Mini Beauty Haul and review | April


Recently, I’ve wanted to change up some of my everyday products. So, I set out to find some newer products to add to my routine, and other things a long the way. So, here is my mini haul.

The first thing I picked up was the Green Tea Scent spray from Elizabeth Arden. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to try this scent, but I had too many perfumes. Now that I’ve finished up some of my perfumes (empties coming soon), I decided to pick it up, and I couldn’t be happier! It basically smells like sweet Green Tea. Personally, I prefer non-floral scents, so this is perfect.

The next thing I picked up was the Bi-gyeol Soo Essence Special. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and found that a great product to include in any skincare routine is an essence or serum, and after searching for the best essence, I decided to go for this one here. This essence smells amazing, but the best part is that it’s so nourishing on the skin, I sometimes I forget that I haven’t put a moisturiser on, because it’s that moisturising. I also feel like this has improve my skin texture so much, it feels a lot smoother. I definitely recommend it! Also, can we just talk about the 6 sample size products that comes with this product, it’s worth the money, 100%!

The last product is the Maybelline  Baby Skin poreless primer. This product has a silicon-like feel to it, but it does feel smooth and soft. Plus, people have definitely recommended this, so I will have to test it out a little more to see if this is worth the hype.

So, I hope you enjoyed the mini haul and review. Overall, I think the products I picked up were all successful, so I’m happy with this purchase!


April Favourites

2016-04-27 02.59.29 1.jpg

Bionsen Mineral Protective deodorant

This is by far my favourite roll on deodorant I have used so far and it might seem like a rather bizarre thing to say but, it has one of my favourite scents. It has a light musky floral scent which reminds me fresh laundry. It lasts all day and doesn’t doesn’t contain aluminium which is quite difficult to find.

The Skin System Creamy face wash 

This is a surprise purchase which I made at a.. wait for it. Asda. For some reason buying supermarket own brand skincare isn’t usually something I would go for, not that it is bad but its just not something we usually go for is it? Any way I digress.

This cleanser goes on so smoothly on the skin and is great for removing make up or in the morning when you want something that isn’t harsh and doesn’t strip the the skin making it feel dry and literally “squeaky clean”.  Plus it is really affordable.

Maybelline Baby skin Pore eraser 

An oldie but a goodie.Both my mum and I love the Pore eraser by Maybelline, I personally haven’t used it in a while but I have found myself going back to using it. I love how it makes my skin look like it has been blurred or filtered. In addition I think it makes your skin feel super smooth. It has a clear gel like consistency which seems a little odd on the skin but the feeling only lasts for about a few seconds.

bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

This is a sample I got in one of my beauty boxes and since coming back from Greece, I managed to get a light tan meaning my current bb creams and cc creams were too light for me. However, the new foundation has a serum like consistency, which I personally didn’t like because it left me a little shiny at the end of the day plus the colour wasn’t right. I have been mixing it into my current foundation I found it made the perfect shade.

Collection lasting perfection concealer

Concealer. Something I can’t live without. With raving reviews I decided to give it a try. I have been really liking using it, usually I have to apply translucent powder under my eyes to avoid creasing but this… this hasn’t done any of that. I just apply and go. Quick, high coverage and really brightens up the eyes.

Benefit They’re real tinted primer

I have mentioned this before but I love this mascara for ultra natural lashes. Its exam period and I have the excuse of not looking as presentable as normal, however, feel naked without mascara. The wand on this mascara is probably my favourite kind of wand, soft easy to use and does not clump.

Yu Fruit strawberry chews

A new discovery for me. I reached for these last minute while at a till in Tesco when I was craving something sweet. They are delicious! They are 100% fruit but taste just like candy satiating my need for something sweet. If you are ever in need of a sweet fix, you should give these a try.

Hope you liked my April favourites!

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Mascara Review: Korres, benefit, eyeko etc.

2016-04-21 22.37.10

Ok bear with me… I can explain the cereal. I have been trying to include some texture into photos and didn’t want a simple white background. I didn’t have any pebbles so multigrain flakes it is! It doesn’t look that bad right?  Anyways… Mascara is probably one of my favourite makeup products I use day to day it is like the most important meal of the day breakfast (see what I did there).

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Eyeko Black Magic Mascara: Drama & Curl

Effect: Spidery, lengthening, holds and lifts the eyelash shape.

