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When talking about body shop, my favourite product release would probably be the announcement of their face masks. The Oils of life would be a close second but, personally I love masks, they are great for giving your skin some much needed TLC. I know of a few friends who like to create pamper gifts so I thought I would do a post on the 4 body shop masks, and whether they are stocking filler qualified .

I personally love facemasks that come in a tub, I find that they have a lot more uses and whenever I’m lazy, I just slather it onto my face. This year I tried 4 of the 6 facemasks they have out now (the remaining two are the Rose and Green tea face mask)!

Here is my full review of each of the masks and which I feel is the best out of the 4!

Himilayan Charcoal- Purifying glow mask.
This mask definitely was the first mask I purchased from the body shop face mask line. I personally love clay masks for their detoxing abilities and my skin is always feeling fresh after regular use.
Texture:  Thick clay like texture with herbal leaves scattered throughout the clay.
Sensation: This mask has mint leaves scattered throughout the clay, therefore the mask has a cooling sensation on the skin. A tip for using this mask: Don’t apply too close to your eyes… because your eyes will start to water.
Effectiveness:  Upon first using this mask, I found it detoxing on the skin and the cooling and sensation was definitely appreciated in the summer. After use my skin feels cleaner and any spots on my face less red.
  • Unfortunately the Longevity of this mask isn’t long, the mask dries out very quickly after opening it. You will have to add water mask before it is usable and the minty sensation decreases over time. Furthermore, even after adding water to the mask, I found that the mask dried very quickly on my face leaving it feeling slightly dry.
  • Tip: Don’t leave this mask on for too long, the mask becomes very difficult to wash off and you will need the help of a wet towel to remove the mask.
Overall: 2/5
Although I love the idea behind the mask, the use of natural ingredients such as mint and clay, it usually takes me a while to get through a jar of face mask. Therefore the fact that the masks dries out within a couple of months, makes it less likely for me to re-purchase. Otherwise, the masks has good detoxing properties that can be great for removing impurities on the surface on the skin.
Amazonian Acai- Energising radiance mask: 
Acai has been everywhere, from my Instagram pages, to menus at fancy cafes. The antioxidants benefits from Acai have been raved about again and again.
Texture: This mask is Jam like with small beads inside of the mask for exfoliation. This masks smells heavenly of berries.
Sensation: This is the most subjective part of the review. Personally, when I use this mask, it is tingly on my skin and I feel a warm sensation which only lasts about 10 seconds. Read the cons part of the review to know more about the sensation.
Effectiveness: After using this mask, my skin feels more plump, which is probably down to the tingly sensation, I find that most masks that have this sensation usually leave my skin feeling plum. Because of it’s jam like texture, I find it quite hydrating on the skin.
  • If you don’t like a warm or tingly feeling on your face, I wouldn’t recommend using this mask. Once you apply it you will feel a tingly sensation( some might even describe it as prickly)  on your skin and it will get slightly warm.
  • It isn’t ideal for sensitive skin, as sensitive skin can be triggered by these tingly sensations. I would test this mask before applying all over your face.
  • Tip: Don’t leave this mask on for too long as it can be difficult to wash off, but nothing that a warm cloth couldn’t remove.
Overall: 3/5
This mask is one I use quite regularly because of how my skin feels after using it. It feels soft and supple. If you are not too bothered about the prickly sensation, then this could be a good addition to your stocking.

Ginseng and Rice- Clarifying and polishing mask 
Texture:  The mask has a grainy texture that is great for exfoliating.
Sensation: The mask similarly to the Acai mask, when applied leaves a warm sensation on the skin.
Effectiveness:  I like to use this mask for two things: a scrub and a leave on mask. As a scrub it works amazingly, it isn’t too harsh on the skin but the rice water and ginseng and rice is good for evening the skin’s texture.
  • The only con of this mask, is that it that the ginseng has a tendency to drop as it dries, so you might be left with some ginseng fall out.
Overall: 4/5
This is by far my favourite mask from the Body Shop mask range. I like to use this mask as a scrub and leave on mask. This has a grainy texture that is great for exfoliation, the ginseng in the mask is great for detoxing the skin and leaves my skin very soft.
Ethiopian Honey- Deep Nourishing Mask
Texture: The mask is runny, stringy and smells just like honey.
Sensation: The mask is sticky and when on the skin feels soothing on the skin.
Effectiveness: The mask is amazing for hydration, it is great to use after using a clay mask as it nourishes and moisturises the skin. Plus honey has been known to have anti-bacterial properties to help with acne.
  • Tip: Don’t apply this mask too thick on the skin, because the mask is slightly runny, it has a tendency to run down your face before it dries.
  • If you have ever tried to wash honey off of a surface or even your skin, you will know that it is difficult to wash off, the same goes for washing this mask off, it takes some time and effort (a warm wash cloth is a must).
Overall: 3/5
 This mask is great for hydrating the skin. Whenever I need some extra hydration this is my go to mask.

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