4 Things I learned from Uni (will be updated!)

With the summer in full swing and the results released, I have been noticing that there are quite a few students trying to buy supplies for uni or celebrating the final summer before they are officially university students. Having experience university abroad I thought I would write a few posts… perhaps a mini blog post series about university life and what to expect. I wouldn’t call this post… finished because I will be constantly updating it with things I remember or things I have gathered from other graduates about their university experience. So for those headed to uni… here are a few of the things I’ve learnt while at uni.

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I think there is a misconception that comes with University, Universities always emphasis ‘independent study’, independent this and that. I took that to heart thinking that I was alone now and that asking questions wasn’t accepted. I might have taken it the wrong way but this is how I interpreted the ‘uni-life’.

However, at university it is so important to ask, question and enquire:

  • Ask for any clarification from your teachers or academic supervisors.
  • Ask your uni for help, if you are struggling because they have the tools to help you e.g. counsellors, student mentors etc.
  • If you are an international student… don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Enquire about volunteering opportunities or job opportunities.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.00.13 pmI think for those who went to uni, they will probably understand this. Yes, I was the girl with a 40kg suitcase and had to unpack my stuff in front of everyone at the check in point at the airport. I thought I needed EVERYTHING. However, there is a stark difference between NEEDING something and WANTING something.

  • Put away the sauces and the obscene amount of clothing. The first term is only 2-3 months so don’t worry too much. after 2-3 months you will now what you really need and if you find out you DO need it.. then I am sure your family can send a care package 🙂
  • If you are carrying a heavy suitcase (*cough 40kg). That suitcase will become the bane of your existence. You’re tired, stressed and nervous and potentially carrying a suitcase that weighs as much as a person.
  • Less is more (need I say more).

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Homesickness (there will be a post on this soon)… Yes this shiz is real. I remember getting very home sick the moment I got off the plane (don’t laugh). How you deal with it is really down to your own personality/coping mechanisms.

  • Ask your family to send a care package with things you forgot to bring or things that make you smile.
  • If you have a close group of friends send letters to each other with photos because most likely through describing your situation and taking photos you might find yourself enjoying your surroundings more.
  • Video Calls have always helped me whenever I felt homesick, however, know that there is a balance.
  • “walk it off”. This is one of my favourite things to do whenever I felt homesick.
    • Go out of your room because it sure can get stuffy in there.
    • Look around you, flowers, grass, sun reflecting off tall glass buildings etc. There is so much happening around you… however, I wouldn’t recommend walking at night.

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Explore. Some of my best memories are when I stepped out of my dorm room, I spent time exploring what London had to offer. I caught up with friends and experienced what Christmas was like in the UK and it was magical.

  • I almost always said yes to opportunities to explore the UK, I spent an extra few weeks after exams to experience the rest of what my campus and London had to offer.
  • If you university ever offer trips around the UK.. take it! You won’t regret it!
  • For university students in places like the UK student ID is key to getting coupons and discounts to go visit museums and tourist attractions.


(Will be updated)… If there are any other things that you wish to share (email us at foodieandthehipster@hotmail.com or simply comment below with it and we will add it to the list. 

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