Texture: A jet black thick mascara that is sometimes clumps inside of the tube.It sets very quickly so work with it quickly. Also, it does set very hard.

Smudge proof: No. I found that this mascara smudged quite a bit when you first apply it and even though it claims to be a waterproof mascara smudged a little under my eyes.

Waterproof: No.

Wand: Curved. A little difficult to use as it isn’t very flexible but you can always use the back of the wand to get into hard to reach areas.

Overall: 4/10

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Beautiful Movements Cosmetics: Beautiful lashes

Effect:It gives the lashes a really natural look however, in order to get a good colour payoff on the lashes you have to apply a few coats because the formula seems to be very light.

Texture: A black tinted mascara that is sometimes clumps inside of the tube.It sets very quickly so work with it quickly.

Smudge proof: No.

Wand: spiral cone shaped wand.

Waterproof: No.

Overall: 5/10

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Korres  Volcanic Minerals Volumising Mascara

Effect: The mascara leaves the lashes with a light spidery dark and lengthened look. It claims to volumise your lashes by 600% for me however, I found that it did more lengthening than volumising.

Texture: A jet black thick mascara that when it dries the lashes aren’t crunchy or hard .

Smudge proof: Yes.

Wand: Thickly hair brush like texture that brushes through the lashes easily.

Waterproof: No.

Overall: 5/10

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Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer

Effect: Extremely natural. Can be used under mascara. Extrememly easy to remove, one swipe with a make up remover and its done.

Texture: Brown. It is a very light and you don’t feel it on your lashes even if you touch them.

Smudge proof: Definitely not waterproof but is pretty water resistant and even if it rains, it doesn’t smudge.

Wand: Plastic bristled brush with a spikey tip. The brush is very densely pact meaning you can comb through every lash and separate them making them look extremely  natural and fluttery.

Waterproof: No but even .

Overall: 8/10

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3 Best Oils

One thing I love to do is to take care of my hair, and the first step after stepping out of the shower and taking off the towel wrapped around my hair is OIL. So, here are three of my favourite oils that I put on my hair.Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.03.42.png

  1. LLang Red Ginseng Energizing Hair Oil EssenceScreen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.05.37.pngThis is the newer one out of the three, but it is definitely just as good. This oil is more on the lighter side, so if you have fine hair, this is perfect for you, but even though I do have thicker hair, it does give me enough moisture and adds shine. I would say that this has a really mild scent which I actually like and the packaging is sleek, I don’t have to worry as much, compare to the other 2 which are glass bottles.
  2. Affinage Kitoko Oil TreatmentScreen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.07.31.pngThis has been one of my holy grail products for quite sometime and it’s definitely a luxury product. Not only is this product hydrating, but it protects your hair from UV lights, so I usually use this product before going to the beach combined with Swimcap by Philip Kinsley. With all the salt and exposure to the sun my hair didn’t feel dry or damaged, so if your looking for a perfect combination for a day out, check them out. Okay… so back to the oil itself. It’s thicker than the LLang oil, so you don’t need as much of this oil to have the same affect. For me, I tend to use this when my hair is feeling dry or frizzy, and it does the trick.
  3. L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 14.08.09.png

The last oil, is quite a well known oil. I remember picking this up, and this one was the only type they had. Now, there are so many variations to this product, which I’m excited to tryout and will soon, because I’m almost done. In terms of the scent, it has a vanilla like smell which is amazing, but sadly it doesn’t last on my hair. Disregarding that, it works wonders on my hair, every time I use it, my hair feels silkier and hydrated.

So, those are my 3 best hair oils, I hope that it gave you some insight on what product is best for you and finding out which one you want to try. Honestly, they’re all great oils, that aren’t too expensive, so do check them out.


Travel Blog: What I bought in Greece

If you have been following me on Instagram you would have probably seen some of my photos from my trip from Greece. I must admit for the 4 days that I went there were I bought quite a lot things… oops.

