Seoul Trip: Skin Food


Another week, another Korea post. Before heading to Korea, I had been eyeing SkinFood’s face scrubs and face masks. As you all probably know from a post I posted about my favourite skincare products, the SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off has been a holy grail of mine and I still use it now. It contains grains of sugar which help to exfoliate your skin as well as when left on as a mask, the black sugar and citrus inside of the product helps to detox your skin, leaving it brighter and softer.

Although the SkinFood stores in Hong Kong carry one or two of these masks, I found them quite pricey in comparison to other Korean brands. However, when going to Korea, I found that the SkinFood show was doing a gift set sale! The total for these 5 masks was 30,000 won (207 HKD), so around 41 dollars for one of their masks! It was a such a bargain! Their current black sugar essential scrub is now being sold for $245HKD.

If you head to Korea, be sure to check out their gift sets, they are a lot cheaper then buying the products separately however, you may not get as many samples.

1) Honey Wash Off Mask

2) Egg White Pore Mask

3) Strawberry Black sugar wash off mask

4) Black sugar wash off mask x2

Review coming soon….

Seoul Trip: Tony Moly

Tony Moly is definitely up there with Apieu when I comes to cute packaging and concepts, I mean look at the octopus scrub stick! However, upon entering the shop I wasn’t entirely impressed by the selection that they had, most of their products can be found in their Hong Kong stores or even in Bonjour for around the same prices… so we didn’t end up buying too much there. There also seems to be a trend in the capsule ampoules, when looking at some other brands, they also have similar ampoules which target skincare needs.

1)해요마요헤어영양퍽3 Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack 9800 [HKD$ 67.9]

2)닥터로지블레미숴페어캡슐앰플 Dr.Logy Blemish Pair Capsule Ampoules 15000 [HKD$103.9]

3)타코포어블랙헤드스크럽스틔 Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick 6240 [HKD$ 43.2]

4)메이크에이치디해어로션(소) Make HD Hair Lotion 3800 [HKD$ 26.3]

Free Sample: Green Tea Watery Mask Sheet

Full Review Coming Soon!

Memebox Pop-up Shop: Review (Nooni, Pony Effect and Memebox)


Upon first visiting Hong Kong’s first Memebox flag ship store, we were intrigued at the the variety of skincare and makeup products that they had to offer. The store was having a sale on a multiple of their products, which I heard changes monthly. Being a mascara fanatic, I was particularly drawn by the mascara sale, buy one get one!

Memebox- I’m Dual Mascara (Brown and Black)


The thick end: This end of the wand has a flexible tip: one curved (like a moon) and one flat with bristles that brush through each lash. One thing I like about this wand is that the tip is flexible and malleable moving together with the curve of your lashes, you really don’t feel the wand when you are using it.

The thin end: the thin end has finer bristles that brush through each lash. Because the bristles are so fine, it is ideal for brushing out the bottom lashes. However, because this finer brush is made of wire it require you to be more gentle when applying mascara to the bottom lashes.

Formula: The formula is quite light, the of this mascara isn’t as dark as other formulas, only tinting the lashes enough to darken them up and define them (naturally).

First Impression:

Effectiveness: I personally love the design of the product, it has 2 wands. One for each purpose: coating, lengthening and defining. The formula is good too, ideal for natural lashes. One thing I would wish the mascara had was if the smaller wand picked up more mascara formula and that the product itself contained more product because I found that I ran out of it quite quickly.

Nooni: Marshmallow whip maker

How to use:

1. Add some cleanser to some water into the whip maker.

2. Pump the cleanser multiple times to ensure the cleanser forms a whip.


  • Can be used with any cleanser
  • A fun product to use with everyone.


  • Impractical product because it does take time to create the whip.
  • As you have to combine it with water, you are left with more product than you need, so sharing it with family or siblings is best.

Pony Effect Concealer (shade 2)


  • Not too drying
  • Medium to high coverage
  • Doesn’t crease easily
  • No scent
  • It can be used on it’s own.
  • Very good for covering blemishes and concealer


  • Price. Although it isn’t too much of a big deal because the product it is pretty good.
  • If you have oily skin then you might want to set your concealer with a powder.
  • Limited concealer shades: only 3 shades.

Nooni: Snowflake Whipping Cleanser


  • Lathers really well
  • When used together with the Marhmallow Whip maker, it creates a lot of thick foamy bubbles. However, even on it’s own it does lather up quite well.
  • Only require a little product to cleanse your face.
  • Skin feels really clean, we have experienced a couple of cleansers that have left us feeling un-clean.
  • Doesn’t leave your skin feeling “squeaky” clean.


