Healthy Food Haul

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At the beginning of the year I decided to set myself the goal of ‘being healthier’. I must admit that although many have marked that down on their resolutions, there are only a few people that I know who have actually done it. I want to start a new type of post or category, if you will, on this blog about making that resolution come true. Stay tuned on Wednesday to find out what I mean… Can you guess what it is?

For those who don’t like fitness, health or lifestyle related posts, there will still be beauty, skincare etc. posts still going up on the blog.

This week on the weekly shop I decided to experiment with my diet, starting with clean shelves, open mind and my resolutions glaring into my soul. I really want to get back into cooking and trying out a few recipes that I claimed I “didn’t have time” to do. Lets be honest, I can make time.

With a grocery list in hand here is what I got:

Suede, Salmon &  Plaice, Sweet potatoes, lemons, eggs, apple sauce, yogurt, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, honey, baking soda, cocoa, bread crumbs and spring onion.

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p.s. to my sister ‘the hipster’. “its going to happen”

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