MEMEBOX First Flagship Store [Experience]


Memebox, I think one of my very first posts I posted featured the memebox. If you are a Korean beauty fanatic, like I am, you will have heard of this brand. The brand features skincare and makeup from their own line and various other Korean skincare brands.

Both my sister and I both found out that Memebox was in Hong Kong, that weekend we headed out to see what the store had in store. The store is a florescent pink colour with all the windows blocked out. It is definitely a building that you won’t miss and is just opposite the busy Hysan Place in Causeway bay. Did I mention that is 2 stories high?


The first floor is mostly made up of makeup, with mascaras, foundation to lipstick. There is a huge variety of makeup that you can browse through. I personally went in to look for their buy one get one free dual ended mascara. We were greeted by one of the staff who worked there, a lady with blue ombre hair, holo eyeshadow and the sharpest winged eyeliner. We both aren’t fans of sales persons who follow us around the store asking us every 5 seconds what we would like to see. She allowed us time to browse around and would give us a hand whenever we asked.


The 2nd Floor was all about the Korean skincare, the metal grated stair case lead to the most incredible shelf display with the various types of skincare displayed in an orderly fashion (image above). The room featured a large sink area in the centre where you could try the various skincare products out and an refrigerater display for the sheet masks they had on offer (below).


After our visit to the store, we left with quite a few goodies:

The Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser

The Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker 

Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer 

x 2 I’m Dual Mascara (Brown and Black) *Buy 1 Get 1 


Overall, the Memebox Pop up store is definitely an experience I would encourage all k-beauty lovers to experience, it has a relaxed feel and definitely has one or two gems that you will find that you have yet to see in other drugstores such as nooni and memebox’s own brand.


 20 Pak Sha Road, CausewayBay, Hong Kong

A review of the products will be up later this week! Stay tuned!

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Whiskers & Paws: A Dog Lovers Paradise

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.38.11 pm.png

Located in Horizon Plaza in the South side of Hong Kong. It is a pet lovers paradise, a shop with almost everything you could want for your pet (ok it is starting to sound like a commercial). In Hong Kong, there aren’t many places that cater to dogs (in my opinion) and in the store you can freely walk your pet around the store.


They have an entire corner catered to collars and leashes in a variety of colours and designs. There is also an option to engrave your pet’s name on a tag available at the checkout counter.


The store has a wide selection of pet carriers from backpacks, “buses”, containers or more spacious options from international companies. The quality of these products are pretty amazing too! Oh and did I mention that Whiskers and paws has sections for each type of pet as well as cat adoption viewing corner to the left of the store.


My dogs favourite part of the store would be the wide selection of dog toys available from “Chewy couture”, “Doggy Gabbana”, champagne plushies and chewable birthday cakes. They have pretty much everything to offer your pet’s needs. 20160628_16314720160628_163303

The store also has it’s own grooming service that offer services such as: trimming, ear cleansing, shampoo and rinsing etc. My favourite part about the service is the design of the grooming centre, you can see everything that goes on inside. In addition to the design you can chill and browse the isles for supplies or if you want to, explore the large shopping outlet which has over 20 floors including a Sift, if you ever get the munchies.


Probably my favourite isle at Whiskers and Paws would be their food/snack isles. If your dog has any allergies (like ours) you will definitely find something for them as well! Their organic/vegan/grain free options are amazing at relatively reasonable prices. Plus look at all the colourful packaging!


With barrels full of pet toys they also have an impressive selection of pet grooming/cleaning and medicating products. Although the prices of these products can vary from affordable to more pricey products most of these the products are from overseas with many of them using high quality (natural) ingredients, it is understandable.

A tip for dog owners with dogs with more sensitive skin: If you are looking for natural/organic flea and tick repellent they have extremely affordable natural options.


Supplements, dog bowls, dog accessories, bones, canned food, food seasoning and massive bags of food … they really do have it all!


The sheer size of the store is really huge, the pictures don’t do it justice they have fridges, fridges stocked with fresh dog food, fish etc. And for all those who are in the need for water bottles, beds, dog bones, they have it too! If you want to check out just how much they have to offer you can check and even purchase items from their website (e-shop). You can even order online and have it delivered to you as well! 20160628_165150

As I mentioned before they allow pets to freely walk about the store you can also sit outside and play with your pets. During Sundays they also have an Adoption day where puppies and dogs  of all ages from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue are brought to the balcony. The event is for anyone who is looking to adopt or play with the dogs, you are also allowed to bring your own dog as well to have a little doggy meet up!  If you ever have time during the weekend, check out the HKDR (Hong Kong Dog rescue) Facebook page to be kept updated with their adoption days/events!

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The New and Improved HMV (Pearl City)


HMV is a very nostalgic place for me, having spent most of my childhood viewing the popular CDs/soundtracks or shopping for VCDs (or the more expensive DVD) was a fun little adventure. VCDs am I right? Its probably been a while since you have heard such terms. Nowadays Netflix and Spotify is probably the more primary sources for music and movies. But, I feel the shiny reflective circle that holds your favourite tunes is a great way to permanently own a movie or soundtrack. Some may argue that buying CDs are old fashioned, that”the web has every song you could possibly want”, that I am damaging the environment with my collection (of five) reflective plastic donuts(wow this is quite the tangent)… however, I would argue that sure they aren’t the symbol of recycling but I only purchase hardcopies of things that I truly love and will reply again and a again.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.54.44 pm.png

The new HMV is truly massive and unique, with its industrial/Brooklynesque hipster vibe, it has a chilled atmosphere (a stark contrast to the buzzing Causeway bay crowds).


It spans across 3 floors, the first floor contains Hong Kong’s largest vinyl record and near the back row upon rows of movies (classics, Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc.). If your not into vinyls or don’t have a snazzy record player, they also have an insane amount of music from a variety of bands/singers and soundtracks.


The HMV has two stops where you can stop and have drinks or snacks while listening to the ongoing music or ponder on that “Beatles” vinyl you are considering buying.



The second floor is unique in the way that it has a lot of bits and bobs from action figures, books, comic book illustrated merchandise and even Vespas etc. You will pretty much find it all here, plus it has a wide variety of headphones and speakers from a variety of brands including the ever popular “beats” headphones. If you are looking for a unique gifts this is the level for you.


The third floor is where the HMV bar and restaurant is located alongside the DJ studio and magazine stands. The bar and restaurant overlooks the 2nd and 3rd floors. After briefly looking at the menu they serve western dishes such as mac and cheese, sandwiches, pizza etc. Bear in mind that the prices are definitely a little higher, at around $100-200 for a meal which could be a downside however, I have yet to try anything, I can only base it on the reviews on Open rice (which are mostly positive).

Although I have yet to try their food and drinks, it is definitely on my list of to go places. 20160618_142526.jpg

Overall, I love the cool vibe of the new HMV, the skylight at the top floor really opens the space up, I can just imagine what it might be like when it rains and could be a great place to catch up/ meet up with friends.


 2/F & 3/F Pearl City 22-36 Paterson Street Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Times:

Sunday – Thursday
10:00 – 23:00
Friday – Saturday
10:00 – 23:45


852 2504 3669

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