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Before embarking on my trip to Greece I was searching high an low on other blogs to see what kind of souvenirs I could bring back, however, had very little luck finding what people bought on their trip to Greece. So.. to help anybody who is planning on going to Greece anytime soon here are a few things you can buy.2016-04-15 18.55.37

Ok, you wouldn’t call me a foodie without trying some greek goodies. I bought some chocolate, baklava, sesame nuts, olive oil, some squishy waffle treat, local honey and herbs. One thing I wish I brought back was greek feta, I think I have a new found love for F-E-T-A and this love is strong!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.54.15 pm.png

After trekking to Oia we we came across a local skincare store, although we were very limited in how much we could bring (as our flight tickets only allowed carrry on suitcases) I bought two donkey milk face cleanser/soaps which claims to be great for anti-aging, soothing and cleansing. We also got a two samples which the shopkeep sneakily snuck into our little bags, which is a olive hand cream and olive shampoo.

In addition, right before I boarded my flight back to the UK the Korres counter lured me and I bought the Santorini body lotion and mini body lotion. More about this brand and these products in an upcoming blog post.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.56.16 pm.png

Finally, of course like every tourist out there I bought some art prints and postcards. A tip when buying postcards, look around each store because prices do vary and some shops can rip you off, I got these for 0.30 Euros.  My favourite purchase so far would be this ring, I love rings and like when they are meaningful, I got this traditional greek ring in one of the local jewellers. It came in 3 colours, silver, gold and rose gold… yes I got rose gold. It was 10 euros which might seem like an investment but being 925 sterling silver, it was well worth it and carries the memories of my greek trip.

Oops… I more goody. A wool pillowcase as a momento. For a more unconventional gift or momento. They have a variety of pillowcase designs in both wool and silk.

2016-04-19 23.27.52.jpg

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Mid-Month Feels: April 2016

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Although the beginning of this month started out with my last lectures and then followed with a trip to Greece. Its sad to say that the rest of April and May will be back to studying for my finals. Just thinking about it gives me chills… hopefully afterwards I will do a little bit more exploring ;p  Good luck to anyone who is doing their exams or finals!

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Travel Toilettries Essential

I was debating for a long time whether I wanted to write this blog post. I ended up deciding to write it after because then I would be able to give my take on whether they were useful or not.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 5.39.24 am

Before the trip: Packing liquids for a carry on only flight was probably the most difficult thing because I have been know to overpack my liquids. However,  I have been collecting samples for a while, waiting for a time to use it either when visiting friends or on flight skincare. Samples are probably the most ideal for travelling because they are so compact and they are disposable.

After the trip: During the trip I found that one downside was that because they aren’t in a sealed container, they can spill everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 5.44.01 am.png

Before the trip: If you wear contacts like me the majority of plastic baggy they give you is taken up by your contacts solution. Personally I found it a little difficult to find affordable contact solution but came across this flight pack in Superdrug for £5.09 which I thought was really affordable. It comes with two sets so you can share it or save it for next time.

After the trip: The downside, is that if you are going on a short trip (4-5 days) you might not need that much and if you buy any skincare or makeup when you travel you are limited to that small bag so it might become an issue.

2016-04-08 08.04.57

Now, packing for the trip I like to take into account what shoes I will be wearing, possibility of getting sick, sun-care and the weather.

Compeed: was a no brainer for me, I always seem to get blisters when walking so this was a must have. Plus these blister relief plasters are AMAZING you apply them on blisters they treat it, cushion it and protect it from any further damage. If you are going on any treks or are prone to blisters get this!

Sensa cool: now this is  HK product I brought back to the UK. It is great for cooling down the body being in Greece the weather is quite dry and hot. I took this at night after I had been out in the sun and I did cool down relatively quick, plus it tastes amazing (lime).

2016-04-08 08.05.12

Now for the larger liquids, these a little challenging to fit into the bag. I found that I was a little hit or miss about what I brought because most of it I didn’t use and just shared with my travel buddy.

BIONSEN– Firstly, I love this deodorant! It doesn’t contain any parabens, aluminium etc. and although a little bit more expensive than the likes of Dove, I thought that the fact that it was aluminium free it makes it quite reasonable.

Nivea Kids Sunscreen 50+ SPF & Jungle Formula Maximum– The sunscreen was probably a really great idea for Greece and seeing that it was waterproof I applied it before every trek and boat trip. However, did still manage to burn because I didn’t reapply that often…my bad. The Shiseido protective SPF 15 day emulsion was a little unnecessary I must admit because I ended up using the sunscreen on my face.

Jungle formula, now I thought there might be a few bugs/mosquitos when trekking to Oia. There were quite a few bugs..bees to be exact but nothing other than that and I didn’t have to use it. Plus after the trip I wish there was a smaller container because it took up a lot of space.

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