October Beauty Favourites

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It is the end of the month, so that means it’s time for a monthly favourites.

The first product I have been using a lot this month, is the Bourjois  Happy Light concealer. I can officially say that this is one of my favourite concealers of all time. I have been using this concealer for a while now, but I reintroduced it into my everyday product list this month. This concealer, is super creamy, but also very pigmented. I love that a little goes a long way, but the product itself does not leave you skin looking cakey. Also, this product is perfect to put in your bag, because of its compact size and the mirror inside, which makes it a lot easier for touch ups.

I have also been loving the L’oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil High Shine Hairpack. This is a product I recently picked up, because I ran out of one of my hair masks, which you will see later in an empties post. I find this product, to be super hydrating and rich, which I didn’t expect. I also love the scent of this, even though I’m not the biggest fan of rose scents; I find it quite pleasurable. Plus, on busy days this is perfect, as you only need to leave it on for a minute, and it makes a huge difference to my hair.

The next product, I have to talk about is The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask. This is another product for those busy days, where you want pamper your skin, but you don’t have a lot time. I have talked about this product a lot, so I won’t go on about this too much. I love that this product warms up and really cleans the skin, leaving my skin feeling a lot cleaner and smoother.

Moving on, I have another haircare favourite this month and that is the Aromatherapy Keratin Hair Mask. Firstly, I love the scent of this and yes, it does linger. I can’t quite describe it, but it is very pleasant. Plus, it’s super creamy and hydrating. Also, this mask only requires 3-5 minutes to leave your hair nice and replenished, but when I want to give my hair some extra pampering, I leave it on for another 40-50 minutes, and my hair feels like it was freshly cut, soft and free from any dryness.

The last product is the Milatte Fashiony Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch. I have definitely been lacking sleep this month, and in result my eyes are suffering the consequences of it, and I find that an eye cream is just not enough. So, I have been opting for these eye patches, and I have definitely seen a change. Although, I would say that this product doesn’t help with dark under eye circles, I find that it helps a lot with fine lines (that tend to appear when I lack sleep), reduces puffiness and also rehydrates my tired undereyes.

So, those were my favourites this month and I hope you enjoyed it, and found some new and interesting products to try!



Simple, delicious and gone in one bite. Halloween Donuts!

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Halloween Donuts:

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to do a little bit of halloween inspired baking to curb out sweet craving. So we decided to make some super simple halloween donuts using our waffle/donut maker and pancake mix. We know there are other really great recipes out there that make their own donut mixtures but… we were feeling extra lazy and pancake mix seemed to be the easiest option and these take just as good as store bought donuts! Simple, delicious and gone in one bite. These donuts turned out super cute, fluffy and the balance of icing and donut is not too sweet either. Bear in mind that we did use a waffle/ donut maker so we can’t guarantee that using an oven will bring the same results but, feel free to try making the yourself.


110g Pancake mix 

50g milk 

1/2 egg 

1/8tsp baking soda 

1/8 baking powder. 

1) Measure 110g of Pancake mix. 
2) Mix in 50g milk, 25g first until the batter is smooth and then add the
 remaining 25g of milk. 
3) When the batter is smooth add in 1/2 an beaten egg and mix. 
4) preheat your waffle/donut maker. 
5) put in the remaining baking soda and baking powder and allow the mixture 
   to sit for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture is slightly bubbly. 
6) spray or brush butter onto the waffle/donut maker. Pour in the donut 
   mixture into the moulds and bake for 7-10 minutes or until a toothpick 
   inserted in the middle comes out clean or if the donut has a slightly 
   crispy exterior 

x. Foodie & the Hipster

Autumn Style Inspiration

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Autumn, definitely is my favourite season of the year, the crisp air, piles of leaves and the cooler days. However, I am always a little unsure about what to wear during this season… Hong Kong’s weather has been a little wishy washy, hot and humid days or sometimes a more cooler windy days, the weather has been anything but consistent.

I have put together a little style inspiration for myself, with pieces that I think are a little different for me, yet casual, because I am all about comfortable and casual wear. After putting together this “outfit inspiration board” I thought I would share it with you, maybe you could a get a few ideas from it too?


Backpack: Mischa Classic Black Backpack 

I love the monochrome look to this backpack, because it is a backpack you don’t have to worry about the pattern  clashing with your outfit, but you will still have the boldness at the back. Plus unzip it and find a surprise… bright red interior!  