  • It doesn’t do anything that is particularly special such as shrinking pores, brightening or deep cleansing.

We’re back: Seoul Trip



We are back from our trip to Korea, Seoul to be specific. In my opinion it was one of my favourite trips so far, I have been a huge fan of all things Korean and have been itching to go. Now that both my sister and I on break from all things uni, we have had the chance to travel.

Now that we are back, we have will have more chances to post about our trip to Korea with tips on getting around and places to visit and who goes to Korea without shopping? We left with a lot of products! Who wants to see a Haul?

We have a few posts in mind that we are writing as you read this so get excited!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am

Heres a sneak peek of what is to come: Nature Republic, The Face Shop…

Capsule Masks ft. H&M, Innisfree & Neutrogena [A Full Review]


Capsule masks, they seem to be everywhere nowadays, multiple beauty brands are now offering different types of capsule masks to target different skin issues. Capsule masks are also great to bring when you are travelling as they are already mini sized (hint: ideal for our upcoming trip to Korea!). We decided to pick up a few types of capsule masks from a variety of brands: Innisfree, H&M and Neutrogena.


Neutrogena Capsule Sleeping Masks HKD$24.90 each @Mannings

This capsule masks are a brand new line from Neutrogena, I noticed these about a week ago. So far they have only released 2 masks, the fine fairness for wrinkles and whitening and the hydro boost, ideal for deep hydration.

Amount of uses: Multiple Uses (4 generous uses)

Scent: Like most Neutrogena skincare, it has a slight fruity and floral scent.

Effectiveness (both): 

  • Ideal for those who sleep in an air conditioned room.
  • Hydrating
  • Non-irritating on sensitive skin
  • Absorbs into your skin quite quickly, whilst forming a protective layer on the surface of your skin when slightly dry. (no pillow stickiness).
  • Soothing on the skin
  • TIP: If you place it in the fridge overnight and then apply it onto your skin, it has a really cooling property.
  • FINE FAIRNESS:  Although you might not see a significant whitening in your skin, you may notice slight lightening of freckles upon using it twice (consecutively).
  • HYDRO BOOST: This sleeping mask is very similar to the Laneige water sleeping mask. It is hydrating and soothing on the skin. After sleeping through the night in air-conditioning my skin doesn’t feel tight but supple hydrated.

Star Rating: ★★★★


H&M Skincare Capsule Mask  HKD$29.90 @ H&M 

Amount of uses: 2 uses.

Scent: If I am brutally honest, I don’t particularly like the scents of these masks, they are very artificially scented and I don’t find them very pleasant. The Manuka Honey mask is the closest to a “natural” honey scent. However, if I had to identify the scent. I would identify them as this:

Manuka Honey: honey with a slight citrus scent. Charcoal Pumice: woody scent and Chinese herbal scent. Pomegranate and Mango: fruit yogurt scent.  


  • Manuka Honey:  The honey mask is slightly sticky. It applies easily and smoothly on the skin. I had a few family members mentioned a weird scent… unfortunately it was coming from the mask. The Mask also dried very quickly and peeled off easily. My skin felt really clean and well cleansed.
  • Pomegranate and Mango: This mask acts just like a clay mask, after applying the face mask you leave it on for about 3-4 minutes (compared to 10-15mins suggested by the instructions). This mask dries very quickly and is very thick. If you save it for a 2nd time, you might find it a little difficult to apply.
  • Charcoal Pumice: The Charcoal mask contains fine pumice grains that will help to help exfoliate your skin. After exfoliating you leave the mask on your skin and wait for it to dry. Because of the pumice grains and the act of massaging your skin you can help to scrub off some of the dead skin, prepping the skin for the detoxing properties of the mask. Not bad but a little drying.  (Tip: Try to use this mask the day that you open it)

Star Rating: ★★

UK link: Honey Charcoal Pomegranate&Mango / HK link: in-stores only

Definitely a very standard mask. They do have a variety of capsule masks that address various skin troubles however, they I haven’t found them too effective and because they don’t come in a resealable package, the clay based masks can dry out quickly. I have found the peel off masks more effective than the clay masks.


Innisfree Casule recipe pack: ‘Bija &Tea Tree’ and ‘Canola Honey’ HKD$15-20 each @innisfree

Innisfree has made a huge change in their packaging of their capsule masks. In the past they were non resealable masks, so for the clay masks you definitely need use them up upon opening them. However, now they have a a lid for you to reseal and keep for a later use. 5 points to innisfree for this design. IT is now perfect for traveling with.

Amount of uses: 4 uses

Scent: Canola Honey: light, floral and sweet (honey). Bija & Tea Tree: the scent is quite pungent at first (strong herbal/medicinal scent) however, after applying it on the skin it becomes tolerable.


