The Best Chocolate Milk Recipes

1.Black Bottom Hot Chocolate

A delicious hot chocolate recipe that has a thick and rich chocolate fudge at the bottom of the cup, great for anyone who loves chocolate.


2. Salted peanut butter hot chocolate

The best combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It is the best recipe for those who love reeses’ peanut butter cups, it’s creamy and delicious.


3.Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Definitely a must have drink for winter, its the best combination of minty and chocolatey delight, plus you can always replace the peppermint extract with some leftover melted candy cane.


4. S’mores Hot Chocolate

Who wouldn’t love a cup of s’mores hot chocolate, it just as every sweet delicious treats into one, and you not left with sticky fingers.


5.French Vanilla Hot Chocolate 

A delicious sweet treats that play on some tradition flavours such as vanilla and hot chocolate.


I can’t wait to try these. So, which one is your favourite or your must try this season?




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