September Wishlist 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.40.16 pm

  1. Jogha Sportswear. Concrete Flora Long Tights & Salmon Sports Bra. £51.90 + £37.06

I have seen these everywhere on instagram and I have fallen in love with them! Just look at them they look amazing. Saw this on one of my favourite instagramers @foamrollfanatic. Her transformation has become so inspiring because I really want to get back into fitness.                   “The Sports Bra combines strength and femininity with bold colour blocking and mesh cleavage details. This bra offers breathability with slim adjustable straps and moisture management materials, the open design gives support while maintaining a delicate look. “.

2.Nujo face cream (50ml) £24.99

Came across this face cream just a few days ago and it looks incredible. Have been doing some early christmas present scouting these past few days and this looks incredible. Has great natural ingredients that I think could be good for my mum. However, might have to try it out before to check if it is alright for sensitive skin.

It is supposed to help hydrate, plump, reduce redness, dark spots, fine lines etc. Sounds so good! “NUJO’s patent pending formula is infused with caffeine giving you a natural Botox alternative and complete all day moisturiser, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles and redness, giving your skin a natural, radiant glow, flawless complexion and an uplifting effect”

3.Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick: Nude Embrace £6.99

I bought my first lipstick from essence the other day and I loved the shade, although it still feels strange to have something on my lips. However, I am willing to give it a try. After seeing this on Kaushal from her Youtube channel and I love it! Here is her latest makeup tutorial: 

4.Limited Edition Leona Lewis Shimmer Palette. £9.00

Although this palette came out 2 years ago, but it is still one of the most beautiful packaging and designed palette I have seen. It contains a blush, highlighter and bronzer all in the design of a deer. Must get my hands on it!


September Favourites (2015)

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.59.13 am

Goodbye September! Is all I can say about the month, it was almost like a  whirlwind romance, it was all rose tinted glasses in the beginning with my birthday and all the family and friend meetings but, when reality struck at that end of the month, I had to face the fact that I was going to leave. The flight was rough, not just in the constant turbulences but in the fact that my emotions were all over the place, this was going to be my final year, the last year to do my best before I step foot into the business world. To some people this is a relief and an exciting road to go on. But to me it is an event that I have been putting off since I left secondary school (high school).

Anyways here are my favourites for this month:


This month, I haven’t had anything I particularly loved so much that I would put them in my favourites but here are some that I thought were almost “essentials” for the month.

20150928_10071220150928_100735Hope Girl: Donkey Milk HKD$350/2

As I am back in the UK after my flight my skin was screaming for a good cleanse and moisture. I often get very dry skin nearer the winter months in the UK, and I often find that waking up in the morning, my skin feels cracked and rough from the night. I bought this product particularly for the winter months as it is wayyyy too rich for the summer! I tried it once and woke up to greasy skin, almost like I rubbed butter all over my face :/ Good for coating the bottom of a cake pan but not my face. It contains, 20% Donkey milk and gold leaf inside of product which I feel is very cool and makes it feel very luxurious. Super moisturising and rich your face feels super supple in the morning! This has been my go to and I have been using this every night after a shower.

Mabelline Instant Age rewind Brightening under-eye concealer HKD$120


I have been eyeing up this under-eye concealer after I saw so many people raving about how good it was and you know what! I took my birthday lai see and bought one in Dudes in Causeway bay. I had previously used the Here we Seoul dual ended concealer. However, I think I know why people rave about it so much. It is so good! It doesn’t crease on me and brightens my under-eyes.

I chose the brightening shade thinking that it would be better for my skin colour as I am fairly pale and found that it is great for getting rid of discolouration as it has a salmony shade to them. Just like Mcdonald’s says “I’m lovin’ it” 🙂

Organic Raw Chocolate Raisins


This has been my dessert every night since I first found about it a few days ago. Its crazy yummy! I love the look of them, they almost have a brain like look to them and for a chocolate lover

Coconut Chips


I love all things coconuts. Coconut chips, coconut curry, coconut milk, coconut body wash etc. I am the coconut queen! Whenever I am craving something sweet and crunchy like crisps, coconut chips are something I reach for. They are sweet from the coconut sugar and they are crunchy like crisps. Struggling tot choose wether I should use crisp or chips as I know there is a whole debate about what is what.

AHC Collagen Capture Ampoule set (HKD$1400) NOW: $450 @ Colormix!


This was one of the “I have to have one” sets you see in the shop. They are originally HKD$1000- 1500 for a set but was reduced to only HKD$400. The packaging is very unique as it reminds me of eye drops haha! The Collagen Ampoule is supposed to be used twice however, I found that you can definitely use it 3-4 times. I use this before the donkey milk moisturiser. It really adds another layer of moisture. You get 30 in a set which will definitely last at least 2 months.

I forgot to take a photo of the full packaging but found one online taken by a japanese blogger. My Happy Life.


I couldn’t believe that this was only HKD$400!

Hope you like this monthly favourite! Not sure if I like this month’s monthly favourites or last months…


Healthy Snacks Haul

Surprise a new Blog post for Saturday! Didn’t think my last post about my new posting schedule was that exciting so here it is!

