Simple, delicious and gone in one bite. Halloween Donuts!

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Halloween Donuts:

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to do a little bit of halloween inspired baking to curb out sweet craving. So we decided to make some super simple halloween donuts using our waffle/donut maker and pancake mix. We know there are other really great recipes out there that make their own donut mixtures but… we were feeling extra lazy and pancake mix seemed to be the easiest option and these take just as good as store bought donuts! Simple, delicious and gone in one bite. These donuts turned out super cute, fluffy and the balance of icing and donut is not too sweet either. Bear in mind that we did use a waffle/ donut maker so we can’t guarantee that using an oven will bring the same results but, feel free to try making the yourself.


110g Pancake mix 

50g milk 

1/2 egg 

1/8tsp baking soda 

1/8 baking powder. 

1) Measure 110g of Pancake mix. 
2) Mix in 50g milk, 25g first until the batter is smooth and then add the
 remaining 25g of milk. 
3) When the batter is smooth add in 1/2 an beaten egg and mix. 
4) preheat your waffle/donut maker. 
5) put in the remaining baking soda and baking powder and allow the mixture 
   to sit for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture is slightly bubbly. 
6) spray or brush butter onto the waffle/donut maker. Pour in the donut 
   mixture into the moulds and bake for 7-10 minutes or until a toothpick 
   inserted in the middle comes out clean or if the donut has a slightly 
   crispy exterior 

x. Foodie & the Hipster

Autumn Style Inspiration

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Autumn, definitely is my favourite season of the year, the crisp air, piles of leaves and the cooler days. However, I am always a little unsure about what to wear during this season… Hong Kong’s weather has been a little wishy washy, hot and humid days or sometimes a more cooler windy days, the weather has been anything but consistent.

I have put together a little style inspiration for myself, with pieces that I think are a little different for me, yet casual, because I am all about comfortable and casual wear. After putting together this “outfit inspiration board” I thought I would share it with you, maybe you could a get a few ideas from it too?


Backpack: Mischa Classic Black Backpack 

I love the monochrome look to this backpack, because it is a backpack you don’t have to worry about the pattern  clashing with your outfit, but you will still have the boldness at the back. Plus unzip it and find a surprise… bright red interior!  

Denim skirt: 6ixty 8ight A-line Denim Skirt 

Denim skirts… they are everywhere right now. You might have sighed at the sight of another one, but if you forget the trend you will find that they are really a timeless piece that can be worn with everything and in any season. 

Bomber Jacket: Reversible embroidered bomber

I am definitely pro anything reversible, I mean if it gives me more space to do some more shopping? Yass!  Plus the jacket is versitile and the dusty pink colour is unique in itself. 

Floral Dress: Forever 21 Floral print maxi

I love the look of maxi dresses in the autumn, pair them together with booties and a leather jacket and you have an instant autumnal look (add a hat if you want). I think that maxi dresses can be worn both through summer and autumn!

Leather Jacket: Missguided Suedette Bonded Biker

What can I say, a baby. blue. biker. jacket!

Knit Dress: ASOS 2 in 1 Knit Dress In Cashmere Mix 

A winter & Autumn staple. Pair with a leather jacket and stockings if it gets extra chilly.

High waisted Jeans: Tommy x Gigi High waist Denim Jeans

Tommy x Gigi’s collaboration line is just amazing! Simple yet fashionable. I love their high waisted denim jeans as well as the balance between high waisted jeans and slightly cropped cable knit, it immediately makes you look like you have legs that go on forever.

Slip-Ons: Paperplanes Woven Tall Up Slip-Ons

Paperplanes, another korean shoe brand that I have been loving! Their shoes are relatively affordable and the simple details, in this case the woven details are so autumnal and chic.

Booties: Rag&Co Carla Boots 

I am definitely picky when it comes to boots, I’m not really a fan of pointed leather boot look, and I like the idea of mixing two materials with out being too bold. Subtle. casual. unique.

Hope you liked this out of the box post.

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4 Things I learned from Uni (will be updated!)

With the summer in full swing and the results released, I have been noticing that there are quite a few students trying to buy supplies for uni or celebrating the final summer before they are officially university students. Having experience university abroad I thought I would write a few posts… perhaps a mini blog post series about university life and what to expect. I wouldn’t call this post… finished because I will be constantly updating it with things I remember or things I have gathered from other graduates about their university experience. So for those headed to uni… here are a few of the things I’ve learnt while at uni.

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I think there is a misconception that comes with University, Universities always emphasis ‘independent study’, independent this and that. I took that to heart thinking that I was alone now and that asking questions wasn’t accepted. I might have taken it the wrong way but this is how I interpreted the ‘uni-life’.

However, at university it is so important to ask, question and enquire:

  • Ask for any clarification from your teachers or academic supervisors.
  • Ask your uni for help, if you are struggling because they have the tools to help you e.g. counsellors, student mentors etc.
  • If you are an international student… don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Enquire about volunteering opportunities or job opportunities.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.00.13 pmI think for those who went to uni, they will probably understand this. Yes, I was the girl with a 40kg suitcase and had to unpack my stuff in front of everyone at the check in point at the airport. I thought I needed EVERYTHING. However, there is a stark difference between NEEDING something and WANTING something.

  • Put away the sauces and the obscene amount of clothing. The first term is only 2-3 months so don’t worry too much. after 2-3 months you will now what you really need and if you find out you DO need it.. then I am sure your family can send a care package 🙂
  • If you are carrying a heavy suitcase (*cough 40kg). That suitcase will become the bane of your existence. You’re tired, stressed and nervous and potentially carrying a suitcase that weighs as much as a person.
  • Less is more (need I say more).

