A Special Delivery!

A Special Delivery!

YVES ROCHER – Anti Chute Anti-Hairloss 1 Month Treatment20151008_220231

A few weeks ago I posted a Yves Rocher Review? If not check it out >XD in it I wrote that I really wanted to try out the Yves Rocher Anti-chute anti hairloss 1 month treatment and finally ordered some! They came in the mail last night and although this won’t be a review post, I will be sure to update you week by week on my progress with maybe some photos of my hairline before and after…

After going to university my eating habits got really bad, lost a lot of weight in the first few months from homesickness and then gained lots of weight. It has been an up and down journey. It resulted in me losing quite a lot of hair. It doesn’t help that my hair is super fine and pale so my hair line is quite obvious…

20151008_220246                  20151008_220248

Any way, after destroying the cardboard box that came with these products I forgot all about the freebies they give you! With each purchase you get a choice of 3 free samples (of your choice out of 6) and a free gift! For the free gift I chose the yellow peach shower gel as I was in need of one, they have other gifts which change every month. The Yellow Peach shower gel smells so good, it foams up very well and I still can’t believe that it is free!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.54.58 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.55.05 pm Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.55.14 pm

I got 3 samples: Luminosity reactivator elixir, Intense regenerating Care moisturising cream and a perfume… although I didn’t pick the perfume I am still ok with it 🙂20151008_220331

Inside the Anti-Chute Anti hair loss comes in 4 glass vials and a pump. The vials have been specially cut so all you have to do is break the vial. WARNING: wear gloves or shield your hands from the glass because I cut myself  when “breaking” the vial… maybe they be more detailed about how to open it in the instructions. 20151008_220337         20151008_220457                         20151008_220507

After you break off the top of the vial and treated your wounds all you have to do is pop the pump on, super easy. After popping into the shower, you have three options, apply it to towel dried hair, air dried hair or even just dry hair. I prefer to spray it onto my hair when it is still slightly wet as my hair absorbs it better. Remember only use 1/4 every time, it is enough for your entire head after massaging it in (it is marked for you on the vial). Use it every other day.

After one use: I was a little worried that after applying it my hair would smell funny or get really oily but… wait for it… it wasn’t like that at all! It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent but a light fresh scent. My hair feels so light, my scalp feels so clean and refreshed. Looking forward to seeing what will happen next… maybe this?


after  a few weeks… hm… :p



  1. Hakar
    February 10, 2016 / 9:26 am

    should i use it every single day? or in which bases should i use and apply it into my hair

    • February 10, 2016 / 10:14 am

      Hi Hakar, I personally use it every other day after washing my hair. The instructions say that it can be applied to both wet and dry hair however, I feel that the product is absorbed a lot better after you wash your hair. The bottle comes with 4ml and it is sectioned by 1ml, so you basically just pump 1ml every other day onto you scalp or areas where you feel you need a little bit more volume or where hair is a little sparse. Just massage it lightly onto you hair working it all around until absorbed! Hope this answered your question! I will be doing a update on this very soon, withe extra tips as I took a break from using the product 🙂

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