My 3 favourite cleansers (ft.innisfree,lachesca & deve)

Day 2 of Blogmas is here! Today’s post is all about my favourite cleansers! Whenever I am buying gifts for others, I enjoy looking at other people’s reviews of products before purchasing my stocking fillers. For gifting I like to include a cleanser, because it is the most staple part of skincare! So here is my review on my 3 favourite cleansers.

Lachesca~ hot gel cleanser

Texture: Gel like, which melts into an oil like consistency when mixed with water. The gel will start to heat up upon contact with your skin, however, the heat only lasts a few seconds.

After wash: Skin feels soft and supple however, I would recommend cleansing twice for a deeper clean.

Makeup removal: After first cleanse, there will be some makeup residue left, especially in places where you might use higher coverage makeup.

Scent: Fruity.

Overview:  3/5

Props to the product designer on this cleanser, its super innovative and the packaging is super cute too! The warmth of the cleanser is pleasant, especially in the cooler months. The heat helps to open your pores and wash the impurities. My skin felt supple and hydrated after using this cleanser, and didn’t feel ”squeaky” (dry) clean. However, it is not a strong enough cleanser to be used to remove makeup which is a pity.

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innisfree sea salt jelly cleanse

Texture: Creamy with little salt like exfoliators within the cleanser. Rub these cleanser with warm water and the exfoliating beans will disappear and you’ll have a foamy cleanser!

Scent: Fresh!

After wash: Supple, hydrated and smooth skin!

Make up removal: This cleanser removes make up fairly well, however, because it’s main purpose is to help reduce waste on the skin, its not idea for taking off makeup. However, after using your makeup remover, I would highly recommend you use this as your cleanser as it will rehydrate your skin.

Overview: 4/5

This is by far my favourite cleanser! It does what it says on the packaging, it leaves your skin super soft and hydrated. My skin has reacted really well to this cleanser and it can be used on sensitive skin! I love watching the beads disappear and the cleanser begins to lather so… satisfying. Great cleanser for winter!

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DEVE- honey skincare wash

Texture: Creamy (almost like a face lotion)

Scent: Sweet (honey).

After wash: This is definitely creamy cleanser, it applies like a dream however, it does leave you with a slight “squeaky” clean.

Overview: 3/5

This cleanser was my go to cleanser during the autumn, where the weather was humid, my skin had a lot more oils on the surface and this did the trick. It helped to remove excess oils whilst at the same time maintained my skin’s moisture. My favourite thing about this product is the fact that it is really creamy and soothing on my skin. This product is great for the autumn weather or for oily skin types. If you have drier skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product.


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