5 Problem Targeting Products You Need

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.53.24 pm.pngYves Rocher Serum Vegetal Deep wrinkle expert-care {New version: Serum Vegetal 4}

Claim: To reduce the look of deep wrinkles, instantly and lasting. After 30 days, your skin is intensely smoother, firmer and it appears younger.

Texture: The texture is that of a thick and rich moisturiser. The syringe like top allows you to control how much you need without using too much of the product because a little goes a long way.

How to Use: I personally like to use this as an wrinkle/ line targeting cream, dabbing ever so slightly on the areas of my face where I might need more care/prevention. Place on the sides of your eyes, smile lines and even the lines on your neck (if you have them).

Effectiveness: This is by far the most intensive product I have used, after a couple of uses I have seen a huge improvement on the lines on my face due to the dryness. By dabbing a little bit on the corners/creases on my face I have found that the products stay and acts like long wearing protective shield from dryness. Would highly recommend this for those who might be developing wrinkles.

Where to buy: HK / UK

Shiseido Eye and Lip contour Regenerating Cream

Texture: A luxurious and powerful restorative treatment to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of firmness around the eyes. The hydrating texture absorbs instantly leaving skin with a velvety looking glow.

How to Use: Apply at night after cleansing, using your pinky pick up a pea sized amount of eye cream and apply to both eyes.Because the products melts into the skin, a pea sized amount is more than enough.

Effectiveness: This is by far one of my favourite discoveries of December. Initially looking at the texture of the eye cream I was worried it would be super rich on my eyes, however, I quickly found that it was super hydrating melting into your skin like an ice cube on warm skin. Waking up I found that my under-eyes were smoother and took to concealer like never before, creaseless and plump. Only downside, the price of the full size.

Where to buy: UK / HK

CHASUNG All Hit Hair pack: Volume/ Moisture Care/Damage 

Claim: Each hair pack is catered to help with lack of volume, lack lustre hair and return glossiness to damaged hair.

How to Use: After showering, dry your hair till it is damp. Place hair mask on and massage the serum onto your hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse after using it.

Effectiveness: Probably the most effective hair pack I have used, I was especially surprise with the results of the “volume” hair pack. After using it, my hair was felt like lighter and instantly lifted, for someone who has flat hair I felt like they had stilts. This lasts for about 2 days (with daily hair washes). Definitely a must buy for parties.

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

The Body Shop Oils of Life Sleeping Cream

Claim: An intensely revitalising sleeping cream to regenerate skin during the night.                                                                                     Instantly: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished.                 From 1st wake up: skin feels smoother and intensely nourished. Night after night: skin appears rested, more radiant and visibly revitalised.

Texture and scent: The sleeping mask has a jelly like texture in the pot and when placed on the skin it forms a protective layer on your skin, locking in the moisturiser. The most unexpected part about the sleeping cream was the scent, it has a herbal scent which disappears after a few seconds disappears.

How to Use: Use after cleansing and all skincare serums have been applied. Massage gently into the skin and allow to dry slightly before sleeping.

Effectiveness: The sleep is super soothing and amazing for sensitive skin. I have used it consistently for the past 2 weeks and have barely made a dent in the pot. The sleeping mask leaves your skin supple and moisturised in the morning.

Where to buy: UK / HK

Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Claim: The formula contains an illuminating complex and cleans your teeth unlocking trapped surface stains.

How to Use: Use as daily toothpaste.

Effectiveness: This toothpaste truly surprised me! I have almost every drug store toothpaste and didn’t find one that worked. Having been to the dentist and having been told that veneers were the only way to white teeth, I gave upon hope on a working drug store toothpaste and I believe I have found it! This is the only drug store toothpaste that has whitened my teeth within 2 days of use!  Highly recommend!

Where to buy: Any drug store. (Mannings and Watsons)

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