The Honey Collection

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 16.28.19.pngSince, the Autumn weather has rolled in and it definitely has gotten a lot cooler and drier lately. My skin has definitely felt the effects, and I found honey has been a great way to hydrate my skin. So, I thought that I would show you some of my favourite honey products. So, here they are…

L’Affair Honey  Sheet Mask, have definitely been my go to sheet mask as of lately. Personally, I love any kind of sheet mask, but lately I have been gravitating towards this particular sheet mask, because it goes the extra mile of replenishing my skin and leaving it a lot softer and dewier. Although, it does leave my skin a little stickier, because the cooler weather has just started, but I think during the winter period, this will be a skin saving product.

The next product is also from the brand L’Affair, but on the complete opposite spectrum of skincare products, as peeling gels are known to clear out clogged pores, but tend to dry out your skin. However, I found that this peeling gel, didn’t leave my skin feeling too dry afterwards, which makes this perfect for both Autumn and Winter, when using a clay mask makes your skin feel irritated and super dry.

The last product is The Body Shop Honey Bath Melt, which I use as a shower gel and also how it’s suppose to be used, of course, a bath melt. I find this product to be super rich and hydrating and using a small amount really leaves your skin feeling softer and hydrated. I have had this product for a while, because the sheer size of this product, but also because this product is super rich and hydrating, that I have to leave it on the shelf during the warmer and more humid seasons, but when Autumn rolls around, it’s the first thing I grab.

So, those were my top 3 Honey products for the Autumn period and hopefully you can include some of your favourite honey skincare products into your Autumn skincare collection.


Hairstyles by abellasbraids & braidsbylia

It has been a while since I posted a post like this. I’ve been away for a while actually, getting my head around life and responsibilities so I apologise for not posting so often. However, I am determined to come back and post more regularly. Here are a few of the hairstyles I have been loving these past few months and want to try out.


Abellasbraids’s is a instagram page run by a mother who has two girls. The braids are truly beautiful with one of my favourites (on the far right). Her braids are super beautiful, clean and with her in-depth instructions they can be easily done.

instagram: abellasbraids

Blog: cutegirlshairstyles


Braidsbylia is an instagram page which features some intricate hairstyles that come with beautiful beautiful backdrops. The is incredibly talented and I will definitely be turning to her instagram for some inspiration.

instagram: braidsbylia


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.43.43 am


Night Routine: Autumn Edition

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 22.34.39.png

So, I figured it was time to do an updated night routine, and autumn was around the corner, it just seemed like a perfect time to do it. From my last night routine, I have definitely made some changes to my routine. So, here it is…

The first product in my routine is a face wash. Recently, I have been using The Body Shop’s Pomegranate Face wash. This is fairly new to my collection, but from the first try ,I have been loving it. It is super nourishing on the skin, but really does a good job at cleaning as well. I love to use this face wash with my konjac sponge, and this pair really works well to cleanse my skin. It isn’t as thick as the first aid beauty cleanser, but it has the same amount of nourishment, which is perfect for the autumn period.

The next step is exfoliating. I’m currently using the Blackhead daily clearing scrub. Personally, I feel this scrub is amazing, the beads aren’t to fine, to the point where it feels like it doesn’t exfoliate the skin at all, but it isn’t too abrasive as well. It’s like a happy middle, leaving my skin feeling softer and cleaner.

I have recently been using The Body Shops Tea Tree toner, as my toner of choice. I will say that this toner has help with calming down breakout and enlarged pores. The toner itself has a strong tea tree scent, but I find that it is quite pleasant and soothing. However, that is my opinion, but I will say that this toner is on the drier side. So, I do recommend using a thicker or richer moisturiser.

My next step in my night routine, would be to apply my essence, which I have been using Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence. The two ways I apply this onto my skin is by hand and by cotton pad. I like to massage this into the skin and let it absorb, before I going on to my next step. Personally, I really like this particular essence, because  the product is on the water side, but it really does moisturise and nourish, which is unexpected. I find that a lot of the time my skin feels really dry after cleansing and exfoliating, and I find my skin feeling so much more softer and more hydrated, after applying it.

I then follow through with my serum, which is the Bi-gyeol Soo Essence Special. I am seriously obsessed with this serum. It is super rich and a little goes a long way. I sometimes forget to apply my moisturiser after this, because it’s so moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling nice and dewy. This serum  will definitely be in my winter night routine.

After applying my serum, I like to give my skin some time to absorb all the products. So, I then apply my eye cream. I have been using the collagen eye cream from The Face Shop. I love how it come in a little tub. It just makes it so much cuter, but what I really like about this product is the consistency of the eye cream. The product is more like a serum, with an elasticity to it. Hence, making it such a hydrating product.

My final step is my moisturiser. I have been using the The Face Shop’s pomegranate and collagen emulsion, which has a similar consistency to the eye cream. The product itself is so hydrating, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky, as well as the product doesn’t leave a layer on your skin, like some moisturisers. It absorbs really quickly into the skin.

So, that is my routine. I hope you found it useful and maybe some of the products seem interesting to you. If they do go check them out!


The 5, 10, 15 minute masks

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I’m a firm believer that mask can be the best thing for your skin. Especially when it comes to clay mask. I find that they are perfect for clearing your skin from dirt, shrinking the size of pore and reducing acne. Personally, I use a clay mask 1-2 times a week and I find that it’s enough for me to recognize a difference in my skin. Although, not everyone has the leisurely time to sit and pamper yourself. So, have no fear I found 3 mask that fits into any busy schedule. So, if you have 5, 10, or 15 minutes to spare. Here are some options.

For 5 minutes: The Mineral and Ginger warming massage clay mask is perfect if you only have a few minutes to spare. I love how this mask warms up while you massage it into your skin and after 5 minutes you skin feels a lot fresher and cleaner, but not overally dry. I also find that a little goes a long way and has a really nice gingery scent. So, if you are looking for a quick mask this is a good one to go for.

For 10 minutes: The Origins 1o minute Miracle, is a favourite of mine. I love that it really helps with reducing acne and that it only takes 10 minutes, but my favourite thing about this mask is that it doesn’t leave your skin dry at all. The mask doesn’t dry up like the majority of clay masks. I also love using it as spot treatment, as it doesn’t dry out the skin, but really reduces the size.

For 15 minutes: If you have some extra time to spare, here is a really good mask for those who have oily or clogged pores. Every time I use this product my skin feels a lot cleaner. So, I do recommend this one. If you want to read my full review of it, you can check it out here.

So, that is it. I hope you found this post useful in finding some new mask to fit your busy schedule and you found it enjoyable!