Christmas tags & labels

With the christmas countdown in full swing, I have been scouring the shops high and low for cute labels and wrapping paper  but decided to make some of my own this year and share them with anyone who is in desperate need of some cute labels/ tags. plan the bestgoing awayparty foryour friend.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

p.s for anyone who wants to know how I made these, check out Canva.


3 Best Undereye Concealers


When it comes to the undereyes, it is important to find a good products to keep them hydrated, refreshed and concealed. So, I thought I would talk about 3 of my favourite concealers that definitely help to conceal my pesky circles. For me, I have to find a good hydrating concealer, because my undereyes tends to be on the drier side. So, finding a concealer that works to cover and keep it hydrated is pretty hard to find. It has taken me a while to find concealers that do just this. So, I had to show you what they are.

The first concealer is the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. Now, this concealer was my all time favourite for a long time. There was nothing that compared to this. When I needed some concealing under my eyes, this is what I went for. The formulation of this concealer is very creamy and pigmented, leaving it looking very natural on the skin. Plus, it is super inexpensive for such a good concealer. I would say the sponge tip applicator makes it super easy to apply, but it does look a little worst for wear currently. Nevertheless, it is an incredible concealer!

The next concealer is the Big Cover Cushion Concealer from Etude House. This is the most incredible concealer. It is super dewy and super pigmented, with a hint of a pinky tint to it, making it perfect for evening out those pesky purple tones under the eyes. I definitely will say that this concealer is a lot more moisturising then the Maybelline concealer, but they both have the same amount of pigmentation. Plus, they do have the same sponge applicator. However, the Big Cover concealer is a lot smaller than the Maybelline concealer, which has its ups and downs, as it allow you to apply it closer to the eye, but you do have to apply more to get the same coverage. Also, it has a really pleasant smell to it, it isn’t too strong, but if you prefer an undereye concealer without a scent I recommend the Maybelline concealer. Also, what I love about it is that it has SPF 30, which is difficult to find in an undereye concealer or even a concealer for that matter. The reason I like it so much, is that your undereyes are a really delicate part of your face, and a lot of the time fine lines start to appear, because of the sun. So, it needs just as much protection as your face, if you want to keep those fine lines from appearing.

Lastly, is the well known concealer The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I definitely had high hopes for this concealer and it didn’t disappoint at all. It is very pigmented and covers really well, but I would say that it isn’t as hydrating as the Maybelline and the Etude House concealer, however this can be fixed with a good eye cream. Also, the packaging differs from the other two, as it has a long stick applicator, which makes it somewhat easier to apply and it definitely has a wider range of colours than the other two. Also, it does have a creamy texture to it, which makes it look very natural on the skin. This product definitely does not disappoint. Plus, this is the cheapest out of the three concealers.

So, those were my 3 best undereye concealers. I hope you do check them out and let me know what are your favourite undereye concealers.


Personalised Beauty Box!

I recently, I received a little goodie box from Foodie and I am so excited to show you what is in the box. Inside the box there are so many cool things that I wanted try. So, this post is a bit of a review, as I did try them out. So, here it is…vsco-photo-1.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 21.09.35.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 23.02.51.png

So, lets start with the beauty items in this box. One of my favourite beauty product is the Garnier Pure Active 3in 1, it is the only 3 in 1 product that I actually use for all three purposes.I have had my fair share of experiences with 3 in 1 products, but not all of them seem to work as well as this product. This is incredible, I have been using it for years, however recently they have removed it from the shelves, which left me in a state of panic, however Foodie was able to find it, which was a great surprise. I love the the use of the scrub as it isn’t too abrasive on the skin, and with a lighter touch it can be used as a face wash. In the mornings I tend to use this product, because it’s both exfoliating and cleansing my skin. Plus, the mask is amazing! It leaves my skin super clean and clear.

