It has been a while since our last empties post. So, I thought it was time to do another one. I have accumulated a bunch of products that I have used up, since the last post. So, here they are…

The first is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I actually enjoyed this product a lot, I found it really effective during the winter months. As the cleanser is on the thicker and richer side, so it didn’t leave my skin feeling super dry. Although, many moisturising cleanser that I have tried, tend to leave my skin feeling nourished but not superclean, I found this to completely different. The product really leaves skin feeling squeaky clean, but not overly drying. Although, I will say this didn’t help with taming breakout, but I did love that is foam up, if you massaged it into your face.

I also used up a moisturiser, specifically the Aloe Fresh moisturiser by The Face Shop, and I personally loved using, which I have also mention in a couple of posts. So, I won’t babble on to much about it. It has taken me a long time to finish, but after finishing it, I ended up feeling sad, as I really enjoyed using it. It absorbed into my skin really quickly, while leaving it super soft and nourished, and this made it a lot easier to apply my concealer on a rushed day.

The next is The Yves Rocher exfoliater. It definitely wasn’t my favourite exfoliator, as I felt like after a while it didn’t exfoliate my skin  as much as I wanted it to. So, it felt more like a shower gel than a exfoliater. However, I did like the scent of it. It had quite the summer berry scent to it.

I also ended up finishing a toner – specifically the Joseristine Acne Skin Tonic, which is quite a rare thing for me. I found that this toner was amazing for minimizing pores and helping to reduce spots, when I was breaking out. Although, I would say that it was quite drying, but I did expect it to be, as one of the ingredients was tea tree. I also found that a  small amount went a long way and that was one of the reason why it took me quite long to finish it. I loved how this product was super inexpensive, but gave amazing results.

Foodie’s Empties : As for the Cliv collagen resurgence laser ampoule, having previously finished a serum I decided to try out the Cliv range of ampoule. The product absorbs into the skin quite quickly as it has a water like consistency and because of this consistency, you only really need to apply very little for it to cover your entire face and neck. Although the product is meant to help firm your skin, I didn’t see much of a significant change in the firmness but my skin did feel a lot more supple the day after. Would definitely recommend using this before bed as you will see the instant suppleness in your skin once you wake up.

Herbal essence, I have always loved the herbal essences’s range as well as their advertisements with girls that had beautifully shiny hair. However, I found that I couldn’t use their hair products daily because of how oily my hair would get. I got a mini herbal essence white tea and mint shampoo as a birthday gift and have been using it almost daily and love how voluminous it leaves my hair as well as how light and bubbly the formula is. Would highly recommend it for girls who have slightly oily hair.

AHC has been one of my go to companies at the moment after trying numerous of their products. I tried their collagen Ampoule set last winter and took a break from it to try some new products however, I have found myself going back and trying the remainning ampoules to add some extra moisture back into my skin. Although autumn comes with cooler nights it also means that the air is a lot drier which leaves my skin needing extra hydration. I use the ampoules to top up my skin with instant hydration. A useful tip would be to definitely wait about 10-20 seconds before applying other skincare products, because of it’s thick and rich texture it does take a little longer for the skin to absorb.


Empties | July


As  July comes to an end and the final month of starts, I have gathered a few beauty empties to share with you.


Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel 300ml

I previously mentioned this product in one of my favourites and I finally managed to finish it! This has made my body moisturizing routine so much easier. During the summer the humid days don’t lead me to want to moisturize my legs because of how sticky some lotions feel. However, after being introduced to gel moistuizers I have changed my mind.


  • Non-sticky (sticky for 30 seconds and then is absorbed into your skin) varies from person to person. Read below
  • light
  • calms down irritated skin
  • good for sensitive skin (aloe)
  • Great for sunburns
  • Natural
  • Super moisturizing, even for those who have dry skin.


  • Some of my family said that the gel didn’t absorb quite as quickly enough. Leaving them feeling sticky.


I really like this product, now that I have finished it I have tried a few other gels and so far must say that the Nature republic aloe gel is my favourite. Super hydrating and especially f you are sunburnt it cools you down straight away!

Tip: Leave in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. 

HK (online) | UK


2. Honey Miel Body wash

One of my favourite ingredients in skincare/body care products is Honey. The moisturizing benefits and how supple my skin feels after using it, leaves my skin feeling amazing.


  • Moisturizing
  • Deep clean when used with a loofa
  • Contains 100% organic honey
  • Has a light scent of honey.


  • The scent doesn’t linger on the skin for very long after showering.


