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Hello! It’s been a week since we have since posted any blog posts. We decided to take a break from posting to focus on the challenges that life has decided to throw at us, for example Laryngitis… yup it has been fun not being able to speak for  a week and a bit and I say this entirely sarcastically.

What should you expect in the month of December? Well we will plan on posting a lot of christmassy themed posts about how to get into the christmas spirit, calendars, movie watch lists as well as our our regular beauty related posts.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some festive inspiration!

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Autumn/Winter skincare essentials

Autumn and winter weather has finally landed in hong kong, with 18-20 degree days and the humidity incredibly low. My skin has definitely felt tight and parched. Here are a few of may favourite products to use to combat the dryness that is autumn.

Here are some of my essentials for the autumn:


1.A good body moisturiser is key to keeping your skin hydrated and itch free. My favourite lotions are definitely products that include goat milk as I find them super hydrating and creamy.                                     ~product:  Made in nature Goat Milk lotion ($18)~

2. Face Masks: Although fairly popular all year round, I found that face masks are great for immediate hydration. Whether you need a pick me up or deep hydration there are masks for every skin need. My favourites so far have been:                                                                                                  My beauty diary Alps Edelweiss Ultra repairing mask         My beauty diary Mexico Cactus Hydration


3.Sleeping Masks: I am a huge fan of sleeping masks. During the day, whenever I feel my skin needs moisture top up, a face mist can come in handy, but as we we sleep we aren’t able to top up throughout the night. So the best solution is to use a sleeping mask that works through the night, forming a transparent layer over your skin, keeping the moisture in your skin. Here are some of my favourites:

Etude House Bubble tea sleeping mask

I have to admit this is my go to sleeping mask, scoop up a bubble tea “ball” and break it up mixing it together with the “tea” to make a paste. Apply on your skin.

p.s. this would make a unique christmas gift 😉

Laniege Water sleeping pack- EX

The Face shop Pomegranate collagen pack 

4. Although staying moisturised is very important during the colder months, sun-care is just as important, check out my blogpost on “winter sun-care” to find out how to protect your skin from the harsh winter sun.

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1 brand 3 scrubs (review) ft St.Ives


Scrubs they are essential to any good pamper routine and if needed, essential for your everyday skincare routine. Personally, I love scrubs, for my face and body and I have been experimenting with a few scrubs throughout the years. However, I have always gone back to St.Ives’s scrubs. Here is why:

St.Ives Even Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

This is a new edition to the St.Ives scrubs collection, which I picked up during the summer. The scrub contains pink lemons and mandarin oranges to help with brightening whilst the small granules help to get in between


  • The texture is a light citrussy creamy sand. If any one has played with kinetic sand, it has a similar texture, however, skincare wise it is very similar to Laura Mercier’s face polish.

Skin type it is best for:

  • This scrub can definitely be used everyday and is great for those who don’t want an overly coarse scrub but want a product to maintain their skins smooth texture.
  •  Wouldn’t recommend this product for those who have enlarged pores, because of how subtle the granules are.

Scrub coarseness: Mild 3/5


  • How I use this product 
  • I use it in the morning as I found the citrussy scent really woke me up. 
  • The cleanser, is great for everyday use as the granules are definitely aren’t very harsh or stripping on the skin and does a great job at polishing/smoothing your skin.
  • Downsides
  • Might not be harsh enough for those who want a more deep cleanse AKA. those who have more enlarged pores.
  • if you are in a rush, this might not be the one for you. These granules are so fine that they get in everything and being white they is sometimes granules you might find in your hair or that get caught in the crevasses of your face. However, if you have enough time and are more thorough in your wash then this won’t be a problem for you.

Where to buy: HK / UK 

St.Ives Blemish control Apricot Scrub

This is personally one of my favourites, which I have been using for over 5 years. I have tried so many scrubs but I have always turned to this scrub as it has proved very effective whenever I feel like my skin is congested from the pollution/oil or dust buildup.


  • coarse granules of walnut shell. Has a light apricot scent, the ratio of walnut shell in the product isn’t as much as the pink lemon scrub. The granules are larger however and harsher.

Skin type it is best for: Those with enlarged pores, or skin that is prone to blackheads, bumps etc. Congested skin from pollution or oil or dust.

Scrub coarseness: 4/5. Definitely one of St. Ives’s most coarse scrubs.