The second product I received was the Avon planet Spa Peel off mask. This was my first time trying this product, as well as the brand and I was pleasantly surprised from the results.  It left my skin feeling cleaner, without it being super drying on the skin, which I have had my fair share of peeling mask that left my skin feeling super dry. Plus, it’s super fun peeling this off of my face, it reminds so much of my childhood, of peeling PVA glue from my hands.

The next two products are from a brand that makes such cool and unique skincare products and I have tried a few of their products. Unfortunately there are only limited places where you can find this brand. So, seeing it in my little box I received was incredible! Especially, the ones that she chose for me. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Manuka rescue mask, but I did use the mint choc chip mask, and I can’t believe it, it actually smells like mint chocolate ice cream, it smelt incredible! Also, the packet lasted me 4 uses, but you do have to ziplock it, to prevent it from drying up. As for my opinion on this product, I would definitely say it is more of a invigorating mask then a moisturising mask. As the mask got stiffer, as it dried.

The last beauty product was this cute eyeliner, that foodie said she picked up from amazon. From the first swatch, it was very pigmented and glided on pretty well. So, I was happy with that, but that was the shocking part of this eyeliner, it isn’t just a pencil liner… It’s also a liquid liner. I only found that out recently!!! The liquid liner is incredible it’s super pigmented and last super long on the skin. So, definitely check it out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 22.26.04.png

I remember opening the box for the first time and seeing this amazing sports bra. I love the colour palette and pattern and I’m glad that I can add this to my sports clothing collection. In addition to that, I love dainty necklaces. So, receiving this necklace from Claires made me really happy, because I could add it to my collection! The last thing in the box was this pure fruit Yo Yo and let me just say it taste amazing and crazy enough it’s just made of fruit, no added sweeteners or  flavouring, which I am so happy about. I think if you are looking for a healthier alternative and you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely check it out!

So, that was the box! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Personally, I would love receiving something like this every month.Thank you Foodie! However, in Hong Kong there is only a limited (meaning 2 beauty boxes) amount you can choose from, plus they are on the pricier side. We would love to create something like this in the future, that’s more affordable. So, let me know, what do you think about the box?


Whiskers & Paws: A Dog Lovers Paradise

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.38.11 pm.png

Located in Horizon Plaza in the South side of Hong Kong. It is a pet lovers paradise, a shop with almost everything you could want for your pet (ok it is starting to sound like a commercial). In Hong Kong, there aren’t many places that cater to dogs (in my opinion) and in the store you can freely walk your pet around the store.


They have an entire corner catered to collars and leashes in a variety of colours and designs. There is also an option to engrave your pet’s name on a tag available at the checkout counter.


The store has a wide selection of pet carriers from backpacks, “buses”, containers or more spacious options from international companies. The quality of these products are pretty amazing too! Oh and did I mention that Whiskers and paws has sections for each type of pet as well as cat adoption viewing corner to the left of the store.


My dogs favourite part of the store would be the wide selection of dog toys available from “Chewy couture”, “Doggy Gabbana”, champagne plushies and chewable birthday cakes. They have pretty much everything to offer your pet’s needs. 20160628_16314720160628_163303

The store also has it’s own grooming service that offer services such as: trimming, ear cleansing, shampoo and rinsing etc. My favourite part about the service is the design of the grooming centre, you can see everything that goes on inside. In addition to the design you can chill and browse the isles for supplies or if you want to, explore the large shopping outlet which has over 20 floors including a Sift, if you ever get the munchies.


Probably my favourite isle at Whiskers and Paws would be their food/snack isles. If your dog has any allergies (like ours) you will definitely find something for them as well! Their organic/vegan/grain free options are amazing at relatively reasonable prices. Plus look at all the colourful packaging!


With barrels full of pet toys they also have an impressive selection of pet grooming/cleaning and medicating products. Although the prices of these products can vary from affordable to more pricey products most of these the products are from overseas with many of them using high quality (natural) ingredients, it is understandable.