  • Canola Honey: Applies like a dream, it isn’t sticky like most honey masks, it has a runnier consistency (almost like a serum). I wouldn’t recommend applying too much, because of the runny consistency it has a tendency to drip. Be wary if you have sensitive skin, my sister (the hipster) had an unfortunate mild irritation to the mask, so please apply it onto your wrist before applying to your face. 
  • Bija and Tea Tree: The clay texture is really smooth and moist so that it applies like a dream. It is hydrating on the skin, at first I saw ‘tea-tree’ and thought that it might have some acne fighting/pore minimising properties however, it does have a slight minty feel on the skin and soothes.
  • Volcanic Clay: We have also tried the Volcanic Clay capsule which is almost like a trial version of their volcanic clay masks (tubs).

Star Rating: ★★★★

UK & HK: Tea-Tree&BIJA Canolahoney


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am


MEMEBOX First Flagship Store [Experience]


Memebox, I think one of my very first posts I posted featured the memebox. If you are a Korean beauty fanatic, like I am, you will have heard of this brand. The brand features skincare and makeup from their own line and various other Korean skincare brands.

Both my sister and I both found out that Memebox was in Hong Kong, that weekend we headed out to see what the store had in store. The store is a florescent pink colour with all the windows blocked out. It is definitely a building that you won’t miss and is just opposite the busy Hysan Place in Causeway bay. Did I mention that is 2 stories high?


The first floor is mostly made up of makeup, with mascaras, foundation to lipstick. There is a huge variety of makeup that you can browse through. I personally went in to look for their buy one get one free dual ended mascara. We were greeted by one of the staff who worked there, a lady with blue ombre hair, holo eyeshadow and the sharpest winged eyeliner. We both aren’t fans of sales persons who follow us around the store asking us every 5 seconds what we would like to see. She allowed us time to browse around and would give us a hand whenever we asked.


The 2nd Floor was all about the Korean skincare, the metal grated stair case lead to the most incredible shelf display with the various types of skincare displayed in an orderly fashion (image above). The room featured a large sink area in the centre where you could try the various skincare products out and an refrigerater display for the sheet masks they had on offer (below).


After our visit to the store, we left with quite a few goodies:

The Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser

The Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker 

Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer 

x 2 I’m Dual Mascara (Brown and Black) *Buy 1 Get 1 


Overall, the Memebox Pop up store is definitely an experience I would encourage all k-beauty lovers to experience, it has a relaxed feel and definitely has one or two gems that you will find that you have yet to see in other drugstores such as nooni and memebox’s own brand.


 20 Pak Sha Road, CausewayBay, Hong Kong

A review of the products will be up later this week! Stay tuned!

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[New] L’oreal Hydra Fresh White Milky Essence foam

Its been a while since I have felt excited about a product like this and I believe I might have found my new holy grail essence!


I must admit that I have been wary of L’oreal after being disappointed by their cleansers, I have always found them too drying on my skin and my skin always feels “squeaky clean” in a bad way. Anyways, I won’t ponder on this… because I think I found product that has changed my mind about the brand overall!

Ok lets get started, this essence is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! *pushes desk chair back and puts hands up.  It took me a while to find a Watson’s/ Mannings that stocked this item because, they were sold out in my local shops so that is a clear sign that this product is turning HK beauty lovers heads!


  • The texture, as stated on the product comes out like a shaving creme, you press the top of the bottle and fluffy (almost shaving foam) cloud of product emerges. It is light, refreshing, cooling, airy and smells amazing by the way. However, when you start to massage it onto your skin the foamy texture disappears and you are left with water like essence, coating your skin in a light layer of essence.
  • Cooling and soothing effect on the skin.


  • Light Floral scent that fades once absorbed into the skin.

After 1st use: Hydrated and plumped skin. Found that my skin looks super glowy and dewy, it takes about 5 seconds to soak into your skin and will blend in with your moisturisers like a dream.


Over night: Your skin looks dewy and plump. I have been given complements on my skin’s dewyness and how clear my skin looks. I can only associate my skin’s dewyness to the only product I have changed in my skincare routine… this product.



  • If you don’t like the look of overly dewy skin then you might not like this product.
  • If you are not a fan of scented products the initial scent may be strong but be reminded that this will fade however, the scent lingers a little.


Overall: So far I have been using this product for a week and I love how hydrated my skin looks. It’s soothing and cooling at the same time and the cool foam to essence effect is truly unique concept! I have encouraged most of my family to try this product out, so if you have yet to get your hands on this product then go try it out!

Where to buy: (only available in store at the moment) @HK Manning / Watsons

check back soon for online links!

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