Although it does contain real honey, I found that it wasn’t that different from regular shower gels other than the fact that it is slightly more moisturizing.



3. Yves Rocher | Vanilla Body Scrub

Yves Rocher, as you probably know if you have been reading this blog for a while is one of those brands I go to for new products. Plus with their monthly gifts and samples you are able to try more of what their brand can offer. I got this scrub as a free gift with my purchase.


  • Contains coarse (natural) scrub beads within the scrub.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Can be used as a scrub and a shower gel as the scrub particles are quite sparse.


  • I must admit I was a little disappointed by this body scrub together with their raspberry scrub because of the scent. The scents didn’t really reflect their labels, which was especially the case for their raspberry scent.
  • For some, this scrub might not be exfoliating enough, as mentioned before the scrub particles are quite sparse.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product if you want a deep cleaning scrub, the exfoliating particles/beads aren’t exfoliating enough. However, even though the product was a little bit disappointing it still doesn’t change my views on Yves Rocher.

HK (in store) | UK


4. LSNP Daily Hair Mask


  • Smells amazing: fresh scent.
  • Works well as a conditioner.


  • Discontinued.
  • Wasn’t very hydrating.
  • The hydrating washed off with the water used to rinse the product out.


  • I must admit I was a little disappointed with LSNP , with its launch last year in Hong Kong the brand claimed to have hyaluronic acid as an ingredient for shiny hair and deep moisturisation. However, once using it I found that my hair wasn’t too moisturised and was still a little dry.


5. Yves Rocher | Anti-Age Global Serum


  • Non-sticky
  • Brightening
  • Anti-aging
  • Soothing
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Natural ingredients


  • The price.
  • It’s very easy to use up this product in a short amount of time.
  • Needs to be used in the long term in order to see the best results.
  • More effective results for those who have more mature skin.


The serums have a very interesting texture, its not as thick as a moisturiser but is equally as creamy (and non-sticky).


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

Empties- Things that worked and things that didn’t.


L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay dry Shampoo 



  • Amazing refreshing scent that lingers
  • Would work better in the colder and drier months


  • I am relatively a newbie when it comes to dry shampoo but I found that although the dry shampoo states that it is a ‘transparent’ finish, being a brunette it did leave me with a few white streaks.
  • Isn’t as effective on extremely oily hair. If you have roots that become oily very quickly
  • Feels heavy and powdery on your hair.

Rating: 3/10 

UK (drugstores)

L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo 200ml


  • Amazing scent
  • Leaves your hair hydrated
  • Lathers like crazy (awesome for doing in-shower hair styling ;))
  • A little goes a long way.


  • As stated in their collection the products work best when using both the conditioner and shampoo
  • The formula was supposed to hydrate the ends without making the roots oily however, I didn’t find that there was much reduction in my oily roots.

Rating: 5/10


-417 Catharsis vitamin mineral Shampoo


  • Very unique herbal scent
  • natural ingredients : dead sea minerals, vitamins etc.
  • Packaging was super luxurious, gold embossed lettering with gold tube.


  • Doesn’t lather as much as other shampoos.
  • This shampoo has been hit and miss for me, although some people felt their hair got shinier and softer, I didn’t really feel that way. I found that my hair felt soft after the first two uses but gradually became slightly drier with continued use? A little bizarre but that is how I generally felt about this product.

Rating: 5/10

UK only

Pure Heals Caviar 90 Renewing ampoule 

Description: Contains 90% of caviar concentrate. Offers dual whitening, wrinkle improvement, repairs damaged skin, moisturises, increases elasticity, softness and gloss; while providing nutrition for the skin leaving you with flawless skin.


  • Super hydrating and leaves your skin super supple over night.
  • I like to use it at night under moisturizer or during the day as a moisturizer (in the summer months, when moisturizers are too sticky).
  • I found it very soothing on days where my skin is breaking out or is feeling extra sensitive.


  • The biggest con of this product would have to be the packaging, the dropper that it comes with doesn’t pick up much of the product. I can’t say that this has happened to all the ampoules but it was a struggle to get the product out.
  • This product is definitely a high end product, 15ml for $478/£43.

Rating: 8/10

HK only

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating cleanser (age reform) 


  • Amazing exfoliator, its exfoliating without being too harsh on the skin; great for everyday use.
  • I like how lightweight and hydrating the formula is some exfoliators can strip the skin from its moisture however, this cleanser doesn’t its really hydrating.
  • It has a very light scent almost oatmeal like which is perfect for those who don’t like scented products.
  • Very similar to my favourite Laura Mercier face polish.


