1 Brand 3 Products: Kiehls


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser states that it”thoroughly cleanses skin and removes makeup without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils.” I definitely think that this cleanser  doesn’t strip the skin off of the essential oils, but I do find in the winter period that I need to use a face cream after cleansing, but that’s understandable. Plus, I find that a little goes a long way. Plus, this product is perfect for those with sensitive skin, because it is very gentle on the skin, as well as it being scentless.

Kiehl’s Facial Cream perfect again for those with sensitive skin. The product says “with continuous moisture replenishment throughout the day, leaves skin smooth, soft and healthy-looking.” I will agree that my skin does look replenished and it does leave my skin looking and feeling softer. Especially, when my skin is feeling really dry and dull, I find myself reaching for this facial cream, more than my other moisturisers, so it has definitely been an essential for me.

Kiehl’s Richly hydrating hand cream, a lovely hydrating and rich product, with a hint of coriander scent to it. However, the scent does dissipates after a while, if you’re not a big fan of scented hand creams. I have been loving this product a lot, because of the super dry weather, it has really helped hydrate and keep the skin nice and soft. The product is limited edition, so grab it quick!

So, these are 3 products and 1 brand. I hope you enjoyed it!





Battle of the Sleeping masks: L’oreal, Vichy and The Body Shop


Merry Christmas on behalf of Foodie and the Hipster! With it being christmas, the festivities can definitely leave your skin feeling dryer than usual (especially if you drink the night before, or so I have heard), your skin might just need a little pick me up.

I personally am a big fan of Sleeping masks, I think they are an essential to a lazy person’s skincare routine, or even if you don’t have one. All you need to do is massage these onto your face after cleansing and your skin is ready for bed. I have put together a review of three sleeping masks that I have tried over the winter holiday.

1.Body Shop’s Oils of life sleeping mask

Texture: Smooth, soothing, creamy and rich gel.

Hydration level: Ultra Hydrating.

Overall:  This mask is a favourite amongst all our family and friends, the mask offers amazing hydration lasting all through the night and ! Once applied it soaks into your skin, leaves it deeply hydrated and plump. Upon waking my skin doesn’t feel tight of dry, but still feels the same way it did after applying. The only downside would be that for those who don’t like stronger scents this might not be your favourite, it does have a strong initial herbal scent when applied which fades a little, however, is still there. Apart from the scent, the product is very effective and deeply hydrating, so if you want to try a new sleeping mask, I would definitely recommend you try this product!

2. Vichy Aqualia thermale sleeping mask

Texture: Bouncy, cooling Gel.

Hydration level: Hydrating. Lasts all night however, requires a moisturising top up in the morning, or double layers on days that are super dry.

Overall: This product is amazing on irritated sensitive skin, as most of Vichy’s skincare range is. For those whose skin is feeling a little red, this is the best to sooth it and reduce the redness as well as hydrating it. Although the product is hydrating, it does require a top up in the morning, or a double layer during the nights that your skin requires extra hydration. How I like to use it is, together with a serum/emulsion underneath for extra hydration.

3. L’oreal Hydra Fresh Sleeping Gel

Texture: A light gel.

Hydration level: Lasts 1-2 hours at the most.

Overall: I was a little disappointed with this product,to me an effective sleeping mask is a sleeping mask that can last through the night, non sticky and allow you to wake up still feeling moist. The Hydra Fresh sleeping gel, although wasn’t sticky, it absorbed very quickly into the skin and my skin still craved more moisture. Upon waking my skin felt slightly dry and slightly tight. Te weather has been fairly drying in Hong Kong, however, hong Kong it self is humid year round, so for those in more drier places, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

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Wishlist: Stocking stuffers/small gifts over HKD$100

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.47.09 pm.png

  1. Franc Franc Marshmallow Pillow

A pillow you might be asking, no this is no ordinary pillow, this is a marshmallow pillow. By far the softest pillow I have ever felt, I have brought numerous family members and friends to franc franc to feel these pillows and let me tell you.. every… single… one who touches these will want one. Give it a squeeze in store if you want to understand the urge to buy it and sleep on it.

2. Godiva Assorted chocolate truffles 

I got these as a early christmas present and let me tell you, the packaging itself is a show stopper (less packing for you!)! Hanging it on your tree might be a little challenging as it is quite heavy, but little by little as you eat them, it will get lighter… right? Godiva have amazing chocolates smooth and creamy so for the chocolate lover… chocolate is a must in their stockings!

3. City Super Macaron soaps 

Soap that look like food? Yes *cough* I am called the foodie for a reason… These macaron soaps are too cute! They are just under the  HKD$100 mark and they fit perfectly into a stocking!

4. Starbucks mugs 

This is definitely a gift that is useful for anyone, whether they are a student, working/man or even a stay at home mum who loves “hot water”. Mugs and tumblrs are the perfect gift. Although they might be a generic gift, if they carry this around they are sure to think of you whenever they carry it around.

Tip: If they are coffee lovers or avid tea drinkers pop a starbucks card inside to take the gift up a notch.

