Traveling with: Kiehl’s products


When I go traveling I keep everything really simple. Especially when it comes to my skincare routine, and it’s mainly because I either don’t have the time or I’m way to tired. So, here is what I like to bring when I’m traveling.



First step: the Ultra Facial Cleanser, is a perfect travel cleanser, not only because I was able to find the smaller size of the cleanser, but because my skin tends to be sensitive while I’m traveling. I find this cleanser to be the right amount of gentleness and cleanliness. Plus, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling rubbery and dry.

Second Step: the ultra facial toner. This is another very gentle toner, which has some similarities to my Etude House Wonder Pore toner, in the way that it doesn’t dry out my skin, but adds a bit of moisture after cleansing. However, I will say that I am not overly picky when it comes to toners, as long as it doesn’t break me out, I’m happy. Yet, if the toner adds a bit of hydration to my skin, that is definitely a plus for me.

Third Step: the Ultra Facial Cream. Now this is a product that everyone should try, especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s such a gentle but an ultra hydrating moisturiser, and a little goes a long, long way. I find when my skin isn’t the best or it’s rashing up, I always gravitate towards it. While traveling you don’t know how your skin will react so having this product at hand is great.

Optional step: Super Multi-corrective cream. This is an optional step for me, so I don’t use it all the time. It usually comes in handy mainly in the colder months, when my skin is super dry or peeling. Yet I also use it from time to time when I’ve been using a drying clay mask, it often leaves my skin feeling extra dry so adding a creamier or richer moisturiser is a must, in order to re-hydrate your skin. And on the random occasions I use it as eye cream, because why not!

Last Step: Super Multi corrective eye opening serum. For its name I definitely feel like this is a lighter eye cream than it suggest, as it has a water like consistency to it. But this is still a good everyday eye cream that is perfect for traveling, plus it does leave my eyes feeling hydrated, so it’s perfect for the summer.


Shampoo: The Amino Acid Shampoo. Let me just say that this product smells incredible! It smells exactly like coconuts, which is a given since the product contains coconut oil. But what I really love about it is that it leaves no residue behind, and leaves my fair feeling really clean and light. (which is great since I have a lot of hair, plus it being thick as well) So, it definitely is a necessity to bring on your travels.

Conditioner/treatment: If you know me I tend to use a treatment/ mask as my conditioner, as I found my hair needs a ton of moisture, so using just a regular light conditioner isn’t enough. So, the swell hair mask (which I know isn’t a Kiehl’s product but…) seems to be a good one to bring, mainly due to its size. The mask is a fairly thick consistency, however I can’t say too much about the effectiveness since I haven’t given it a full go to know.


Body Cleanser and Lotion: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit. Again two other products that I am not picky about, but the smell of this body cleanser and lotion really reminds me of the beach and the summer, so cracking it out seems appropriate.


Lip Balm: Kiehl’s lip Balm in Pear. An incredible lip balm for those whose lips are drying away. I remember using this a lot during the winter, because my lips were so dry. But knowing that traveling on a plane and the air conditioning indoors will be a factor that I would encounter (of course) I have to bring something to stop the annoying feeling of dry lips.


Handcream: Richly Hydrating Handcream in Coriander. I know it sounds weird and isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I like the scent quite a lot. Its not too pungent or sickly it’s just right. Plus, I’m a person who is always washing my hands, so they’re always so dry. So, having a good, rich hand cream is so important for me.

So, those were the products perfect for traveling. I hope this helped you to pack for any traveling you may do.



[Full Review] Neutrogena Deep clean (hydrating vs. Brightening vs. original)


Neutrogena is definitely a brand we have all seen before and at one time of our lives have used one or two of their products. For about 3-4 months, I have been using their deep cleansing oil to foam cleansers. I have tried out the entire cleansing to oil range: brightening (pink), Hydrating (Turquoise) and Original (Blue). I decided to do a full review of each of cleansers to give you an idea of which one you might what to go for.


All the cleansers can be used in 3 ways

How to Use: 

  1. Dry- Use the oil like consistency to remove make up then was up. 
  2. Wet- Rub the oil together with water to create a foam and wash face/remove makeup. 
  3. Double Cleanse (Wet & Dry): use both  steps one after the other. 


