Seoul Trip: A'PIEU

Apieu is a Korean brand that as a Hong Konger , I have only come across it a few times in some select drug stores such as bonjour and colourmix. However they don’t have a flagship store in Hong Kong yet.

The brand and shop in general was one of the most packed stores in Myeong Song but was the most fun to walk around. Their product selection packaging and concept is truly unique! Not only is it unique but all their products are super affordable (we have listed the prices below!)

Whilst at the store we picked up a variety of their products, ranging from sheet masks to a BB cream.

어퓨윽깬감자팩 (Potato Sleeping Mask) 3800 [HKD$ 26]

어퓨비은박지호잂팩 (Silver Foil Mask) 7000 [HKD$ 48]

어퓨비비메이커(절대밀착) (Longwear BB Cream) 5000 [HKD$ 34]

어퓨스컹푸미스트_프루티 (Skunk Poo Mist-Fruity ) 4500 [HKD$ 31]

어퓨스컹푸푸미슽_시트러스 (Skunk Poo Mist- Citrus) 4500 [HKD$ 31]

어퓨딸기우유한팩 (Strawberry Milk Mask) 800 [HKD$ 5.5]

어퓨리얼빅요구르트트한병(사파) (Yakult Mask) 1000 [HKD$7]

어퓨코코넛우유힌팩 (Coconut Milk Mask) 800 [HKD$ 5.5]

어퓨초콜릿우유한팩 (Chocolate Milk Mask) 800 [HKD$ 5.5]

어퓨프레시메이트토탄모공깨끗마스크 (Wash Off Peat Pore Clearing Fresh Mate Mask)   2500 [HKD$ 17.3]

어퓨프레시메이트생우유맑은마스크 (Sleeping Milk Brightening Fresh Mate Mask) 2500 [HKD$ 17.3]

어퓨슈퍼사잽어오일마스크 (Super Acai Hair Oil Mask) 7,000 [HKD$ 48]

어퓨나쁜쁜아이이크림포페이스 (Bad Eye Cream) 9000 [HKD$ 62]

Of course, I could go on forever about how much we bought… however, I will justify it with the fact that everything was really affordable however, I must admit that they didn’t give many samples, in comparison to the more pricier stores.

Location: Myeong Dong street, Jung-gu, shop 50-20.

Walk along the Myeong Dong street and you will see more than one Apieu store along the street.

Review coming soon…

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