Denim skirt: 6ixty 8ight A-line Denim Skirt 

Denim skirts… they are everywhere right now. You might have sighed at the sight of another one, but if you forget the trend you will find that they are really a timeless piece that can be worn with everything and in any season. 

Bomber Jacket: Reversible embroidered bomber

I am definitely pro anything reversible, I mean if it gives me more space to do some more shopping? Yass!  Plus the jacket is versitile and the dusty pink colour is unique in itself. 

Floral Dress: Forever 21 Floral print maxi

I love the look of maxi dresses in the autumn, pair them together with booties and a leather jacket and you have an instant autumnal look (add a hat if you want). I think that maxi dresses can be worn both through summer and autumn!

Leather Jacket: Missguided Suedette Bonded Biker

What can I say, a baby. blue. biker. jacket!

Knit Dress: ASOS 2 in 1 Knit Dress In Cashmere Mix 

A winter & Autumn staple. Pair with a leather jacket and stockings if it gets extra chilly.

High waisted Jeans: Tommy x Gigi High waist Denim Jeans

Tommy x Gigi’s collaboration line is just amazing! Simple yet fashionable. I love their high waisted denim jeans as well as the balance between high waisted jeans and slightly cropped cable knit, it immediately makes you look like you have legs that go on forever.

Slip-Ons: Paperplanes Woven Tall Up Slip-Ons

Paperplanes, another korean shoe brand that I have been loving! Their shoes are relatively affordable and the simple details, in this case the woven details are so autumnal and chic.

Booties: Rag&Co Carla Boots 

I am definitely picky when it comes to boots, I’m not really a fan of pointed leather boot look, and I like the idea of mixing two materials with out being too bold. Subtle. casual. unique.

Hope you liked this out of the box post.

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Autumn Inspiration


Autumn inspiration, or autumn feels as I used to call it. With Autumn well under way, the here in Hong Kong the nights have finally gotten longer, although I still get a minor heart attack every time I look out a shop window at 6.00pm and it looks like it is 10pm at night, the longer nights means that the cold weather is on its way. Two typhoons (Sarika & Haima) have decided to creep up on us and speed up the cold autumn/winter air. For those of us who are still in denial and *cough* are still wearing shorts… *cough* ‘guilty’, its time to pack them away and pull out the longer sleeved tops.

I must admit that it is these times that I miss the UK, the fact that all the christmas gifts and decorations were already in stores, the advent calendars, the christmas music and  the fact I had to wear a hundred layers to feel somewhat warm makes christmas seem much closer that it is.

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Korean Mask Haul

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I definitely went overboard when purchasing some sheet masks, and the sad truth of it is this is only a portion of my sheet masks I purchased, but I thought I would show you some of my favourties. So here they are…

  1. Beyond – herb garden tea tree
  2. Premium Metal snow whitening infusion mask silver
  3. Elishacoy Natural Pearl Mask
  4. ELMOLU Sherbet Modeling Mask Silver
  5. Dearpacker Jeju flower
  6. Farm stay Acerola
  7. Der-Mask Moisturising essence mask
  8. Remeg+G Home Peeling 3 Step Kit (Aqua)
  9. Nohj 24K gold Therapymask pack Super collagen
  10. L’Affair Aqua black 3 step skin renewal black mask
  11. Ponybrown Hinoki Puricare Dream Mask
  12. SU:M37 Bubble Mask

I can’t wait to give them a try. All of these are fairly new to me. So, I don’t know what to expect, but I excited.


Full Review: A.H.C (ft. ampoules, eye-creams and ampoule set)

A.H.C probably isn’t a company you have come across yet, I only started using their products about a year ago and so far I love the value and quality of them!


About the brand: is a korean brand that provides beauty products that are specialised for skin clinics, dermatological hospitals etc.

A.H.C Real Premium eye cream for face 30ml

This is a relatively new product that I have recently purchased. After loving their “Real premium eye cream for face’ I was eager to try their ampoules.