Original Deep clean Cleansing oil to Foam (Blue) 

Scent: Sweet and Floral (traditional Neutrogena scent), not overwhelmingly

Stars: ✩★★★★


  • The scent of the product has the tradition scent of Neutrogena products.
  • The product is gentle enough to use everyday and is perfect for removing makeup.
  • Soothing on the skin.
  • Foams up when mixed with water.
  • Simple, one step product with no fuss. 


 ♛ Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing oil to Foam (Turquoise)

Unique Ingredients: Cucumber extract/juice (soothing, softening and hydrating), Rosemary leaf extract (antioxidant, protect against free radicals and soothing).

Scent: The scent is definitely refreshing and fresh, it is sweet without being overly fruity.

Stars: ★★★★★


  • This is definitely my favourite cleanser out of the three.
  • It is really hydrating, soothing and cooling.
  • The scent is really amazing, its really fresh and feels amazing on my skin.
  • Out of all the cleansers I have used it is the best for removing makeup, I found that I don’t need makeup wipes to remove my mascara. I have always had an issue with cleansers being overly ‘squeaky’ clean, as I found that my skin just feels stripped its natural oils, this product both hydrates and removes the make up.
  • What else can I say… buy it and try it yourself!


Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing oil to Foam (Pink) 

Unique Ingredients: Morus Alba Root extract AKA Mulberry extract (Rich in Vitamins and brightening effects), Rosemary leaf extract (antioxidant, protect against free radicals and soothing).

Scent: Fruity leaning towards a stronger Peach scent. I was pleasantly surprised with the scent of the product, having been a fan of peach scents, I was all for the scent. The scent isn’t super strong. 

Stars: ✩✩★★★


  • The product has a sweet and fresh scent that isn’t overwhelming.
  • The product is gentle enough to use everyday and is perfect for removing makeup.
  • Soothing on the skin.
  • Foams up when mixed with water.
  • Similar to the original where it offers hydration whilst offering some brightening properties.
  • The product isn’t particularly brightening in the short term however, after using it for 2-3 weeks I did get some compliments on how bright and how much lighter my skin was, whether it was this product alone it is difficult to say.


You can buy these products here:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

Concealing the undereyes: 2 Routines

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 17.03.07.png

Weirdly, I have two routines when it comes to concealing those undereye circles, which I like to alternate from time to time, depending on what I’m feeling that day and the coverage I need. However, both routines are fairly similar, it’s the change up of the products, as well as the types of products.

Routine 1:

Hydrate: The product that I usually use in this routine is the A.H.C The Real Eye Cream for Face. I would say this more of a serum than a cream, but I find this to be perfect for those days when I don’t have a lot of time. Plus, this tends to absorb a lot faster than a cream based eye cream, but the main reason for choosing this over a cream is that the foundation I use afterwards tends to be less heavy and less drying than a concealer would be. Hence, I find that I don’t need a super moisturizing eye cream as a base.

Conceal: The foundation that gives amazing coverage is the Lancome Blanc Expert Fluid Foundation, I love this product a lot. I find this product to cover my undereye circles, as well as any redness on my face, without it looking cakey at all. I find this product to have a brightening quality to it, without it setting into creases or looking a little flaky. Although, if my undereyes are looking worse than they usually do, I tend to use Routine 2 or add a bit of concealer where the foundation hasn’t covered.

Set: I usually set my undereyes with the Max Factor Cream Puff Candlelight Pressed Powder. I personally love the cream puff pressed powder, as I also own the translucent version of this product and it looks very natural, and keeps my face from looking too shiny after a long day. As for my eyes, I prefer to use the Candlelight version, where it has a pinkish tone to it, which helps to also counteract the purple colours under the eyes.

Routine 2:

Hydrate: With a concealer I tend to use a cream, as it tends to be more hydrating, as my undereyes tend to be on the drier side. So, concealers tend to look a little flaky if I don’t use an eye cream. So, I’ve been gravitating towards The Face Shop Collagen Eye Cream, which I’ve talked a lot about this product before. So, I won’t say too much about it, but it does leave my undereyes a lot more hydrated.

Conceal: The concealer I love using is the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer and I can definitely say it is a lot of people’s favourite as well, because of it’s high coverage and it’s inexpensive price tag. For me, this concealer is one of the only concealers that doesn’t look too dry under the eye, while concealing the undereyes, even on the worst days.

Set: Recently, I have been using the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. The loose powder itself is soft and white. When applying the product to my undereyes, I find that area to feel softer and more matte. I can’t say much about whether or not the product controls the oil produced on your face throughout the day. As I have been strictly using it for under the eyes, since I haven’t had this product for too long, I will definitely give an update on how this product works in controlling oil.

