A Night in Tamar Park: Outdoor Cinema

Christmas. I always envied the London lights, the christmas markets and the festively decorated malls and shops. This year, I didn’t. Something happened this year, christmas came early, the decorations were up mid November, malls were beginning to decorated their displays with festive bauble and trees and everyone seemed to be in the festive spirit. Although I had deadlines looming in my mind, the festive atmosphere of Hong Kong, was calming and brought excitement for christmas.

This year, whilst browsing the internet, we came across an open cinema, featured by the “Best of British” festival. The open cinema was a giant screen, facing a large patch of grass (yes… grass in Hong Kong) where people would bring blankets and food from the food festival (next door) and watch a movie. The cinema ran from the 15th of December to 17th of December playing British Classics such as Harry Potter, Love Actually and James Bond.

We decided to get tickets and give this a try. $80 per person with service charge.

The city was lit up with lights, festive light displays on the buildings, fairy lights hung between lamp posts and the chilly air made the night seem extra festive.

Next to the field, was the food festival, feature burgers, pulled pork and different alcoholic beverages. There was live music playing and everyone was having a good time.

At 7.45 sharp with blankets and beach mats in hand we headed to the grassfield. Already there were people setting up their makeshift cinema seats for the nights and we managed to get a good view of the screen.

There were families, couples, friends and travellers all in place, all discussing their plans for christmas. It was the first time I felt unified with everyone, we all were there to watch a movie, under the same sky and on the same patch of grass. We all laughed at the same parts and we all sighed at the sad parts. It was an amazing experience and a very festive one at that. I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Give it a Try (final show is on tonight) : Click here 

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