Christmas gift guide: the Pajama lover


Day 1 of Blogmas! Today I have for you our first gift guide! The Pajama gift guide:

Who is it for? This gift guide is for the friend of the person in your life that spends most of their time in their pajamas AKA me.

The first thing I usually do after coming home from work is, put on my pajamas and then sprawl out on my couch like a star fish… Anyways, I digress… here is my gift guide:



Cotton On

I personally am a huge fan of Cotton on, they have such a diverse amount of clothing, shoes and accessories available throughout the year. However, during christmas they have a lot of christmas themed items and items that are perfect for gift giving. Here are some of my favourite pajamas from their range:

Dog Pajamas 

Ho Ho Ho Pajamas 

Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret, what else do I have to say? they are the experts when it comes to sleep wear, I personally have been lusting over their items since I first found out about them, however, have never splurged and bought some by myself. However, I thought, since it isn’t an item someone would splurge on for themselves, why not surprise them?

The Thermal Striped pajamas 

Boxie Pajama set

Penguin Flannel set


I think Asos is a great place for finding hidden gems during christmas. They have a wide range of gift sets in the beauty section but also have some really cute pajama pieces in their nightwear section. Here are my favourites!

Christmas Tree Pajamas

Avocado and Egg pajamas


Taobao is now my go to place for gift shopping! Everything on their website is affordable and the quality can be surprisingly good (if you do your research). Taobao is not for everyone, with it being entirely in Chinese, I can see how overwhelming it is, however, there are ways around the website, and for those who use taobao here is another option for you. 

Shop them here.


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