Seoul trip: Nature Republic


Nature Republic was the first beauty shop that we went into, literally the first day we arrived, we headed into Nature Republic and left with 2 bags full of new beauty products. The staff there was really accommodating and even spoke to us in clear English about each of the products.

A useful tip:

We quickly learnt that when shopping in Korea they have this service for tourists that is called global tax free for tourists… not entirely sure about how it works but the most important thing is retain your receipts because if you buy a certain amount then you can claim the tax either instantly at the shop. In case you don’t already carry your passport, then you would need to present your passport to the cashier to redeem your tax free amount. If you have any questions about tax free shopping in Korea then share your questions below and we’ll try to answer them as bet as we can!

1) 네이처오리진콜라겐비비크림02내추럴 (Collagen BB Cream Shade 02) 15900 [HKD$ 110.2]

2) 네이처오리진씨씨블러SPF30 PA++ ( Blur CC SPF30 PA++) 4000 [HKD$ 27.7]

3) 대나무숯코&T존팩 (Bamboo Charcoal Nose & T-Zone)15840 [HKD$ 15840]

4) 하와이안프레시클리어세럼 (Hawaiian Fresh Clear Serum) 20800 [HKD$ 144.2]

5) 프로방스카렌듈라아이스퍼프선 (Ice Sun Ice Puff) SPF50+ 19900 [HKD$ 138]

6) S.1 네이처오리진콜라겐비비크림01라이트  (Collagen BB Cream Shade 01) 15900 [HKD$. 110]

7) 네이처오리진씨씨볼러SPF30 PA++ ( Blur CC SPF30 PA++) 4000 [HKD$ 29.73]

8) 피토오리진마일드에멀젼 (Phyto Origin Emulsion) 12720 [HKD$ 88.2]

9) 퓨어샤인키버컨실러01라이트베이지 (Concealer Shade 01) 4400 [HKD$ 30.5]

Review coming soon…

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