Back to school Haul: Hipster

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Throughout the month, I have been collecting a bunch of things for my new school. And I definitely will say that this year has been one of my favourite  school supply collection and has left me excited for the new coming! I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things that I have picked up for school. So here they are…

  1. Typo Buffalo pencil case
  2. Muji 16 pack gel pens
  3. Papio Press pack of 2 notebooks
  4. Artline stix
  5. Zebra Sparky-1 Highlighters  (Buy)
  6. Foschia 3 index folder
  7. lianhua notebook

Spicing up your Stationary Collection

GetFileAttachment.jpgOne of my favourite things to buy is stationary, especially when it’s beautifully patterned or designed. It brightens up a dull day at school, uni or work, and I’m going to be honest, beautiful stationary makes me want to study more. So, here are my ways to brighten up dull, everyday stationary pieces.GetFileAttachment-1GetFileAttachment-2

Patterned Notebooks- Picking up some patterned notebooks really does brighten up your notes and a dull day at school or work. This is one of my favourite things to purchase, because there are so many designs to choose from.

Tips:  Having coloured or patterned notebooks, helps me to detect which notebook is for which subject, so I never bring the wrong book to class.

Colourful Pen- I love colour! Especially, when I’m  writing down notes. It’s a great way to draw yourself into your notes, so your more likely to study them. Plus, there are so many pens with beautiful patterns on them, which are hard to resist.

Tip: It’s a great way to colour code your notes and emphasis certain thingss that are more important.

Quirky pencils- Finding unique pencils are quite difficult, but when you find them, their pretty cool. I love these ones that I picked up, they add a pop of colour to any pencil case.

Unique rubbers/Erasers- Lastly, rubbers, I love finding cool rubbers, like these mustache ones from Accessorize, but be careful, some cool rubbers don’t work so well, so try to find one that do.

So, here are some of my favourite pieces in my stationary collection and hopefully it inspires you to add a pop of colour or design to your stationary collection.