It was that feeling, the feeling of not needing to care, that privilege, that safety.

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It has been 8 years since my last car ride, every time it amazes me what memories it can bring back, willingly and unwillingly. Although, I ride the bus and taxi now and some may say that it’s the same thing… to me it’s not. Last week I sat in a family friend’s car and for the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed. I’m someone who always worries & is tense, ready to protect myself and love one from strangers who glare of live in fear of a my own safety. Now writing this, I guess I am just paranoid… but with all these stories going on in the media, one can not always be too careful. But, I digress, this car wasn’t a limo nor an expensive car it was a 7 seater packed to the brim with friends and family but to me it was the most luxurious feeling ever. For once I didn’t have to look over my shoulder, stand up straight to seem like I could put up a fight and didn’t desperately grip my back and dress.
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The a/c was on, blowing a cool breeze into the car, the roof had a window & fresh water droplets formed on the surface, mirroring & glistening with the city lights as they flickered by. My body relaxed and I looked up at the ceiling the background noise muffled as I slipped away into my day-dream. I had once taken this for granted but my detox from a private made me feel so much more appreciative of that very moment…


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