Seoul Trip: Etude House

Etude House is a brand that every Korean Skincare/makeup lover has in their makeup bags and we are no exception. Although we have an Etude House in Hong Kong, we wanted to see if there were any unique products and affordable products. Etude House in Korea in a good way has products that we Hong Kongers already have, so in a way if you are in Hong Kong you can get the full Etude house experience. However, when in Korea if there is a product you liked in Hong Kong, you might want to pick it up in Korea because it is cheaper in Korea! Here is what we picked up:

1) 글라스틴팅립스톡BR402보 (Lip Talk BR402) 8000 [HKD 55.5]

2)글라스립스톡케이스#7노 (Lip Talk Case) 4000 [HKD 27.7]

3)0.2 테라피에마스크_그린 (Green Tea Sheet Mask) 5000 [HKD 34.7]

4)0.2 테라피에어마스크_블루 (Blueberry Sheet Mask) 5000 [HKD 34.7]

5) 빅커버쿠션컨실러일루미 (Big Cover Cushion Concealer- Illuminate) 11000 [HKD 76.3]

6)스윗푸딩뽀얀크림촉촉수 (Sweet Pudding Tone Up Cream) 10000 [HKD 69.3]

7)(DIY트래블) 원더포어프레 (Mini Pore Freshner) 2000 [HKD 13.9]


Review coming soon…


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