  • For those who want a ‘deeper clean’ this might not be exfoliating enough for you.
  • The price, it is relatively expensive to get a full size of the cleanser.

Rating: 8/10

UK |  HK

A.H.C Hyaluronic Cream 

Description: Suitable for all skin types. Contains Hyaluronic acid which leaves the skin hydrated, supple and smooth.


  • The perfect size for travelling as it is only 50ml
  • Super hydrating
  • Doesn’t have any scent to it.
  • Soaks into the skin super quickly and your skin feels super supple.


  • Although it is the perfect size for travel, I have found it difficult to find the full size of the moisturizer in stores.

Overall: I personally love this travel sized moisturizer although  I wouldn’t recommend using it on flights because it isn’t moisturizing enough, you need some serious thick masks to help hydrate your ‘ aeroplane’ skin.

Overall: 8/10

HK only


Yves Rocher Riche Creme Beauty Elixir 


  • It is amazing for maintaining a tan, for those of you who use fake tan this keeps the tan lasting a few days longer.
  • Leaves your legs looking and feeling super soft and glowing. I loved using the product  immediately after a hot shower because it left my legs feeling super hydrated and amazing looking.


  • It definitely takes a while for the skin to soak up the oil, if you don’t like the feeling of being oiled up then I wouldn’t recommend this product.
  • Although the dropper was super practical and easy to use, the outer packaging i.e the label, after continuing use started to peel off.
  • If you are not careful the entire bottle can become very oily making the likelihood of dropping it more likely.
  • This is more of related to personal scent preference but, the elixir is made of rose oil and therefore it comes with the powdery/musky rose. If, like me, you don’t like the scent of roses, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Overall 6/10



Collagen by Watson’s body lotion


  • Extremely effective in hydrating dry and flaky skin which comes with winter.
  • Has a super creamy-butterlike consistency which makes applying it to the skin super amazing.
  • It lasted me a looong time, about 4-5 months.
  • I’m not sure if it it just a gimmick but the lotion has a stringy consistency which is supposedly from the collagen. Whether the strands actually play any part in the absorption of the product we’ll never know.
  • It doesn’t have much of a scent much like the rest of the watson’s ‘collagen’ collection/line.


  • Definitely not ideal for the summer months (unless you apply it in the air-conditioning) as it can leave you feeling super sticky.

Overall: 9/10

HK Only

Balance me revitalising hand and body wash 


  • It has an amazing citrusy scent making showering super refreshing.
  • The ingredients are super amazing and natural, great for those who have sensitive skin.


  • I must admit that it takes a lot of product in order to get a good lather happening. I must admit although balance me contains amazing ingredients however, I do sometimes miss the lather that comes with normal body wash.
  • the formula is quite watery making it quite slippery and hard to apply on your body without it being washed away from water. I found it is best to add it to a loofa and then use it.

Overall: 7/10

UK | HK 

Tresemme Oleo Radiance Shampoo 


  • I must admit that Tresemme  has amazing shampoo scents, I have yet to smell one that doesn’t make my eyes roll to the back of my head (ok I might have exaggerated a little).


  • For those with oily hair… you may want to avoid this one. The shampoo does help with making your hair glossy and hydrated at the ends however, with continued use it did leave my roots quite oily
  • UK

Shiseido Ma Cherie Air feel shampoo 


  • I bought this as a set, conditioner + shampoo for my first day back at my uni dorm and when I don’t feel like going out after a 13hour flight. Super cute packaging with a cherry blossom scent that in both products.
  • Lathers amazingly.
  • If you get the full sized product, the design of the product is so luxurious looking.


  • I can’t say that I was disappointed by this product but coming from Shiseido I was hoping for a little more.
  • It wasn’t extremely hydrating but did do the job of cleaning the airplane out of my hair.
  • The bottle doesn’t come with a pump, it has a wide opening at the top of the bottle.  I found that sometimes you can get more than you wished for as it was quite hard to control the amount of shampoo.

Overall: 5/10

UK | HK Instore- Mannings

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

p.s. I apologise for the lack of photos, I took this on the day I left my uni room so I didn’t have much time to take individual photos!

Empties | May


I finally finished some products. So, I thought I would give these products a proper review. It’s taken me a while to get through them, but I can finally give a full review. Here it is…unnamed-1.jpg

The Garnier Aqua Defense moisturiser was an incredible daily moisturiser, it was really light and smooth on the skin, while still being super hydrating. From my experience the product absorbs into the skin super quickly, which is perfect for the mornings, because you don’t have to wait for the product to absorb into the skin, before applying on other products. My skin feels a lot softer after using this moisturiser. I also liked how it had SPF in it, which I haven’t seen in a lot of moisturisers, plus the scent is really refreshing and not overwhelming. Even though, the size of the product is on the smaller size, it lasted me for a long period of time. Honestly, I would like to pick this up again, because it was an amazing product.