So, those are my two routines




Winter Haircare Routine

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 17.49.56.png

I think it was definitely time for a new updated haircare routine. Especially since the weather has changed drastically, my hair has been feeling a lot drier. So, I ended up swapping around my products to fit the drier and colder weather.

For shampoo: I have been using the Yves Rocher Super Soft Shampoo with Witch Hazel. From what I have heard, this product is perfect when your scalp is feeling a little flaky due to the dryness of the weather. Also, I found that this shampoo is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp, it also leaves my hair feeling softer, which is definitely surprising, as shampoos tend to dry out my hair. Plus, the product itself is an ecofriendly product, both recyclable and biodegradable, which is a huge bonus.

Since the weather is way too dry for my thick and wavy hair: I always replace a conditioner with a treatment mask, especially during this time of the year. I’ve already talked about this product, but I will just say this product is without a doubt a product to look for. My hair always feels softer and my ends feel a lot healthier. Plus, it’s super inexpensive, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil High Shine Hair Pack.

After air drying my hair and my hair is a little damp and then apply my hair oil on: The product I have been using is the Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil. The oil has jojoba oil, which leaves my hair smelling and feeling great. Although, this product does feel like a lighter oil, in comparison to the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil. I find that this works just as well, without the weighing down effect. However, I do like that effect from the L’Oreal Oil, especially on days where my hair is feeling a lot frizzier or poofier, but I find this oil to be great for all hair types, without the oily feeling that some oils leave when you put too much.

Last step to my haircare routine, is the serum: Oddly enough, my hair actually loves the cooler weather, with the exception of the drier ends, my hair is a lot shinier and less frizzy, which seems to be the opposite for many. So, I have put away the frizz serums and replaced it with the Tony and Guy Shine Gloss serum for the extra sheen to the hair and to maintain some pesky flyaways. Usually, I apply one to two pumps of this product all over the hair and let my hair air dry.

So, that was my Winter haircare routine. I hope you found some new haircare products to include into your routine.



5 Problem Targeting Products You Need

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.53.24 pm.pngYves Rocher Serum Vegetal Deep wrinkle expert-care {New version: Serum Vegetal 4}

Claim: To reduce the look of deep wrinkles, instantly and lasting. After 30 days, your skin is intensely smoother, firmer and it appears younger.

Texture: The texture is that of a thick and rich moisturiser. The syringe like top allows you to control how much you need without using too much of the product because a little goes a long way.

How to Use: I personally like to use this as an wrinkle/ line targeting cream, dabbing ever so slightly on the areas of my face where I might need more care/prevention. Place on the sides of your eyes, smile lines and even the lines on your neck (if you have them).

Effectiveness: This is by far the most intensive product I have used, after a couple of uses I have seen a huge improvement on the lines on my face due to the dryness. By dabbing a little bit on the corners/creases on my face I have found that the products stay and acts like long wearing protective shield from dryness. Would highly recommend this for those who might be developing wrinkles.

Where to buy: HK / UK

Shiseido Eye and Lip contour Regenerating Cream

Texture: A luxurious and powerful restorative treatment to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes. The hydrating texture absorbs instantly leaving skin with a velvety looking glow.

How to Use: Apply at night after cleansing, using your pinky pick up a pea sized amount of eye cream and apply to both eyes.Because the products melts into the skin, a pea sized amount is more than enough.

Effectiveness: This is by far one of my favourite discoveries of December. Initially looking at the texture of the eye cream I was worried it would be super rich on my eyes, however, I quickly found that it was super hydrating melting into your skin like an ice cube on warm skin. Waking up I found that my under-eyes were smoother and took to concealer like never before, creaseless and plump. Only downside, the price of the full size.

Where to buy: UK / HK

CHASUNG All Hit Hair pack: Volume/ Moisture Care/Damage 

Claim: Each hair pack is catered to help with lack of volume, lack lustre hair and return glossiness to damaged hair.

How to Use: After showering, dry your hair till it is damp. Place hair mask on and massage the serum onto your hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse after using it.

Effectiveness: Probably the most effective hair pack I have used, I was especially surprise with the results of the “volume” hair pack. After using it, my hair was felt like lighter and instantly lifted, for someone who has flat hair I felt like they had stilts. This lasts for about 2 days (with daily hair washes). Definitely a must buy for parties.

