at 6.00pm and it looks like it is 10pm at night, the longer nights means that the cold weather is on its way. Two typhoons (Sarika & Haima) have decided to creep up on us and speed up the cold autumn/winter air. For those of us who are still in denial and *cough* are still wearing shorts… *cough* ‘guilty’, its time to pack them away and pull out the longer sleeved tops.

I must admit that it is these times that I miss the UK, the fact that all the christmas gifts and decorations were already in stores, the advent calendars, the christmas music and  the fact I had to wear a hundred layers to feel somewhat warm makes christmas seem much closer that it is.

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May 2016~Mid Month Feels

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May… what can I say. It hasn’t been a great month, it has been stress inducing and has left me with regrets. A tip for all those who will be going to go into the third year at uni in September… don’t underestimate it, all the things you forgot to do or put off to the last minute, will come back at you with vengeance! Hopefully, the rest of the month will be less stressful as I push through my last 3 exams and the stress of shipping all my stuff back to Hong Kong… yay :/

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March Mid Month:Tumblr Feels

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This month is going by relatively slowly for me, with so many assignments and my dissertation draft due, I feel as though I am keeping track of every hour of everyday making sure I didn’t miss anything. However, with some good news and stepping out of my comfort zone, I have booked something really exciting coming in the next few weeks!

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Tumblr: Mid Month-Feels

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This month together with the previous month has flown by and not in a good way. This month I have been feeling unusually unproductive and unmotivated as you can probably tell from my lack of posts. Being a virgo aka. the ultimate perfectionist, I have been kept up all night worrying about what I haven’t gotten done during the day and kicking myself for not doing it.

Hopefully now that reading week is over, uni might kickstart my motivation again!  Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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