Thank you Blogerize!

Hello! How have you all been? Have you noticed anything different about us? Yes! Our blog has been revamped and it looks incredible!

One of our goals this year was to create a self-hosted blog. Although our previous blog design was fine and the functionality of it was fine, It was just… fine. When we received an email from Elena from blogerize asking me if we would like to take our blog to the next level, we’re not too sure why but, it took us some time to think about whether we were able to leave behind our nostalgic and ‘fine’ blog. When we got back to Elena we were sure it was the right direction for our blog and we have never looked back. A few weeks later, this blog was in the final stages of completion and it felt amazing to see the progress it was making day by day.

A big thank you to Elena and Laura from Blogerize for helping us along the way; the emails back and forth, the advice and for answering all of our questions. We have learned a lot throughout the whole process and we couldn’t be happier with our blog!

So… what you think of our new blog? Leave a comment below and let us know 🙂


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