The Best Chocolate Milk Recipes

1.Black Bottom Hot Chocolate

A delicious hot chocolate recipe that has a thick and rich chocolate fudge at the bottom of the cup, great for anyone who loves chocolate.


2. Salted peanut butter hot chocolate

The best combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It is the best recipe for those who love reeses’ peanut butter cups, it’s creamy and delicious.


3.Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Definitely a must have drink for winter, its the best combination of minty and chocolatey delight, plus you can always replace the peppermint extract with some leftover melted candy cane.


4. S’mores Hot Chocolate

Who wouldn’t love a cup of s’mores hot chocolate, it just as every sweet delicious treats into one, and you not left with sticky fingers.


5.French Vanilla Hot Chocolate 

A delicious sweet treats that play on some tradition flavours such as vanilla and hot chocolate.


I can’t wait to try these. So, which one is your favourite or your must try this season?




Winter Haul & Must haves


So, I had the chance to make some purchases for the cold winter months, that I am so excited for, and hopefully giving you some ideas for stocking up for the winter months. So, here they are.


This is the Tony Moly I’m real mask sheet, that I have been loving, it is a repurchase, which means it must be good, which it is. The I’m Real line comes with a lot of different types, focusing on one aspect to help nurture your skin, and this one happens to be a pore care mask. This product smells great, it basically smells like grapes, and who wouldn’t love that. Plus, it leaves my skin feeling so soft, and hydrated.


Speaking of hydration, my hands and lips have been so dry lately, due to the sudden drop in temperature, that I had to use some hand cream and lip balm.

This lip balm is from the company Lavera, which sounds familiar, yet I don’t remember where I heard it from, but whats great about it is that all their products are organic and vegan, so there won’t be any mysterious chemicals, that are difficult to pronounce. Hopefully, this product will be nourishing enough for my lips, but we will have to wait and see.

As for the hand cream, it is another repurchase, however a different scent and packaging from the one I used previously, which has sadly ran out and no longer exist in the body shop, and I am talking about their spiced vanilla hand cream, but the reason I decided to repurchase the body shop‘s hand cream is because its so hydrating, plus it smell amazing! So, if your looking for a good hand cream, go pick up the body shops hand cream.



This is another Lavera product, but it is their pore refining moisturising fluid, which is another completely organic and vegan product, it looks promising, but I’ll have to wait and see if this product works for my skin.


Lush comes out with great products, some long term and others on festive occasions, so I had to purchase some.

The first one is called ‘Reindeer Rock‘ which is a somewhat of a soapbar, which is a festive one. It has a sweet smell (that is hard to explain), yet it is not too sweet, which is great. It reminds me of a Christmas log covered in finely milled shimmery powder.

As for the other bar of soap (Honey I washed the Kids) , it smells incredible and it is one of my all time favourite scents and soap bar. It has a hint of honey and it’s such a creamy soap, which I can’t wait to use.

Whats great about Lush‘s product is that they are organic, cruelty free and most of them are vegan products, plus they aren’t too expensive, which are usually the down fall of organic products.

So, I hoped you enjoyed my little bundle of products that I recently purchased. So, which product do you want to purchase?






Follow me around: Canterbury (Part 1)


Last month, I decided to walk around  Canterbury, my University Town and do a little exploring. From the University, The University of Kent, it is just a 10 minute bus ride to the city centre and only 2.80 pounds.


The bus rides are always one of my favourite journeys although they are long, there is always something to see. Feeling tall as ever on double decker buses and when all traffic comes to a halt to let the oh so magical train (to me) to ride through.



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Winter Glossy Hair: Aussie’s Winter Miracle

With the chilly winds and dry weather I have found that my hair has been very brittle, dry and not very glossy.

I recently ran out of my shampoo & conditioner so it was a great excuse for  me to try something new. This was about a week or two ago.

As per usual once I popped into Superdrug I came out with more than just the shampoo and conditioner.


In my defence… with winter also comes dry itchy skin so I HAD to get Johnson’s Baby oil (£3.49) is great for moisturising your skin and E45 Itch relief cream (£3.59) is great when you have a itchy dry patch of skin, it gives you immediate relief.

Simple wipes (£1.59)are also a staple if you are lazy like me but like the feeling of wiping off your makeup. The wipes came in the Limited Edition packaging.

20151024_160205 (1).jpg

Aussie is quite popular for its 5 minute miracle treatment and I am a huge fan of it! I was originally going to pick up their volumiser as my fine hair has a tendency to stay glued to my head. However, after using the Yves Rocher Stimulating treatment my hair has amazing volume and baby hairs are growing, more on this in a future post.



I came across their Winter Miracle shampoo (400ml) and condition (500ml) with their Limited Edition christmassy design. They both come in 500ml bottles perfect to last all winter and is the same price as a couple of their regular sized items.


  • My hair is super glossy after just one use.
  • Can be used everyday and won’t leave your hair greasy.
  • Does not weigh down fine hair
  • Smells amazing
  • A little goes a long way
  • Leave the conditioning your hair for a few minutes for maximum glossiness.
  • Pair with your favourite


x. Foodie.

6 Easy Christmas Recipes

Here are 6 amazing desserts to try during the holidays, they are so simple and incredibly delicious, great to whip up for a party or friends.

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake Shooters


A delicious dessert, that you don’t need to bake at all, its got cheesecake, peppermint and chocolate, which makes it an incredible festive dessert. Plus, it looks incredible, just like you’ve spent ages on it.

Melting snowman biscuit


This is another easy dessert to do, and it can be a no-baking recipe if you use store bought cookies. It allows you to be creative with your design, and you can make them with you friends.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix in a Jar


A great present to give anyone who loves to bake or loves eating dessert. It’s very simple and looks amazing. Plus, it can be personalised however you like.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies


A beautiful festive cookie to try if you love chocolate and peppermint, this is a great recipe if you have ton of leftover candy cane lying around, or if you enjoy adding a bit of minty sweetness to your chocolate.

Gingerbread Oreo No Bake Mini Cheesecake


A recipe that adds a bit of spice and sweetness, this is a no-bake recipe, which is great for those who prefer a quick and delicious dessert  without the trouble of preheating the oven.

Reindeer Cupcake


And Finally, a cute reindeer cupcake which is quick and easy to do. It’s chocolatey and festive, that everyone will love.

So, here are my favourite 6 desserts to try this winter. They are so easy and fun to do, it is definitely something to try this during the holidays with family and friends.

So, what is your favourite Christmas recipe?

x. hipster