5.Lush Starry night set

Lush… Whenever christmas rolls around I almost aways think of Lush, with Zoella and other Youtubers featuring Lush’s festive bath bombs, I find myself snooping around Lush’s store to pick up a few goodies. There is something for everyone, bath shower gels and face masks for those who don’t have a shower and bath bombs for those who do (have a bath).

6. Franc Franc Udder Milk Cup (buy in-store)

I have been eagerly looking for a Udder Milk Cup for a while, although I am not an avid milk drinker, I am a avid chocolate/milk tea drinker so… it counts. The design is super cute and definitely will make others/you laugh when you drink your drink. Chic and fun!

7. Franc Franc Glass tree

A dainty glass christmas tree is a perfect gift, this year I gave one to a friend to place on her desk at work, sometimes just a little decoration on their desk can be just the thing to get them into the festive spirit as well as give them a break from their work.

Tip: Probably not the best gift for someone who is clumsy as theses things are not shatterproof.

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5 Problem Targeting Products You Need

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.53.24 pm.pngYves Rocher Serum Vegetal Deep wrinkle expert-care {New version: Serum Vegetal 4}

Claim: To reduce the look of deep wrinkles, instantly and lasting. After 30 days, your skin is intensely smoother, firmer and it appears younger.

Texture: The texture is that of a thick and rich moisturiser. The syringe like top allows you to control how much you need without using too much of the product because a little goes a long way.

How to Use: I personally like to use this as an wrinkle/ line targeting cream, dabbing ever so slightly on the areas of my face where I might need more care/prevention. Place on the sides of your eyes, smile lines and even the lines on your neck (if you have them).

Effectiveness: This is by far the most intensive product I have used, after a couple of uses I have seen a huge improvement on the lines on my face due to the dryness. By dabbing a little bit on the corners/creases on my face I have found that the products stay and acts like long wearing protective shield from dryness. Would highly recommend this for those who might be developing wrinkles.

Where to buy: HK / UK

Shiseido Eye and Lip contour Regenerating Cream

Texture: A luxurious and powerful restorative treatment to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes. The hydrating texture absorbs instantly leaving skin with a velvety looking glow.

How to Use: Apply at night after cleansing, using your pinky pick up a pea sized amount of eye cream and apply to both eyes.Because the products melts into the skin, a pea sized amount is more than enough.

Effectiveness: This is by far one of my favourite discoveries of December. Initially looking at the texture of the eye cream I was worried it would be super rich on my eyes, however, I quickly found that it was super hydrating melting into your skin like an ice cube on warm skin. Waking up I found that my under-eyes were smoother and took to concealer like never before, creaseless and plump. Only downside, the price of the full size.

Where to buy: UK / HK

CHASUNG All Hit Hair pack: Volume/ Moisture Care/Damage 

Claim: Each hair pack is catered to help with lack of volume, lack lustre hair and return glossiness to damaged hair.

How to Use: After showering, dry your hair till it is damp. Place hair mask on and massage the serum onto your hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse after using it.

Effectiveness: Probably the most effective hair pack I have used, I was especially surprise with the results of the “volume” hair pack. After using it, my hair was felt like lighter and instantly lifted, for someone who has flat hair I felt like they had stilts. This lasts for about 2 days (with daily hair washes). Definitely a must buy for parties.

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

The Body Shop Oils of Life Sleeping Cream

Claim: An intensely revitalising sleeping cream to regenerate skin during the night.                                                                                     Instantly: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished.                 From 1st wake up: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished. Night after night: skin appears rested, more radiant and visibly revitalised.

Texture and scent: The sleeping mask has a jelly like texture in the pot and when placed on the skin it forms a protective layer on your skin, locking in the moisturiser. The most unexpected part about the sleeping cream was the scent, it has a herbal scent which disappears after a few seconds disappears.

How to Use: Use after cleansing and all skincare serums have been applied. Massage gently into the skin and allow to dry slightly before sleeping.

Effectiveness: The sleep is super soothing and amazing for sensitive skin. I have used it consistently for the past 2 weeks and have barely made a dent in the pot. The sleeping mask leaves your skin supple and moisturised in the morning.

Where to buy: UK / HK

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Claim: The formula contains an illuminating complex and cleans your teeth unlocking trapped surface stains.

How to Use: Use as daily toothpaste.

Effectiveness: This toothpaste truly surprised me! I have almost every drug store toothpaste and didn’t find one that worked. Having been to the dentist and having been told that veneers were the only way to white teeth, I gave upon hope on a working drug store toothpaste and I believe I have found it! This is the only drug store toothpaste that has whitened my teeth within 2 days of use!  Highly recommend!

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

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7 Best Christmas Jumpers

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 16.24.34.png1. Roxy Reindeer Fairisle Christmas Jumper £15.00

2.Navy Christmas Sequin Pudding Jumper £26

3. Mark & Spencer Fairisle Crew Neck Jumper £29.50

4.Christmas-motif jumper £12.99

5.Adults Knitted Superman Logo Christmas Jumper £39.99

6.Doctor Who Angel Inspired Christmas Sweatshirt Jumper Adults £13.99 – £15.99

7.Pugs And Kisses Women’s Christmas Sweatshirt £34

So, these are are my favourite Christmas jumpers that I have seen on the market. I hope you enjoy it and check them out!