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If you know Superdrug, they sell a variety of products from different drugstore brands, but for their own original line of products, I haven’t had a lot of experience with. So, I didn’t have much of an expectation of their own brand products. However, I am so excited to say that their masks are incredible! After trying out their Dead Sea mud Mask and loving it! I had to pick up their other masks. So, here are my reviews of the 3 Superdrug Masks.


The first mask I ever picked up from the Superdrug brand was the Dead Sea Mud Mask. This mud mask is perfect for those who have oily skin, because it helps to absorb all the excess oil on your skin. But remember not to leave this on for too long, as it is a clay mask, so it can be quite drying. The best part of this mask is that the product itself is grey , but while it dries certain parts of the mask will  be darker than other parts, like little spots, which actually shows the area thattend to be more oilier on your skin. If you ask me, which part of my skin is the oiliest, it would be my nose. Overall, this mask is great for the summer as is it does help tame the oily skin.


The next mask is also a mud mask, however is a tad bit more moisturizing than the dead sea mud mask, due to the use of Aloe Vera in it, and yes it is the Aloe Vera Mud Mask. This mask really does help to De-stress your skin, if it’s a bit red and inflamed. It also helps to tame those infected spots. I can’t say too much about this product, just because I have only used this a couple of time, but from first impressions, it has helped my skin a lot. I think it’s quite unique that a mud mask has Aloe Vera in it, which I have never seen before. Also, I think it is a great idea, as mud mask tend to be over drying, so the Aloe Vera counteracts that overly dry sensation. Plus, who wouldn’t want a bright green face!


The last mask is the Vitamin E Moisture Mask. You may think moisture masks are irrelevant in the summer, since your skin is feeling oily as it is, but you are wrong. Moisture masks are just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. If your skin is too dry, your skin may release more oil, making it appear oily. Plus, if you have been using a clay mask, you must follow up with a good moisture mask or a night cream, to rehydrate your skin. Recently, I have been using the Aloe Vera or the Dead Sea Mud Mask, with the Vitamin E mask. And my skin feels super clean and hydrated. You have to try it!


Honestly, I have to recommend all three of these products, they are super affordable and they work so well, leaving you skin hydrated and clear. Definitley, check them out, if you are looking for some good, no great masks.









  1. June 13, 2016 / 8:03 pm

    Oh wow these look so cool, I’m definitely going to have to pop to Superdrug and pick up a couple of bottles to try! x

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