  • How I use it:
  • AMAZING for a deep clean during pamper days or even once or twice a week.
  • Can be used everywhere, elbows, hands, knees etc. Anywhere where that there might be rougher skin, scrub whilst in the shower massaging it and then feel the softness afterwards.
  • Great on blackheads, scrub on any areas prone to blackheads once or twice a week and use a toner.
  • Downsides
  • For those with very sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product as your fragile skin layer may find this scrub too harsh.

Where to buy: HK: mannings, watsons and parknshop / UK

St.Ives Timeless skin Daily micro-dermabrasion

This was a new discovery I found in the UK and decided to give it a try. The term “microdermabrasion” really caught my eye, an affordable spa treatment in a bottle? maybe?


  • It has a fine salt like texture that has a fruity scent.

Skin type it is best for:

  • those who want to an anti-aging scrub and one that works long term.
  • Milder skin types.

Scrub coarseness: 2/5. Although the granules are not very course, the ratio of the scrub granules is greater than that of the cleanser.


  • How I use it:
  • I used it daily because of how mild it was for a scrub.
  • Use it a for a long period of time to see the full benefits of the product, the product says that the scrub for the long term reducing fine lines.
  • Downside: 
  • I was a little disappointed with this product, I found that my skin didn’t really show any of the effects of the scrub, I personally have slightly rough skin, which means that such a mild scrub wasn’t so effective and my skin quickly got used to it.
  • The product is a smaller size compared to St.Ives’s other scrubs.
  • Similarly to the pink lemon scrub if you aren’t short on time, the granules won’t be hard to wash off but if in a hurry I wouldn’t recommend this product as the white scrub granules can stay on your skin when dry.

Where to buy: HK /  UK 

Hope you found this useful!

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Winter Sun-care routine

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Winter sun-suncare routine? Why? you might be asking. Well I learnt this the hard way. This weekend I participated in charity walk and didn’t wear enough sun protection and alas I got burnt.

I think that because of how cool the weather is, it is easy to forget that the sun is still harmful to our skin and that protection is absolutely essential! After learning my lesson the hard way (aka. itchy red arms) I am definitely going to apply lots of sunscreen on my arms whenever I am out and about. I decided to do this post on a few of my favourite sun protection and aftersun products that are essential in the autumn or summer… depending when you are reading this.

  1. Shills Caribbean Ice UV spray SPF 50+++ (UVA & UVB)

    where to buy: hk/ bonjour uk/

This UV spray is probably my go to UV spray together with  my "face shop natural sun eco spray"

Texture: Cold when you spray it on your skin,super light and moisturising on the skin
Can be used on sensitive skin 
How to use: Hair, face and body. 
Scent: Has a light lemon scent that disappears in 30     seconds 


2. Uriage Eau Thermal Mineral spray

where to buy: hk/ watsons uk/ boots

I was always sceptic about mineral sprays and trust me I still am but, after being introduced to it my a friend    swore it moisturised her skin... I decided to give it a try. So... I tried it, and it's really soothing,         
especially on my sore red sunburnt arms, every so often when they are feeling itchy or warm I will spritz some of the spray on the area and it soothes it right away!      

Usually when my skin feels dry I will wash my face and 
apply some cream, but washing my face repeatedly tends to dry it out even more and strip it of any natural oils 
our skin have. I have tried to spritz this on my face
 when I feel dry and it does do the trick! it offers a 
quick fix for any itchiness. 
Highly recommend trying thermal sprays!

3. Nature’s Care Paw Paw lip balm

where to buy: hk/ mannings  uk/ healthy monthly

Paw Paw lip balms are everywhere, they are all in one 
product, they have the texture of vaseline, but quickly 
absorbs into the skin. I use it for everything, dry lips, itchy patches on my face, mild rashes, I swear by this 
stuff. Although the packaging does say "lip balm" you can definitely use it for all over your body, or you can    pic up a bigger paw paw balm at the drugstore, accessible and relatively cheap.
Tip: apply this on your lips before bed, wake up with    super moist and plump lips.

4.Aveeno Baby Soothing relief moisture cream

where to buy: hk mannings / uk amazon

Avenue Baby, if you told me a year ago that I would be using baby products then I probably wouldn't believe you. Baby products, I have found to contain a lot of natural hypoallergenic ingredients that sometimes the adult stuff 
doesn't have. I chose this moisturiser because I found 
it very soothing on the skin and moisturising factor 
lasted a lot longer than my previous lotions. 

This does the trick on: sunburns, rashes, itchy dry skin and moisturizes for 24 hours. 
Ingredients: oatmeal, beeswax, mineral oil, kernel flour, soybean oil etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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