Etude House: Big Cover Concealers

vsco-photo-2.jpgRecently, Etude House released their Big Cover concealers, ranging from all different colours. I was so excited and curious to see how the pink, green and white would work on my skin. So, naturally I picked up basically all the colours they had.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 14.05.46

vsco-photo-3.jpgI actually like the packaging it’s cute and resembles a pen of some sort, which makes it easy to travel with, plus you don’t have to worry about spillage, which tends to be the issue with liquid concealers from my personal experience.

In terms of the clicking to release the products, it has its ups and down. The upsides are that they reduce the amount of residue left and prevents it from spilling, but it can be difficult at times when the product doesn’t come out or you’re at the end point of this concealer.

Lastly, this product has a sponge applicator. Personally, I really like it, because it makes it really easy to apply, but there is the issue that sponge applicators tend to be less hygienic, especially if you are applying it on a spots,so normally I use my fingers and apply it on, so it’s not the biggest issue for me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 14.37.53

vsco-photo-1.jpgWhite: For highlighting

Green: Covers redness

Skin Colour: which comes in 3 different shades for concealing redness and spots

Peach Pink: Conceals uneven skin tone, used for dark and purpley undereyes

Overall, I think all of them work fantastically, they do conceal really well, but if you really need full coverage then I would suggest using something else. However, they are all so moisturising and are perfect for dry skin or for the winter months (which are long away). My favourite is the pink beige concealer, this does wonders on covering my undereyes, while still leaving it super hydrated and natural looking, which is really hard to find for a concealer. Although, amazingly enough that they came out with green, pink beige and white, the skin colour range is very limited, which makes it difficult to apply to every skin tone.

Yet, I would say definitely check them out they are well worth it, plus they aren’t too pricey and work really well at concealing. Hopefully, this was helpful in someways and I’ll talk to you soon.





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