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Homesickness (there will be a post on this soon)… Yes this shiz is real. I remember getting very home sick the moment I got off the plane (don’t laugh). How you deal with it is really down to your own personality/coping mechanisms.

  • Ask your family to send a care package with things you forgot to bring or things that make you smile.
  • If you have a close group of friends send letters to each other with photos because most likely through describing your situation and taking photos you might find yourself enjoying your surroundings more.
  • Video Calls have always helped me whenever I felt homesick, however, know that there is a balance.
  • “walk it off”. This is one of my favourite things to do whenever I felt homesick.
    • Go out of your room because it sure can get stuffy in there.
    • Look around you, flowers, grass, sun reflecting off tall glass buildings etc. There is so much happening around you… however, I wouldn’t recommend walking at night.

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Explore. Some of my best memories are when I stepped out of my dorm room, I spent time exploring what London had to offer. I caught up with friends and experienced what Christmas was like in the UK and it was magical.

  • I almost always said yes to opportunities to explore the UK, I spent an extra few weeks after exams to experience the rest of what my campus and London had to offer.
  • If you university ever offer trips around the UK.. take it! You won’t regret it!
  • For university students in places like the UK student ID is key to getting coupons and discounts to go visit museums and tourist attractions.


(Will be updated)… If there are any other things that you wish to share (email us at or simply comment below with it and we will add it to the list. 

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Follow me around Greece: dinner & my first Greek sunset

Once we got to our rooms, we were exhausted and passed out for a couple of hours because we decided to look for a place to eat our first dinner and watch the sunset. We walked around the town centre to look for a place to eat, there are numerous restaurants that are dotted around the town centre with a street dedicated to greek street food. While pondering what we were in the mood for we managed to book a book tour the very next day! We booked it immediately at the counter for about 25 euros which would take us to 3 destinations!

We decided to settle on a restaurant called Elia’s taverna which specialised in Greek food.

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The one thing I love about Greece is the calm atmosphere, no one is in a rush and everyone eats at a leisurely pace. Elia was a super calm and delicious experience, the food was heavenly and fresh. They had so many options on their menu and the staff gave us plenty of time to choose. Feta was never one of my favourite cheeses but let me just say that I am a huge fan of it now! Feta with olive oil and greek herbs was probably one of the starters I ordered every chance I got.

sunset in greece.jpg

After dinner, we managed to catch the sunset that Greece is so famous for. It truly a beautiful sight as it seem to illuminate the white building and leave Santorini with a golden veil. It seemed as if everyone was holding their breath as it went down, people came out of their hotel rooms and sat and watched golden glow disappear behind the island.

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Day 1 ended so amazingly, once we headed back to our hotel rooms for the night I was super excited for what we planned for the next day!

Day 2… Coming Soon!

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Part 4: Volcanos, Boat tour, Frozen Yogurt etc. {Coming Soon}

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Whiskers & Paws: A Dog Lovers Paradise

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Located in Horizon Plaza in the South side of Hong Kong. It is a pet lovers paradise, a shop with almost everything you could want for your pet (ok it is starting to sound like a commercial). In Hong Kong, there aren’t many places that cater to dogs (in my opinion) and in the store you can freely walk your pet around the store.


They have an entire corner catered to collars and leashes in a variety of colours and designs. There is also an option to engrave your pet’s name on a tag available at the checkout counter.


The store has a wide selection of pet carriers from backpacks, “buses”, containers or more spacious options from international companies. The quality of these products are pretty amazing too! Oh and did I mention that Whiskers and paws has sections for each type of pet as well as cat adoption viewing corner to the left of the store.


My dogs favourite part of the store would be the wide selection of dog toys available from “Chewy couture”, “Doggy Gabbana”, champagne plushies and chewable birthday cakes. They have pretty much everything to offer your pet’s needs. 20160628_16314720160628_163303

The store also has it’s own grooming service that offer services such as: trimming, ear cleansing, shampoo and rinsing etc. My favourite part about the service is the design of the grooming centre, you can see everything that goes on inside. In addition to the design you can chill and browse the isles for supplies or if you want to, explore the large shopping outlet which has over 20 floors including a Sift, if you ever get the munchies.


Probably my favourite isle at Whiskers and Paws would be their food/snack isles. If your dog has any allergies (like ours) you will definitely find something for them as well! Their organic/vegan/grain free options are amazing at relatively reasonable prices. Plus look at all the colourful packaging!


With barrels full of pet toys they also have an impressive selection of pet grooming/cleaning and medicating products. Although the prices of these products can vary from affordable to more pricey products most of these the products are from overseas with many of them using high quality (natural) ingredients, it is understandable.

A tip for dog owners with dogs with more sensitive skin: If you are looking for natural/organic flea and tick repellent they have extremely affordable natural options.


Supplements, dog bowls, dog accessories, bones, canned food, food seasoning and massive bags of food … they really do have it all!


The sheer size of the store is really huge, the pictures don’t do it justice they have fridges, fridges stocked with fresh dog food, fish etc. And for all those who are in the need for water bottles, beds, dog bones, they have it too! If you want to check out just how much they have to offer you can check and even purchase items from their website (e-shop). You can even order online and have it delivered to you as well! 20160628_165150

As I mentioned before they allow pets to freely walk about the store you can also sit outside and play with your pets. During Sundays they also have an Adoption day where puppies and dogs  of all ages from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue are brought to the balcony. The event is for anyone who is looking to adopt or play with the dogs, you are also allowed to bring your own dog as well to have a little doggy meet up!  If you ever have time during the weekend, check out the HKDR (Hong Kong Dog rescue) Facebook page to be kept updated with their adoption days/events!

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