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.07.35 pm

I am a huge snacker! When I’m bored I snack, when I am sad I snack and when I am happy I snack. Snacking has not been my best friend these past year as I found that I gained weight and felt heavy, not just weight wise but tired and unenergetic. When I first arrived to the UK, I had some serious issues with homesickness and in the beginning I didn’t feel like eating anything but, after my 2nd term I turned to food for comfort and ended up gaining a lot of weight. Worst of all it wasn’t making me happy. I hadn’t heard of Holland and Barrett or any “health” food store before I arrived and only ventured out of my room to try to gain my confidence and find FOOD! However, now Holland and Barrett is one of my go to stores, although it is quite pricey and I have heard that there are other shops that offer the same products for less.

Holland and Barrett was on my list of places to go as I had a voucher to use up. A few things changed when I shopped in my local store, I came across some tasty alternatives to things I love:


The first snack I saw was the Emily Fruit Crisps. OMG look at the design of these crisps! they are beautifully designed and I had high hopes for how well they were going to taste. I have had fruit crisps before back in Hong Kong but some have been soggy, but my favourite is still Kiwi Chips. After trying these, I must say I really like them, they aren’t very sweet, amazingly crispy and they don’t contain any bad ingredients. However, don’t be put off by your first taste as they definitely don’t taste like regular chips…


Kallo Milk Chocolate


Kallo Milk Chocolate covered Rice cakes. I have heard great things from this all over the web and I am finally decided to give it a try. To me, rice and chocolate don’t really go together. It’s like dinner and dessert? But I tried them anyway and let me tell ya! Its really good! Although my chocoholoic of a brain tells me there isn’t enough chocolate on it, it is still satisfied by the fact that there is chocolate on it! The Rice cake is a little strong (savoury) and you only get the chocolate after you taste the rice cake but I am definitely going to go back and try it!.

20150924_191222          20150926_101330

The Raw Chocolate Raisins

Even at the till the woman said that she was so happy that H & B stocked products from “the raw chocolate company”,  I have been eyeing up their store for a while now and I am so happy they stock these. These are more complexly flavoured compared to the usual chocolate covered raisins that you get in the supermarkets. They have so many layers, the top layer is bitter and powdery. The second layer has a slight crunch and sweetness and the raisins are super sweet.

Ok I know what you are thinking… they look like “turds” (*chuckles* I love that word) and trust me I was shocked when I saw them because they don’t look like normal “chocolate raisins”. However, after tasting them they are so good! They are now a staple to satisfying my sweet tooth!

Lentil Chips

I have tried this numerous times before as I thought it was pretty cool that you could make lentils into chips. This is my favourite favourite from this company, they also have Quinoa chips in the sour cream flavour which is pretty good 🙂 They taste just like regular chips and almost have quaver’s type of texture. They have much better ingredients in them, without the hydrogenated oils and preservatives.

In addition to these I also bought Short Grain Brown Rice and Gusto essential oil lemonade. The rice tasted alright but it takes 30 minutes to soak and become tender, that is before you cook it.It is definitely not as tasty and fluffy as the normal short grain white rice, but a lot healthier for you. The Lemonade however, that really gives you a zing! It contains some essential oils that are supposedly supposed to give you energy. Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.59.13 pm

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.00.53 pm

I am not saying that these products will make you “healthier” but they have helped me with my snacking habit and make me feel a little bit better knowing what I am putting in my body. Hoped you like this little healthy snacks haul!


My last day in Hong Kong & Un-intentional haul


Just before I left for the UK and I am talking about a 10 hours before my flight I decided to go on my last adventure around Causeway bay. Trust me when I say that I didn’t plan on buying anything, I mean it. My suitcase was already packed to the brim with food and clothing and I didn’t want to have to be told that my 35Kg suitcase wasn’t filled with textbooks but with food.

I made a plan to take some different routes and roads to see what new stores I missed and ironically ended up on a familiar path leading to cotton on. I gave in and went in. Here is what I ended up buying:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.36.19 pm
20150920_163926Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.36.47 pm20150920_164013

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.36.37 pm


(Behind the Scenes- Who has ever wanted to take a photo but get photo bombed my your dog.)

After buying these “necessary” items I quickly escaped from the temptations to a small cafe behind Times square which I later found out was brand new shop. Here is a sneak peak of the shop which I will do a review on soon!



Saying goodbye…

There are a few things I hate about good byes, the fact that the future after you say it, is uncertain and unclear. The fact that the goodbye you said so carelessly and insincerely might be your last. You would think that you would be good at this by now as we have said so many but I feel that they are getting more and more rehearse and un-emotional. After going to university in the first year I realised saying a simple “goodbye” to my family was extremely hard, I wanted my goodbye to mean so many things: “Thank you for everything you have done and I will do you proud”, “I’m sorry”, “I will be back”, “I miss you already etc. I still don’t know how to say goodbye yet I say it again and again.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.07.34 pm

I said goodbye to a friend today as she was heading to a flight the very next day to the UK. I realised just after we said goodbye how my goodbye seemed so casual and somewhat less meaningful than I wanted it to be. I wanted to turn back and give a proper goodbye, a hug? But it isn’t in my personality to give hugs but at that moment, I felt that it was  But if you are reading this, goodbye, have a safe flight and I am sending you a virtual hug through the web (insert paper plane emoji). See you on the other-side!