March 2017 Wishlist

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour… hehe my bad!

This year we were starting somewhat on a bad foot, blogging wise….Any who… the blogging must go on! With spring finally setting in here in Hong Kong and the humidity levels soaring my skin has been feeling especially finicky. It craves moisture but when using rich formulas, it feels like plaster on my skin and it has been feeling rather dull. There have been a few unique products that I have been eyeing.

The Peter Thomas Roth Meet your mask set

Having heard so many beauty gurus recommend their Pumpkin enzyme mask I have been curious to see how their other masks match up to the hype that is their pumpkin mask. I love sets like this because it gives you a chance to find the mask that is the best for your skin type, as well as gives you a chance to try all of their masks!

23 years old Rose gold Mask 

The key word here is “Rose Gold”, yes I’m one of those people who have been sucked in to the Rose gold mask trend. I personally keep an eye on the 23 years old brand because of how innovative and unique their products are and this one caught my eye. A Rose gold mask? I’m in…

Update: The mask isn’t like a rose gold foil mask(which is something I thought it would be like), the serum inside is a light coral shade but is deeply hydrating. This mask covers your lips as well (no mouth hole), although a little strange it gives your lips a little spa treatment, leaving them hydrated after 1 use. Tip: lie on your back and don’t talk. 

Apivita express mask: Anti-wrinkle and firming mask  with grape

One thing I like about this mask is the ingredients: no parabens, no silicone and propanediol (can cause sensitivity and irritability in some skin types). The ingredients are also fairly natural such as: olive oil and grape oil.I have yet to try any product from Apivita but have heard positive things about it… perhaps I should give it a try!  A natural mask yes!

Maybelline Eraser dark circles 110 fair 

This is definitely one of my go to and most favourite concealers ever! I have been using this concealer religiously for the past 2 months and it instantly brightens my under-eyes as well as covers any un-welcomed acne. I highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with dark under-eyes.

J.One Jelly Pack 

This Jelly pack is in-fact a sleeping mask that requires no effort. It should be applied to the face after completing tour night time skin routine, the product claims that because of it’s ingredients it should take no time at all before your skin drinks up the product and then you are ready for bed! The ingredients are definitely appealing :

Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid: moisturizing and Anti-wrinkle.Collagen, Water lotus Extract: brightens & soothes and Fullerene: reduces melanin.

3 Concept eyes White Milk Cream 

I first saw this product in a Korean clothing store in Festival, the name totally escapes me but the concept of Milk cream and the cute but simple design of the product. The product claims that the product will leave your skin “smooth as milk” and has skin brightening effects … Ms Dull skin over here is just throwing her money at you… mean enough said.

23 years old Black Paint Rubar

This product is definitely a unique product from 23 years old. I think judging from it’s name “Rubar” you would be able to tell what the product is all about, a cleanser the rubs out impurities. The product claims to be a cleanser and a mask all at once, rubbing out skin dullness whilst removing blackheads and whiteheads.

Skin 79 Water Splash Mask 

There seems to be an uncountable amount of mask on the market nowadays but this one grabbed my attention. The mask was separated into two: a pure cotton mask (dry) at the bottom of the packet and a “water tank” on the top of the mask. How these two would meet drew my attention and definitely led to me squishing around the “water tank” for a good few minutes. The reason behind separating the serum from the mask is apparently because if you separate them there is less need for preservative (you learn something every day!) 


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December posts

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Hello! It’s been a week since we have since posted any blog posts. We decided to take a break from posting to focus on the challenges that life has decided to throw at us, for example Laryngitis… yup it has been fun not being able to speak for  a week and a bit and I say this entirely sarcastically.

What should you expect in the month of December? Well we will plan on posting a lot of christmassy themed posts about how to get into the christmas spirit, calendars, movie watch lists as well as our our regular beauty related posts.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some festive inspiration!

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July Wishlist: Korean beauty products

As you probably know, I am a true fan of Korean beauty products and after browsing for hours on end. I had to show you some of the products that I want to try out. I will say this, Korean beauty products have some of the best packaging, wouldn’t you agree? I hope that you enjoy my wishlist and add some of them onto yours, or create your own Korean beauty wishlist. So, here is my wishlist…Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 21.03.06.png

Innisfree The green tea seed cream

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet Blueberry



Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

Skin Food Black Pomergrante Oil

The Saem SILK HAIR Argan Intense Care Pack

Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor O2 Bubble Energizing Mask


Wishlist: New Products Edition

This summer, there has been some incredible new arrivals from different brands, and I just had to do some browsing. I ended up loving so many products that I couldn’t resist coming up with a wishlist of some of these amazing new products.  So here they are…

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Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer $9.99

Purple Seductia Shower Gel $ 8.99

White Etheriana Eau de Toilette $ 19.99

Anthropologie Marche Silk Shirtdress

Anthropologie Sissinghurst Castle Cheese Board

Anthropologie Caged Bulb String Lights

Modcloth Picture Perforate Flat in Blueberry

Tarte shape tape contour concealer

Tarte pack your bags 911 undereye rescue patches

I hope you enjoyed my wishlist and hopefully you find something new that you want to add onto your summer product wishlist.



Spring Wishlist

Spring is in full swing and before long summer will be here. Sooo we decided to collaborate on a this post and create our spring fashion accessory wishlists full of things that we both need (or want ;p) in our spring wardrobes. We came across a site called “Spring” which basically is a virtual mall, with loads of brands and products all available on one site. We decided to break down our wishlists into two, one by “the foodie” and the other “the hipster” to bring you our favourite fashion accessories for the spring!


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The foodie: My wishlist reflects the bright colours and patterns that comes with spring. I chose pieces that can be easily incorporated into everyday outfits.

Pig Fob $39

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Turquoise Earring Set $9.95

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MCxMN | THREAD EARRINGS – silver $33.60

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Live Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium Necklace $36 

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Demi Cardholder – Mint $69 

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Kennedy Pouch – Classic Red $74.25 

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Fern Ear Cuff $105 

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Pearl illusion ring $70

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Reserves Polo Cap – Baby Blue $28 

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Hipster: It has been so sunny and bright, that the spring vibes made me want to come up with a spring wishlist. My wishlist reflects the intricate and unique aspect of Spring, there are subtle hints of Spring in these pieces, which are perfect for everyday.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.19.31.png

Panther Earrings $23

A little accessory for animal lovers, is unique and different from your average earring.

Botanical Necklace – Baby’s Breath $28

Corked Terrarium Necklace $28

Incorporating nature into your accessories. I think these are the embodiment of Spring for me personally, with the trees and flowers.

Stars Ear Cuff $26

An added accessory which adds a bit of starry sparkle to a Spring night.

Percentages Xlight Ring $185

An amazing delicate piece that anyone would love in their collection.

Ecote Paisley Eternity Scarf $34

A patterned scarf that adds a bit of colour and pattern to any outfit, while still keeping you warm on those gloomy Spring days.

**Unfortunately Spring only ships to the US at the moment but you can definitely take these wishlists as inspiration for what you might want in your spring wardrobe!

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