Claim: This is the 2nd update to the A.H.C Eye cream for face line.         Although this isn't the most recent update to the eye cream,as       it is on its 4th update. The product claims to prevent/improve       eye sagging, remove dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and          improve skin elasticity.
Skin Type: All Skin types
Texture: It has an incredibly rich, smooth and creamy texture which          seems to melt once it touches your skin. Although rich, it 
        doesn't leave you with spots, or an uncomfortable heavy 
Effectiveness: Personally, this is probably my favourite eye cream to               date, it is hydrating, lifting and after 2 weeks I saw               some improvements in the lines under my eyes. As for                 reducing dark under-eyes, I personally don't have                    dark under-eyes so, I cannot vouch the effectiveness 
               of the product on them. 
Overall: I love this product, for its affordable price, it has proven to be very effective and was the first product that really made me love the A.H.C brand. Both my mum and I have both seen really good 
results and love the feel of the product. Would definitely recommend this product for those who want a quality product for an affordable  price, HKD$195 for 2. 
You can use this product on your neck and smile lines as well!


A.H.C Hyaluronic Ampoule 30ml

Claim: "A moistuizing ampoule containing hyaluronic acid that helps skin retain water and stay moisturized"
Texture: The texture in comparison to the collagen ampoule is a lot           more water like, which is quickly absorbed into the skin.            Because of its quick absorption sometimes I add another pump         of the ampoule to make sure I have reached all areas of my           face. The melts into all the little crevices in our skin             with little encouragement, so there is no need to massage it         into the skin. 
Effectiveness: I found that during the autumn transition month, my                  skin starts to feel very tight and dry which calls for   (4.5/5)     me incorporating more hydrating and richer products.      rating     Although the product isn't very rich/thick I like to                 use it as a hydrating first step in my skincare                      routine. I like to use it together with a sleeping                   mask to maximise my skins hydration levels.
Overall: I really like the product, however, I wish that the product          was a little more rich. However, overall the product offers          immediate hydration to the skin and suppleness over a longer         period of time.



A.H.C Collagen Ampoule 30ml

Claim: This collagen ampoule comes as one part to the 5 ampoules            available within the A.H.C range. "A lifting ampoule                 containing collagen that helps to firm dull and sagging skin".
Texture: The ampoule is a lot richer than the hyaluronic ampoule,             you will definitely need more than one pump of this stuff to         be able to cover your entire face. The ampoule is not overly         sticky that usually come with product that have collagen in          them. The texture is more gel like than watery. 
Effectiveness: I use this product together with the hyaluronic                      ampoule after cleansing. I find that the collagen       (5/5)        ampoule when applied to your neck and face really      rating        helps with boosting brightness and plumpness. 
               After applying it the night before, I found that it 
               really improve the look of my foundation, instead of 
               looking a little uneven (because of my combination
               skin), it applied smoothly and evenly.
Overall: Out of the two ampoules I have tried, I must admit    that the collagen is my favourite. The fact that it isn't     overly thick in texture, really helps in the absorption of   the product into my skin. You see most significant results in the morning after you use it.
Mix this collagen ampoule into your everyday BB cream or      foundation to help boost hydration whilst going about your    day.


A.H.C Capture Collagen set

Claim: The capture collagen set is a month long treatment that              focuses on the renewal of skin and hydration of the skin. The        set comes with 4 (single use) peeling serums soaked in a             large cotton bud as well as 30 x 5ml collagen serums.
How to use: The set requires you to use the peeling serum once a week and the collagen serums twice a day (half a bottle at a time). 

Peel: The peel slowly helps remove the excess dead skin and the dirt that has accumulated on the skin over time. 

Ampoule: Used to help nourish the new layer of skin and help it      remain hydrated making it supple.
Effectiveness: Personally I was a little disappointed in this set.                  I wasn't prepared for the peeling serum, as someone       (3.5)      who almost always wears BB cream (with SPF), I found     rating      that the two days after using the peel the skin on my                nose started to peel, which meant my BB cream clung                  to the peeling skin which was kind of annoying but,                  after about 3-4 days of peeling my skin did feel very                soft. I repeated this over 2 weeks and was a little                  disappointed that one of the peel serums had                         completely dried out! 
               Following the directions of using half a bottle of                   ampoule every morning and night, I found that it was                 too much for my skin and the product didn't fully                    absorb into my skin. I always left the remaining 
               ampoule and used it on my neck or left it for another                time. 
               After 2 weeks I found that there wasn't much change in               my skin and the peeling gel didn't cause my skin to                  peel anymore... 
TIP: I would recommend this product for those who have very dry skin or is lacking in moisture, especially in winter. 


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