Battle of the Sleeping masks: L’oreal, Vichy and The Body Shop


Merry Christmas on behalf of Foodie and the Hipster! With it being christmas, the festivities can definitely leave your skin feeling dryer than usual (especially if you drink the night before, or so I have heard), your skin might just need a little pick me up.

I personally am a big fan of Sleeping masks, I think they are an essential to a lazy person’s skincare routine, or even if you don’t have one. All you need to do is massage these onto your face after cleansing and your skin is ready for bed. I have put together a review of three sleeping masks that I have tried over the winter holiday.

1.Body Shop’s Oils of life sleeping mask

Texture: Smooth, soothing, creamy and rich gel.

Hydration level: Ultra Hydrating.

Overall:  This mask is a favourite amongst all our family and friends, the mask offers amazing hydration lasting all through the night and ! Once applied it soaks into your skin, leaves it deeply hydrated and plump. Upon waking my skin doesn’t feel tight of dry, but still feels the same way it did after applying. The only downside would be that for those who don’t like stronger scents this might not be your favourite, it does have a strong initial herbal scent when applied which fades a little, however, is still there. Apart from the scent, the product is very effective and deeply hydrating, so if you want to try a new sleeping mask, I would definitely recommend you try this product!

2. Vichy Aqualia thermale sleeping mask

Texture: Bouncy, cooling Gel.

Hydration level: Hydrating. Lasts all night however, requires a moisturising top up in the morning, or double layers on days that are super dry.

Overall: This product is amazing on irritated sensitive skin, as most of Vichy’s skincare range is. For those whose skin is feeling a little red, this is the best to sooth it and reduce the redness as well as hydrating it. Although the product is hydrating, it does require a top up in the morning, or a double layer during the nights that your skin requires extra hydration. How I like to use it is, together with a serum/emulsion underneath for extra hydration.

3. L’oreal Hydra Fresh Sleeping Gel

Texture: A light gel.

Hydration level: Lasts 1-2 hours at the most.

Overall: I was a little disappointed with this product,to me an effective sleeping mask is a sleeping mask that can last through the night, non sticky and allow you to wake up still feeling moist. The Hydra Fresh sleeping gel, although wasn’t sticky, it absorbed very quickly into the skin and my skin still craved more moisture. Upon waking my skin felt slightly dry and slightly tight. Te weather has been fairly drying in Hong Kong, however, hong Kong it self is humid year round, so for those in more drier places, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

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