A tip for dog owners with dogs with more sensitive skin: If you are looking for natural/organic flea and tick repellent they have extremely affordable natural options.


Supplements, dog bowls, dog accessories, bones, canned food, food seasoning and massive bags of food … they really do have it all!


The sheer size of the store is really huge, the pictures don’t do it justice they have fridges, fridges stocked with fresh dog food, fish etc. And for all those who are in the need for water bottles, beds, dog bones, they have it too! If you want to check out just how much they have to offer you can check and even purchase items from their website (e-shop). You can even order online and have it delivered to you as well! 20160628_165150

As I mentioned before they allow pets to freely walk about the store you can also sit outside and play with your pets. During Sundays they also have an Adoption day where puppies and dogs  of all ages from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue are brought to the balcony. The event is for anyone who is looking to adopt or play with the dogs, you are also allowed to bring your own dog as well to have a little doggy meet up!  If you ever have time during the weekend, check out the HKDR (Hong Kong Dog rescue) Facebook page to be kept updated with their adoption days/events!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.12.23 pm

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

6 Blogs to checkout

Running a blog is definitely difficult if you’re out of ideas. So, one of my favourite ways to inspire me to get creative for my blog posts, is checking out other blogs. After much exploration, I have compiled 6 different blogs that really stand out to me, for you guys to check out. I hope you enjoy!


  1. perfect blog to follow if you’re into lifestyle and beauty blogs. Her blog post consist of recent reads, recipes, beauty favourites and much more. Plus, the photos are incredible and I consistently revisit her blog for new post.IMG_2092The blog post have a monochromatic and minimalistic vibe to it, which I love.


Justlittlethings is another lifestyle/ beauty blog, who explores all aspects of beauty and lifestyle such as homeware hauls, subscription boxes, makeup tutorials and of course much more. Her photos and blog post are beautifully taken and written, which makes it a must see blog.



A lovely interior design blog which is filled with amazing photos of landscape, as well as home interior. My favourite part is the designs of the homes, they have a bohemian style vibe to it, which is amazing and inspirational.

Tulipina-24.jpgIt is an amazing blog, for any of you who are looking for some inspiration for your home design.



A delicious blog, with incredible recipes, that just makes you drool. In every single post, I can see that a lot of heart and soul goes into it, so definitely check it out, if you’re interested in food blogs.




This is a popular blog, but for a good reason. If you haven’t heard about this blog,  apairandasparediy is a DIY Fashion blog. The post are innovative and creative, and it doesn’t just have diys for fashion, but other lifestyle related blog post such as recipes and diy craft ideas.


The photos are amazing and they are so vibrant and gorgeous, I can’t stop staring at them. Also, the diys are super simple and easy to do.


Go check it out!

Dustjacket-attic embodies a variation of different blog post, such as recipes, fashion, interior design, travel and lifestyle.


These are my favourite types of blogs, because you basically can take a glimpse at a variety of post ideas. It’s

So, those are my top 6 blogs to check out, they are definitely worth it, each post is unique and innovation, with a lot of passion and dedication. So, do check them out.




Illustrations from Anna Bond

GetFileAttachment-1Recently, Penguin released these exclusive collection of books, illustrated by Anna Bond. These gorgeous designs and illustration really brings the classic stories to life and I am obsessed. Plus, they really brighten up any book case.

GetFileAttachment-3Each book comes with a bookmark personally designed for each book. Not only can you find the illustrations on the exterior of the book, the fantastic illustrations are seen inside the book. These books captures the unique style of Anna Bond, with the bold colours and floral designs, while still capturing the essence of the story.

GetFileAttachment-2My favourite out of all the books, is Alice and the Wonderland. These illustration are not only seen outside of the book, they run throughout the whole book, which makes it a picture book, and I am in awe. The incredible story + beautiful designs = a must buy.

GetFileAttachmentIf you haven’t checked out these books, here is your chance.

x. hipster