On a less satisfied note, Prestena honey pack  was not a favourite of mine. I felt like the product was way to sticky for my liking and I thought the stickiness would leave the skin, but after a while. However, my skin still felt super sticky even if I used a tiny amount. The product itself is clear, with a yellow/orange tint to it, with a pleasant smell to it. However, the packaging itself was difficult to open.


Onto the fragrances, I loved the Yves Rocher Deodrant, it did keep me smelling great all day, plus the product doesn’t have any parabens, aluminium and all the nasty chemicals. I really like this product, however the scent was great for a while, but I ended up not liking the scent that much, maybe I just got bored of the scent. So, I picked up another scent and hopefully it is just as good.

The perfume I used up was the Fabio Verso Ocean Fun, which is one of my all time favourite scents, it basically smells like passion fruit. It wasn’t to overwhelming in terms scent which is perfect for me, and the scent lasted for such a long time. I need to pick up a new one of these. I’m hoping they still sell it.


This took me a while to finished, but I finally did. It is The Body Shop’s Jolly Orange hand cream. Which I believe they don’t sell anymore, sadly. I actually really enjoyed this hand cream, it was super moisturising and rich, which is why it lasted me for such a long period of time, because a little went a long way. You would think that orange wouldn’t be a wintery, festive scent, but it really is. The scent was warm instead of spring or summer like. Which made this hand cream so enjoyable. I definitely recommend The Body Shop’s hand creams.

So, those were my empties. Hopefully, I gave you enough insight on the products. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with all of the products, which is great!


EMPTIES | Products I have used up


This month has been a month where I have been solely trying to finish up the products I already have or have had for a while.

2016-03-31 01.00.00 2.jpg

The first being the Lady Kin Vanpir cream and serum. 

Texture: The cream is rich and creamy that is more idea for the winter months or when you feel your skin needs something a little more rich.

Benefits: The entire line contains ‘Dragon Blood Resin extract’  (from a plant) that has been said to be great for wrinkle care, brightening, because of its natural metabolic benefits.

How I use it:  I find that it is great for targeting dry areas that are in need of a little extra moisturisation. The cream can also be used as a sleeping mask because of how rich it is however, if you use it as a sleeping mask, it does have a slightly sticky feeling

Downsides: The pro and the con is with the ‘richness’ of the cream, it can be very good for dry skin and weather, it isn’t ideal for the warmer months as it can get quite sticky.



Second, the Lady Kin Vanpir Repair Youth Activator, the serum is probably the most adaptable product because I have been incorporating it in my everyday skincare routine.

Texture: The serum has a light texture that absorbs into the skin, leaving the skin supple and smooth.

Benefits:  The serum acts as a protective barrier to maintain the moisture level as it seals and smooths the skin.  It contains no parabens, synthetic material that can be used on sensitive skin.

How I use it: I like to use it under my daily moisturiser or mixed into my moisturiser.

Downsides: However, you do have to use quite a bit of this product and the last few drops were very difficult to get out of bottle.


White T – Whitening treatment toothpaste 

I have been using this toothpaste for around a couple of months now and it has a light

Scent: It has a peppermint scent.

Benefits:  Whitens, brightens, removes stains on the teat as well as fights tartar, cavities & plaque.

Downsides: I didn’t find it very effective, however, I have yet to try any toothpastes that are as good as the crest whitening strips. Although the packaging does say that using it can cause tooth sensitivity, I didn’t find that it caused any discomfort.


Ramosu Hyaluronic 100 acid solution – skin moisturising

Texture: It has a very light texture almost water like which absorbs really well into skin through patting.

Benefits: I found that if you apply it as a toner the other essences, emulsions and moisturisers absorb better and it enhances their benefits.

Downsides:  Although the set comes with 3 ampoules you do have to use quite a lot at one time.


Bioderma Miscellar water (travel size)

Texture: It has a water like texture, does not have a scent and can be used all skin types.

Benefits: Works amazingly to remove makeup and to correct eyeliner. My favourite way of using it is dipping a a cotton wool bud in the solution and using it to erase any eyeliner mistakes.

Downsides: Bioderma has been known to be quite pricy amongst micellar waters and make up removers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am