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After landing in back in Hong Kong I was definitely looking forward for some good old Hong Kong style dim sum! Gah I love dim sum. However, since studying in the UK I found that I really don’t know Hong Kong that well there are so many restaurants, cafes and even places I haven’t been to. This summer I vowed to explore more and experience different restaurants. Here we go waffling again (a British term for talking to much about something that is not important), I came across this place when browsing the web for new places to eat, the reviews sounded good however, what drew me in was the pictures of waffles attached to these reviews.


The restaurant has a very eco friendly vibe, with lots of greenery, as you can probably see from the picture above. They have individual seating or seating for 4 maybe five if you have children. The restaurant, has a great family vibe with a variety of dishes available, their most popular being their waffles. We ordered:

 The Spicy, Sausage Skillet which came with bitesize hash browns, an egg, spicy sausages and loads of cheese. The spicy sausage skillet rings true in its name as it is pretty spicy, we had a 10 year old with us and she didn’t like how spicy it was.20150712_110322
The Berry Waffle with chocolate ice-cream came with banana’s, a thick waffle, chopped berries (strawberries and blueberries) with a ball of chocolate ice-cream. It went down the fastest and disappeared before the quesadillas arrived. 20150712_110453

The Breakfast Quesadilla was the perfect potion for 3 as it came pre-cut. It was a large dish with cheesy scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns on the side. 20150712_110300

However, the down side is that it if on a diet, probably avoid this option as it is very carb heavy. Whether you are wanting to go with a large group of friends, being a small cafe it has limited space.  The drinks sound heavenly with milkshakes and a variety of juices however, their prices are quite high for a drink. For those with a good palette, you may find that their dishes are a little bit repetitive, as they have hash browns with every dish and use similar spices .

Overall, a good place go for brunch or even breakfast, with cozy vibes. Great for family occasions or meet ups with friends. However, be prepared to leave with a food baby!

Location: G/F, Kar Ho Building, 35-39 Graham Street, Central.

(closes on mondays) Tue – Fri. 11am-11pm ;Sat -9am-11pm ;
Sun – 9am-6pm

Their Facebook page: The green waffle

Prices: ★★★

Service: ★★★★★

Taste: ★★★

– The foodie x.

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