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

The Body Shop Oils of Life Sleeping Cream

Claim: An intensely revitalising sleeping cream to regenerate skin during the night.                                                                                     Instantly: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished.                 From 1st wake up: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished. Night after night: skin appears rested, more radiant and visibly revitalised.

Texture and scent: The sleeping mask has a jelly like texture in the pot and when placed on the skin it forms a protective layer on your skin, locking in the moisturiser. The most unexpected part about the sleeping cream was the scent, it has a herbal scent which disappears after a few seconds disappears.

How to Use: Use after cleansing and all skincare serums have been applied. Massage gently into the skin and allow to dry slightly before sleeping.

Effectiveness: The sleep is super soothing and amazing for sensitive skin. I have used it consistently for the past 2 weeks and have barely made a dent in the pot. The sleeping mask leaves your skin supple and moisturised in the morning.

Where to buy: UK / HK

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Claim: The formula contains an illuminating complex and cleans your teeth unlocking trapped surface stains.

How to Use: Use as daily toothpaste.

Effectiveness: This toothpaste truly surprised me! I have almost every drug store toothpaste and didn’t find one that worked. Having been to the dentist and having been told that veneers were the only way to white teeth, I gave upon hope on a working drug store toothpaste and I believe I have found it! This is the only drug store toothpaste that has whitened my teeth within 2 days of use!  Highly recommend!

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

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Pamper Routine: Winter Edition

Recently, my skin is feeling the pressure, with all the exams and deadlines due this month. So, it was about time that I spent some time pampering my skin because it definitely needs it.

The first step to my routine is peeling off the dirt on my skin, seems nasty, but it’s really effective I love using the Planet Spa Peel Off Face Mask. It’s a gel- like consistency, that is super sticky, and all you do is apply this onto your face and let it dry. Once, it’s completely dry you peel it off of your skin. I will say this is definitely a lazy person’s product, cause there is no fuss of washing it off of your face. Plus, if you have tried these types of products before, but found them super painful to pull off. I recommend this one, because it is super delicate with no pain with the peel.

After the peel off mask, I go in with a clay mask. Something to help me to clear my pores and minimize any stress spots that have appeared on my skin, as of recently. Currently, I have been using the Nature Republic Clay pack. I really like this clay pack, because it doesn’t leave your skin super dry or stiff, like many other clay packs.

After 10-20 minutes, I then wash off the mask and then apply a hydrating face mask, to help to replenish my skin after using a clay mask. As of right now, I have been using the Superdrug Vitamin E mask. Which I have talked about before in a blog post, here.

The last step to my routine is a sheet mask. The best sheet mask for the winter period is a manuka honey mask, because of it’s hydrating property. Perfect for very dry skin. The one that I am currently using is from Innisfree.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you spend some time pampering your skin.


Autumn/Winter skincare essentials

Autumn and winter weather has finally landed in hong kong, with 18-20 degree days and the humidity incredibly low. My skin has definitely felt tight and parched. Here are a few of may favourite products to use to combat the dryness that is autumn.

Here are some of my essentials for the autumn:


1.A good body moisturiser is key to keeping your skin hydrated and itch free. My favourite lotions are definitely products that include goat milk as I find them super hydrating and creamy.                                     ~product:  Made in nature Goat Milk lotion ($18)~

2. Face Masks: Although fairly popular all year round, I found that face masks are great for immediate hydration. Whether you need a pick me up or deep hydration there are masks for every skin need. My favourites so far have been:                                                                                                  My beauty diary Alps Edelweiss Ultra repairing mask         My beauty diary Mexico Cactus Hydration


3.Sleeping Masks: I am a huge fan of sleeping masks. During the day, whenever I feel my skin needs moisture top up, a face mist can come in handy, but as we we sleep we aren’t able to top up throughout the night. So the best solution is to use a sleeping mask that works through the night, forming a transparent layer over your skin, keeping the moisture in your skin. Here are some of my favourites:

Etude House Bubble tea sleeping mask

I have to admit this is my go to sleeping mask, scoop up a bubble tea “ball” and break it up mixing it together with the “tea” to make a paste. Apply on your skin.

p.s. this would make a unique christmas gift 😉

Laniege Water sleeping pack- EX

The Face shop Pomegranate collagen pack 

4. Although staying moisturised is very important during the colder months, sun-care is just as important, check out my blogpost on “winter sun-care” to find out how to protect your skin from the harsh winter sun.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am