Best of 2017: Makeup Edition

This post has been long awaited.  My 2017 Best of Beauty post.

Last year was a good year for beauty, there were new concepts in beauty such as the injection masks, capsule masks and strobing (not to mention the wavy brow trend…that was a trend that did not need to happen).

I also experimented a little with makeup. I am a person that likes to slap on some concealer, put on some light weight foundation and mascara. But this year I included some eyeshadows and on a special occasion eyeliner.

Wine Party Etude House Eyeshadow

This was my go to eyeshadow palette for 2017 and the pallete I used the most to experiment wether or not I am going out. The eyeshadows in this palette are velvety and really pigmented! I find that I can even apply it with my fingers making sure to blend it in. I have brown eyes, so I found the red and gold eyeshadows really complemented my eyes and makeup. What’s even better about this palette is that when mixed with Vaseline you have a nice lip colour or even a blush.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup: 120 Creamy Ivory. $120

You have no idea how excited I was to see these stocked in my local Watsons.

This foundation is amazing! So much so that I have 4 back ups in my makeup drawer. Although quite pricey I love the finish of this foundation. It is great for drier skin types as it I found that my skin feels hydrated even after have this foundation on for a full 10 hours. My skin feels flawless after applying and I regularly get compliments on how flawless my skin looks after using it. For those who like a matte finish or a foundation that isn’t so dewy looking, this is not the foundation for you, its very glory and dewy looking.

The foundation has no scent whatsoever.

The foundation comes with a fluffy head at the top that helps with application.

The foundation contains SPF and anti aging ingredients.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Concealer: Fair $85

You have no idea how excited I was to see these stocked in my local Watsons.Having seen these concealers on my favourite Youtubers, I was dying to get my hands on them.

I’ve tried my fair share of concealers, I have an issue with concealers creasing, fading over time or drying out my under eyes. However, I have not found that at all with this concealer, although it is enevitable that concealers will crease on my due two lines (wrinkles) under my eyes. However, the formula of this concealer means that even if there is creasing or any unevenness you can use your hands to swipe it away.

It immediately brightens your undereyes and is hydrating under the eyes. My eyes never feel dry even when removing it at the end of the day. The formula also has anti-aging properties from goji berries and ______. Highly recommend you to give this concealer a try!

Memebox I’m Dual Mascara: Black

Mascara is probably the product that I experiment with the most. If there is a new mascara, I am probably one of those people who will be in the line to purchase it. Mascara makes the biggest difference to your eyes, I feel I look so much more defined and your makeup look for complete.

I bought this mascar early on in 2017 and wear it everyday. Wait. Let me highlight that again. Everyday. It’s subtle, lengthening and defining at the same time. Although it comes with two sides, I prefer to use the larger brush at the end to coat my lashes.

The formula is really easy to remove, I suffer from a serious case of panda eyes, easily and these so far haven’t been an issue for me. I apply them at the beginning of the day and am left with panda free eyes at the end of the day. Another product I highly recommend.

Etude House: Gel Liner in Dark Brown

Liner… Let me tell you about liner, this stuff takes skill. The amount of times I have had to practice drawing a wing or any form of line is hilarious. I am left with either a super thick wing that extends to my eyebrows (be cause of redrawing) or a double crease from being afraid to poke my eyeballs. But now I can say… I am a little bit better.

This eye line is smooth, applies like a dream and it has a thin tip, making it easy to draw a straight line. I love the colour of the liner, Dark brown, its not so “kapok! I have liner” its more like “Oh look at my eyes”. It draws attention to the eyes and defines them just enough.

Bausch & Lomb: Bio True Daily Contact lens

This might seem like an odd product to include into my beauty favourites but these lenses have saved my eyes!  I have really bad dry eyes. My eyes would get dry after 3-4 hours and give me a headache. If it is windy outside… or going on a roller coaster… I don’t even want to recall that memory. Just a big nope.

These lenses are super thin and hydrating. I can put these on with ease and the hydration can last all day! Gah I love these contact lenses so much! If you have dry eyes… Try these!

*For those asking: I can’t use other companies of contact lenses such as One Day Acuvue. My eyes hurt so bad when I put them in. Bausch and Lomb are the only brand of contacts that I can use.





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