Hand Lotion Haul & review

Hand Lotion Haul & review

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I am not one to always remember to bring hand lotion in my bag… Ever. My hands get extremely dry during the winter months and my hands start to peel between the fingers, ew. I decided to do a little bit of a shop for hand lotions and bought three.

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Firstly I love these shots of the lotions, you can probably tell I love things with floral designs. So these designs really caught my eye.

The first is  The Faceshop: Berry Mix hand cream 30ml £5.84


I got this as a gift from my mum a few months back and loved the scent. It has a strong berry smoothie or blackcurrent jelly kind of scent that isn’t too sickly. This has a thick creamy consistency that really locks in the moisture so, in a way it is quite sticky on the skin at first, but give it some time and it will feel fine. It is relatively small and I find it perfect to put in my pockets, it also acts as a great reminder for me to put hand lotion on. It contains 3 moisturising agents: Vaseline, Shea Butter, Olive oil and Hyalauronic acid.

The Loccitane Pivoile Floral Hand Cream (Peony) 30ml £8.00

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This has a very floral scent almost like a perfume powdery but fresh. It is quite overwhelming at first then fades after you applied on your hand, then you are left with a subtle scent. Lets just talk about the the design of it… It is really beautiful. It is in the same size as the Berry mix lotion and soaks up into the skin however, you do have to reapply it after a while but doesn’t leave you with a sticky feeling.

Leafy and Lovely: Summer Meadow Hand lotion  50ml £3 .00

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Although it is autumn, I was drawn in my the floral design of the lotion. It has a strong scent of lilies, daisies and a sharp fresh scent. It has a fairly watery consistency compared to the others but works quite well, when applied on warm hands the lotion almost melts leaving a snail trail.  Doesn’t leave it sticky at all.  It comes in 50ml and at half the price which is really great for when I need to apply it elsewhere when I am on a flight. It is also a great size for when you have friends that share the pain of dry hands.

Hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂


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